How fun to meet new year at home with friends

One of the disadvantages of New Year holidays is that many people have been committed to "unshakable" traditions that have already turned the joyful celebration into banality. But, not trouble: Today you will learn how to celebrate the new year at home and originally not paying for this big money.

Holiday and Katorga - all equally!

Unfortunately, preparing for the holiday has recently become so cumbersome that it extinguishes as if it is not joy, but the taking of Bastille. Moreover, it does not matter, there is a speech about the holiday in a family circle, or with friends - forces it takes a lot.

To save yourself from unjustified costs of strength and not stay without a festive dish, offer guests to connect to the organization of a celebration. For this, it is not necessary to call them to the kitchen at all: just instruct them some of the other concerns. For example, let someone take care of crackers someone about songs, and someone about masks or fireworks. In the end, and bring something tasty nobody forbids with them.

Stylish new year

An excellent way to find a new year at home is interesting if there is no money - make it thematic. Let it be set as out in some one style. Someone will like the banana party, and the children will surely be delighted with the Pirate New Year. The people will raise an exotic style. Imagine how snowmen will look like, for example, Polynesian style and Snow Maiden in bikini, speaking "Aloha!".

It is possible not to go into such extravagance, and to direct the subject mostly on the table. A good option will be the bet on Italian or Japanese cuisine, although the vintage Russian dishes are not forgotten, because they are so undeservedly forgotten. Meanwhile, the abundance of pies, pancakes, fish and milk piglets will certainly make those who love to eat delicious and satisfying.

Culture - She and New Year Culture

If the attention of guests will be concentrated on the table, its contents and, especially, on a little bit, do not be surprised if the main theme of conversations will soon be politics, work, purchase and repair of someone's car. To meet the new year is not so trite, take care of the cultural program. The easiest option is to watch the TV shows.

However, all the tastes can be different, so it is more suitable, say, karaoke. If someone does not know how to sing, then after the third-fourth glade, the voice can and cut through. It will be fun, and if no one wants to sing, you can just go outside to the main urban Christmas tree. You can play snowballs or blind a snowbab. By the way, it will make it not only adults, it is also a great way to celebrate New Year with children!

Drawings, contests, jokes for the new year

How to celebrate New Year without money? This item is traditionally underestimated, and completely in vain. If you do not know how fun to meet a new year, get to know several options that will surely come up. In their essence, you will probably come up with something.

  • Polar search. Great option if you plan to spend a new year with a child. To do this, you need to ask guests or a family to hide all gifts and mark their favor on the map (better "pirate"). At different points, the baby will find a message that will tell that the child should make (sing, dust, make 10 revolutions around its axis, etc.). And so until the child is next to a snowy snowdrift, where gifts will be lying (or the main one).

  • Input task. It is perfect for those who think about how to celebrate New Year with friends. It is enough to make a certain number of tongs on which it will be written, what a funny action should make the holder of the coupon and at what time. Each of them needs to be folded and put in a bag or box. When guests will enter the house, let each pull out this tumbler. Then it remains only to wait: from time to time, your best girlfriend is buried, the friend will start crawling around the house on all fours - the spectrum of tasks is limited only to your fantasy.

  • Hello to the future. For this, a smartphone or camera is enough. The scenario is simple - take a short interview with each of the guests, asking him about what he wants to achieve in the coming year, and what is grateful to the past year. It is interesting to make it a tradition and every regular holiday browing the recordings of the previous year.

  • Toy year. An excellent way to celebrate the new year at home with friends, for general and interesting things. Most of him will appreciate lovers of needlework. To do this, you need to make a joint effort to make a talisman toy that will fulfill your common dreams. Let everyone adhere to her something that will symbolize his desires, and then look at what an amazing mix formed your dreams together.

  • New Year's theater. A good option is not only for those who are celebrating the New Year with a child, but also for an adult company. To do this, it is necessary to choose a suitable fairy tale with a large number of characters that will be divided between celebrating. The presenter must read the text, and when it will mention someone from the characters, the participant must quickly say something that is funny. Believe me, it is one of the funniest options. In any case, when, after mentioning the red cap, her heroine says: "Eh, I love sex, I know the road," everyone will laugh!

  • Laugh chest. To do this, in some bright box you need to put different funny things, for example, thongs in a sparkler, caps or masks. The main thing they should be funny. After midnight, the box should be started in a circle, and each participant must put on him the thing and walk in it until the morning. If you remove it on the camera, and see a year, questions, how fun to meet the new year you will not have the next year.

  • Cotton snowballs. A good addition to any of the above entertainment, which will allow a little to warm up and meet the new year, not crazy to the chair. For this, any basket or bucket will be suitable in which snowballs will be thrown out. They fly not very good, so everyone will laugh. Wins the most lucky.

