11 options for using an old smartphone - trowel. ЖЖ.РФ - LIVEJOURNAL

The acquisition of a new smartphone is always the question of: how to use your old apparatus, which for one or another no longer suitable for permanent use. Do not rush to say goodbye with the server, even if some of its functions are not available (for example, a microphone broke or the screen was covered with cracks), because this smartphone can still come in handy and even bring the income!

- Yandex.Ku

Mail.Ru is a developer of many useful products (for example, a mail client). But sometimes applications under this brand too obsessively climb the laptop or PC system disk. So, it is almost impossible to delete them.

Windows 7 Password Reset - All Working Methods

Some users have come across such a situation when the operating system (OS) is loaded, a window appears with the requirement to enter a password, but this secret combination suddenly is suddenly forgotten. Human memory works peculiar - we can remember for a long time about what was once a long time ago and forget the details the next day. So now looking at the monitor, sometimes it is even impossible to remember which password was asked.

How to enlarge free space on the system disk with Windows 10

The volume of free space on the system disk is gradually decreasing. As the available volume is filled, the speed and stability of the system falls. This leads to departures, errors, braking and even unplanned reboots. You can fight this and you need, but not all users know what to do. Next, consider how to enlarge the free space on the disk from Windows 10 on examples with screenshots and detailed instructions.

12 Lottery Win Schemes - 100% Result

As we have extensive experience games in the lotteries, we can combine all the tricks and the subtleties of the lottery games. And they will have the results of the game, and this is a win or loss.

Prenatal screening - the most complete information

In the center of Immunology and Reproductions has been successfully working successfully Program of prenatal screening . Our specialists are invited to lecture on specialized conferences, in other clinics. Our laboratory receives consistently good assessments in the quality control system. Specially trained specialists are calculated by risks.

Instruction: 10+ ways to color windows to the new year - I buy

First, decide which drawing you want: white on the background of pure glass, translucent or transparent in matte halo. Maybe you need a color picture? Or only lines, contours? Or want the pattern to cover the lace all the window? Any options are available - it depends on the method of drawing and type of stencil.

How did he manage to head the country?: Phenomena: Values: Lenta.ru

Otto Bismarck is considered one of the most influential and conflicting figures in German history: a diplomat and a reformer who united Germany with three bloody wars, and then actually alone headed the country for 20 years. Bismarck was a convinced monarchist, but the young emperor sent him to resign, not wanting to be in the shadow of a powerful chancellor. Despite the stormy political career, Otto did not neglect the carnal pleasures and managed to fall in love with Russian Princess. On the luxurious lifestyle of the commander - in the material tape.ru from the cycle about the rulers of all times and peoples.

Master class watch online: hydrophilic oil with their own hands in 5 minutes

Today I will tell you and show how in 5 minutes of the house you can make a great remedy for washing - hydrophilic oil! It is called hydrophilic because, when in contact with water, such an oil turns into an emulsion and is easily washed off with water, leaving an incredible feeling of freshness and purity on the skin! The main component in such oil is due to which it becomes hydrophilic - Twin-80 emulsifier. Sostoli can be boldably vary. If you have oily skin, take the lightest oils, such as grape bones, almond, mustard, and the amount of polysorbate increases to 20%. If you have dry skin, take the wheat embryos oil or olive, twin-80 in this case can be left 10-15%. I made oil for oily skin, here for such a recipe.

Coarara, Cyanide and "Newbie": What are the poisons and how they act on the body

All is a medicine, and all - poison, the question is only in doses, in different variations, this one of the most popular statements of the Swiss doctor and the philosopher of Paracelsa describes the whole essence of toxicology. After all, between poisons and not poisons is really impossible to carry out a clear boundary, and the effect of the substance on the body largely depends on the dose. Therefore, speaking of the degree of poisonousness of the substance, in fact, imply its amount causing poisoning.

Humus like fertilizer: applying feeding in the garden in spring (autumn)

Obtaining plentiful and high-quality harvest is impossible without solving the main task of the gardener - maintaining the health and fertility of the soil. This is achieved by the introduction of organic fertilizers. One of the most environmentally friendly species is humus. How to make a humus independently in the spring (in the fall), how to apply in the garden, what feedback from the leading gardeners tells the proposed material.

Consider what kind of types of batteries.

Scientists of many countries of the world are constantly developing new types of batteries and are engaged in improving the existing species that most respond to the increasing demands of consumers and the conditions of their application.

How to make a landscape sheet in Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 only one page

Installing the landscape orientation of a sheet This is one of the most typical tasks faced by users when working with a word editor Word. In some cases, it is necessary to change the orientation of the sheets for the entire document, and in some only for one or more pages. If you also encountered such a task, this article will be useful to you. Here you can find out how to make a landscape sheet in Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. You also will also tell about how to make a landscape list only one page of the document.

Equipment of breathing edge

You can live a week without food and even a few days without water. But without respiratory, the body will not stand and 5 minutes. It is at the heart of our life and one of the main components of health.

The bank sued a loan for non-payment - what to do?