Do not forget about the long-known "crocodile" for a long time, when guests are heated with the words they should not be called, but to portray. Of course, the most talented mims should be the prizes. Children will no doubt appreciate the decoration of New Year's puzzles. The main thing is that they are not too complex and occupied no more than an hour.

Unfortunately, some do not give themselves a report, how to celebrate New Year with friends, and most of the time are given only to their relatives or only children. It makes a clear breakdown even with the best relationships. Therefore, participants and especially the holders of the celebration must ensure that no one has been deprived of attention.

It is worth remembering from the fact that some people are simply due to their character tend to "distance from the team." In this case, it is not impossible to impose fun, but also to leave them alone is also unreasonable: just give them some secondary and not too extravagant role - they will be completely satisfied and will not feel lonely.

For your guests for a long time remembered how interesting was the new year, they are in your company, carefully consider their age. Spicy jokes can remain unnoticed by very young children, but teenagers and schoolchildren will surely understand and is unlikely to be appropriate. But the games, especially those requiring mobility, will probably like it.

Accordingly, such humor will not be assessed by the people of the old hardening. In general, with the elderly, you need to be even more attentive than with children, especially if people are involved in the holiday not only of different ages, but also of different social layers, professions, hobbies, etc. To the example, youth company will feel great, going to the night Club or striptease bar, but their parents may not evaluate such an initiative, however, like some wives or husbands.

It is very important to take into account the fact that the new year with friends and the new year together with your loved ones / beloved is different holidays. If the first option should be filled with jokes and draws, then the second - tenderness and romance. Using the proposed entertainment or inventing their own, about a fun holiday will not be worried, having met the new year in a circle of friends or family with full return.

How to meet the new year alone

First of all, it is worth understanding that the actual loneliness does not mean real. Many confusing this circumstance, and it seems to them that if there was no one at the moment near anyone, then they don't need anyone at all. However, there are a variety of circumstances in life that can be expressed in the fact that the dear person, for example, left, or to leave were forced you. Understand that this is nothing more than one of the many life circumstances, which, like all other circumstances, is transient. How to meet a new year without money alone?

If you learned this, but do not know how to celebrate the new year of one house, you can just go outside. Surely in your city there is a central square, and on it - a festive tree, around which people probably have. Grab with you champagne, candy, and the likelihood that you will remain alone will be clinging to zero.

Moreover, this option is very good, even if you have a company, in any case many lonely women appreciated this option to celebrate. In any case, now they do not have questions about how to meet the New Year alone, since the loneliness does not shine many more years.

A good option will be the meeting of the New Year on Skype or on your favorite forum. Even if you do not know anyone who would meet a holiday in this way, there will be absolutely someone in the network who, as you stay without a company.

In any case, you can simply arrange a holiday for yourself, making gifts by writing a greeting card and prepare for yourself exactly what you love, and not guests. Accordingly, you can stock your favorite films. The advantage of such a holiday will be what you do not need to adapt to anyone and worry about how your New Year outfit will be rated. It can be said that this new year will be the holiday of your freedom, and it does not happen much.

In conclusion, it is worth recalling that all those who are concerned about the question "How interesting to meet the New Year" should not forget about long traditions. Alas, many, in pursuit of innovations and originality, can establish a festive table with exotic dishes, without thinking about the fact that not all of them like them, and even forgotten about the old good Grandfather, Snow Maiden, champagne and even about the Christmas tree. But even if the new year is already on the nose and correct anything late, try to compensate for the absence of old good classics with a welcome and spiritual warmth - it will certainly be valued. And if you are a superstitious person, you can read about traditions, how to celebrate the New Year to make money. One make it easier.

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New Year is a family holiday and not to miss the New Year's Eve at the festive table, we must think in advance contests, games and quizzes for the whole family. Which will make your holiday a cheerful and interesting event.

How to make a cheerful script for the new year 2021 for a family to be interested in all those present. What pick up quests, entertainment, to participate wanted to the very small, and the most older. We offer an interesting scenario of home New Year in a family circle for all ages.

In nature, there are a long-year-old family games for the smallest. They are harmless and cheerful, most importantly, do not forget that these games for children and adults. Todders can never leave some, so parents are assigned weighty roles in the children's feast.

New Year competitions and quizzes for families with children

  • New Year's contest "Hold Snezhinka"

First of all, you need to prepare a snowflake, it can be a cotton lump or ordinary snowflake from a napkin. Also for acute, you can cook a bag with encouraging gifts, mandarins, candy, christmas toys and plush bulls can be as prizes as a prizes.

Of course, it is not necessary to show the guests of prizes, let it remain intrigue. The leading competition can be anyone, but best to change the guest to Santa Claus, as interesting.

The essence of the game is that the participants hold as long as possible snowflake in the air. The winner will be the one who will last longer.

By the way, you can divide places on the first, second and third. And the loser participant can be made a desire why he would not wash the dishes after the festive feast!

Contests for the new year 2021 for the family

Two participants stand against each other - in front of them in a chair lies the prize. The presenter believes: "Once, two, three ... hundred!" "Once, two, three ....nadent!" "Once, two, three ... reached!" etc. One of the guests of the party, who will be attentive and first will take the prize when the lead will say "Three!"

The digital account of the host can be diluted with small poems to interest and cheer the participants.

The absence of rhyme at the end of the quatrain will confuse the players:

  1. I will tell you the story of one and a half dozen phrases. Only I will tell you the word "three", the prize immediately take!
  2. One pike we caught, considered that inside. Fish shallow saw, and not one, but as much as ... five.
  3. Dreams the guy hardened to become an Olympic champion, look, at the start not the fuck, and wait for the team "Once, two ... march"
  4. When you want to remember the poems, they are not a bang to late night, but about themselves they repeat, time, the other, and better ... seven.
  5. Once the train at the station I had to wait for three hours. Well, friends, you have taken the prize. I put you a rating "five".
  • Song competition for the new year "Song with stops"

Each of the family members continues (first begins, and the rest in turn continue) to sing the song "Christmas tree was born in the forest", for example.

After about the line, the master stops and calls any genre, for example, advertising or a fairy tale, and so on, and the next participant does not sing no longer, but continues the song in this style.

For example, the first sings: Christmas tree was born in the forest. The song stops and presenter says: We continue in the style of advertising. Then the second participant continues: the super-elder of excellent quality and growth in our forest, hurry.

Next again, the song that the third participant continues: in winter and in summer slim, green was. The song stops and the lead calls the genre: a fairy tale. The fourth participant continues: the bunny lived in that forest and he loved to jump under this Christmas tree. Next again the song and so on.

The smallest and artistic family members - prizes.

Contests for the new year 2021 for family at the table

  • Sweet New Year's competition "Tasty to tea"

This option will go for parents who want to cheer children. So, ran into a cup of fragrant tea, take two or three cookies and put them in your mouth. Do not hurry to eat them.

With the cookies in the mouth need to be cleaned several times. You can divide the competition for several levels and start whistles from a single cookie, at each stage complicate the task itself.

The winner will receive tea in the most beautiful or big cup. Also as an incentive prize, you can use a bull toy.

  • New Year's competition for the family "Believe - I do not believe"

For this contest, the leading will have to prepare 10-15 interesting facts on any topic. Props: Pure Paper Sheet and Ball Handles for each participant.

The presenter reads the fact, and the participants put on themselves on the sheets - "believe" or "not believe" opposite each item. At the end, everyone gives their work, and the master voiced the right answers, as well as the names of those who have done the best task.

Questions for the New Year competition may be such:

  1. Do you believe that Original Santa Claus was portrayed in a raincoat? (+)
  2. Do you believe that for the celebration of the New Year in Saudi Arabia, you can get under arrest? (+)
  3. Do you believe that the year on Bali island is 210 days, so the new year is celebrated on this island more often than our planets? (+)
  4. Do you believe that an artistic image of the appearance of Santa Claus came up with an artist Handon Sandblom, who painted in 1931 pictures for the "Cock-Cola" advertising? (-)
  5. Do you believe that on December 31, 1991, instead of the head of the state, Satir Mikhail Zadornov appeared to the viewers? (+)
  6. Do you believe that in Greece in the New Year's cupke, the key is baked from happiness? (-, happy coin)
  7. Do you believe that by the UN decision since 1984, Lapland became Lapland? (+)
  8. Do you believe that the letter sent at the address: 96930, Finland, the polar circle - will reach Santa Claus? (+)
  9. Do you believe that Cypriot Santa Claus is called Vasily? (+)
  10. Do you believe that Mongolian Santa Claus is dressed in a cattle suit? (+)

There should be 8 out of 10 correct answers.

  • New Year's quiz "In what words of spruce is growing?"

The festive feast has a devil-minded game at the table. And even at the most fun and noisy holiday, there is always a place for such games. You can, for example, play "in words." Alternately remember and name the words, inside of which "spruce grows."

Despite the fact that such words are quite a lot, it's not so simple to play such a game without preparation, so do not enter any additional restrictions when the name is called (the number of syllables, the location of "ate" in the word, etc.).

The only condition is to call noun nouns in the initial form.

The participant who will not be able to offer his own version of the word (to repeat, of course, it is impossible), leaves the game or gives his phanta, which will later be played together with others.

Words: "Misel", "Caramel", "Kisel", "Dolphin", "Orange", "Writer", "Driver", "Delta", "Teacher", "Carousel", "Ashtray", "Furniture", "Gorge", "Sleacker", "Drops", "Portfolio", "Strag", "Purpose", "Panel", "Rail", "Novoslaby", "Potato", "Mill", "Pelmen", "Monday " and etc.