More and more citizens fall into the debt point in reasons independent of them. Sometimes banks go to meet and help to solve the difficulties of paying in favor of the borrower. And what if the lender does not make concessions and is a lawsuit in court for debt collection? This will be discussed in this article.

Can Lin tire what it is

Quite often in the characteristics of the automotive alarm, you can find the term CAN Tire. Let's figure it out what it is and why we need it.

Psychologist's opinion

Any marriage is a permanent job. Since even the most simple relationships should be built on mutual respect. However, it is not always possible to achieve this, and you have to constantly look for minor errors. Either correcting them, or leaving everything in their places. At the beginning of relations or in a strong marriage, a woman can catch himself thinking why a man does not call her by name. The opinions of psychologists on this expense diverge. Consider all of them.

How to quickly pull the ass with sports and diet

At the end of the summer, I especially want to enjoy the beach and the sun, because the autumn will begin soon, and the cold will come with it and constant rains. However, after a protracted quarantine and a sedentary lifestyle, few can boast the perfect figure. In fact, it is easy to correct and without the help of simulators. You will need only patience, diligence and desire to bring themselves in shape.

23 years of living: what a wedding, what gives

Any wedding anniversary is important for spouses. It would seem that 23 years - not a round date, but it is of great importance. 23 anniversary is a beryl wedding. I want to talk about the traditions of this day and the origin of the name of this date.

Why is death depicted with oblique?

Symbols of death in different cultures are ambiguous. Often, gods and demons answered the transition of a person in the otherworldly world. Their images, even in the same religion, were multipoint. Due to the fact that people were afraid of leaving their lives, the appearance of death was drawn mainly frightening and ugly. The image of a bony woman with a scythe originated in ancient times.

Best Gifts to the teacher for the New Year: What can I give from class and from parents?

The New Year is a holiday, when I want to congratulate the closest, relatives and respected people. Not exceptions are our favorite teachers. The work of the teacher is very complicated and responsible, and each student and his parents understand it. Therefore, absolutely naturally desire to thank the teacher for his colossal work, contribution to the development and education of children. Someone prefers to give individual gifts to teachers for the new year. In some educational institutions, it is customary to present a collective New Year's gift from class.

How to fry sausages in a frying pan right on WebSpoon.ru

Sausages - Viennese, dairy, delicate, creamy, with cheese ... They all in their own way delicious, as well as very nutritious and quickly quench the hunger. Especially in those moments when relatives want to quickly eat and do not want to wait at all. It is at such moments that sausages are indispensable: just a few minutes on cooking - and breakfast or dinner is ready.

Sheets with her own hands - a box of ideas and master classes

2017 the Chinese calendar will be Year of the Red Rooster. And he will begin on January 28th. This is not a monkey and not a dragon, Petushkov And we have enough! See what Master classes For the manufacture of the symbol of the year we have. On them you can do crafts and gifts do it yourself . The section will be replenished 🙂

Recipes of pickled garlic for winter - tooths and heads without sterilization

The preparation season has begun, so many mistresses are looking for proven and interesting choices of salts of vegetables. Today we will talk about how to make pickled garlic on the winter to the cloves, a recipe without sterilization and will help her to keep it for a long time. This is an excellent addition to second dishes, soups and salads.

How to call home on a cell phone

To date, the mobile phone is, perhaps, everyone, but it does not rack the need to call the mobile phone from the stationary i.e. from home. The reasons for this can be found a lot, in particular, to find your mobile phone that is probably in a certain place.

Bedroom design in modern style (160 photos)

The bedroom is the place where you spend the finest clock of your life. After all, what could be better for a resident of the modern megalpolis, how strong and sweet sleep? :) And if seriously, I really am sure that the bedroom design affects the mood and efficiency. If you think about it, this room is the first thing you see from day to day when opening your eyes. Well, look at modern felling? ;)

Outdoor furnace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions

Every year, spent oil becomes increasingly advantageous energy carrier. Judge for yourself: burning fuel at a price of 13 p. (0.20 y. E.) For 1 liter, you will spend a monthly 100 m² about 7 thousand rubles for heating (110 y. E.). But in garages and small cottage houses with periodic heating, homemade oil stoves are in demand to this day. Our goal is to explain in an affordable language, how to make a stove on working out with your own hand from a gas cylinder or steel pipe. For clarity, we will provide drawings of different designs - droppers with a superpower and simple oil bourgearies.

How to open a console in Opera GX

The console is used by the developers to debug sites - with it, you can check the page display from the user and check the operation of all the features provided. In the Opera GX browser, this tool is also there, and you can open it in several ways. And to download your own extensions, you must enable the developer mode. That's all this, I'll tell you today.

Tooth thread and drosher: how to choose and use - articles Dr. Elephant

The tooth has as many as five surfaces, each of which needs regular purification. Toothbrush can clear only three sides - external, inner and chewing. But she does not get to the interdental intervals, in which the remnants of food accumulate and harmful bacteria are multiplied, which lead to caries. By the way, the total area of ​​such gaps is about 40% of the area of ​​all teeth, and more than half of the cases of caries begins there.