Games, quizzes and fun competitions that can be held on New Year's Eve at the table in the family circle.

Interesting competitions for the new year for a family of 5 people

  • Competition for the attentiveness "Super Solder" for the whole family

This competition for the new year 2021 will be interesting for children, and for adults who will participate. Choose two or three people, they are removed into another room and watch none of them see.

At this time, in the main room, the master unfolds in different places a large number of snowflakes cut and prepared in advance, pieces of 30-40 or more.

It is possible to position on the chandelier, and under the Christmas tree, and under the table, and on the table where it swings.

Then they will go to the room of the participants and on the "Start" command, they must begin to search for snowflakes. Guests can be at a difficult moment to prompt "hot" - "cold". Who collected snowflakes more - the winner.

  • Funny New Year's Competition "Good Bull - Symbol of the Year"

For implementation, this competition must be prepared on all children or all family members one or several different color marker. And plus one balloon.

Next, the attributes are awarded to children and is offered to them for cheerful music to draw a symbol of the year on the ball, in 2021 it is a bull. Who has the most beautiful calf, the winner.

However, so that no one is offensive, the parents are best prepared for each of the child a sweet prize, pointing at the end of the game that all bulls are beautiful.

If adults are involved in the competition together with the guys, they are best to give in to deliver true to please their children by making them the winners. The resulting balls with the drawings can be decorated with a house.

Contests for the new year 2021 for the family

The most cool contests and entertainment for the new year for the family

This game also requires preliminary preparation - write funny words on small paper (kimor, deer, caprisul, goat and so on).

So, someone pulls out a fantasy with one of the words (for example, Caprizul), and with a serious face, looking into his eyes to his neighbor, he says to him: "I - Caprizul."

If no one laughed, then the relay picks up a neighbor, and so continues in a circle, until someone laughs. After that, the fun begins re-waved.

  • Merry contests for the new year "Cap" for friendly family

Another exciting competition, whose participants can be absolutely all celebrating. The essence of the entertainment is quite simple - players must pass each other with a hat, putting it on her neighbor's head without the help of palms (you can act with your elbows, mouth).

Returns the one who drops the headdress. The winner is the participant who will eventually remain alone.

Of course, this game is unlikely to come by temper the ladies who decided to make a sophisticated hairstyle.

Keeping beautifully decorated boxes tie a tape and pencil, participants (by the number of inventory) should take the "gift" to themselves, winding the tape on the pencil.

Optionally, you can put a child to compete with adults, but the last to put a "pig" in the form of dumbbells - let it be honest!

Contests for the new year bull for a family of 3 people

Perfect entertainment for the whole family. You will need balls for ping pong or tennis, plastic cups, paper tubes and a long table. Plastic cups are glued to one of the edges of the table (on tape).

From the other end there are players, whose task to roll balls into plastic cups. You can use only air!

Players blow through paper tubes on the balls, trying to direct them in the right direction. If the ball fell, you will have to start first. Wins the one who will cope faster.

Competitions for the new year 2021 for family: the most cool and funny New Year's entertainment

  • Competition for the intelligence and logic "Field of Miracles" for children

The lead reads the question and calls the number of letters in the word. For each admitted word, players receive a prize (small response symbol).

  1. The name and surname of a man of old age. Lady waters, dressed in fashion winter-2005 (8 letters). Answer: Santa Claus.
  2. Dairy product supporting the temperature of the winter, but more often used in summer (9 letters). Answer: Ice cream.
  3. A tree, the lack of leaves from which speaks of its special purpose (4 letters). Answer: Christmas tree.
  4. Fashion model with a Russo Kosovo, always participating in winter holidays. It always appears accompanied by an elderly sponsor (10 letters). Answer: Snow Maiden.
  5. Place the placement of long-awaited joy for people who lived to winter. It was always a symbol under the tree without leaves (5 letters). Answer: Bag.
  6. Liquid that is used inward with great joy (10 letters). Answer: Champagne.

Competitions for the new year 2021 for family: the most cool and funny New Year's entertainment

Funny New Year's contests for a family of 4 people

  • New Year's competition with Mummy toilet paper

Very fun competition. And only a few rolls of toilet paper will be required. You need two people from each team. Player number 1 (future mummy) will stand, and the player number 2 on the team lead will begin to wipe the player number 1 toilet paper.

And you need to do it from your head to heels. The team wins, the participants will cope with the task faster.

  • Creative Competition for the New Year

In the header in a circle, notes are transferred with words for the New Year's theme. For example, snow, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, snowman, etc. Each participant must sing a song or tell the poem, in which the word is found from his note.

This competition will have to do children and the older generation. For an organized competition, you need a lead that will be in a circle to let the wand. It must be done to the music, on whom it will end and performs a chastushka. Who will fulfill the most interesting and funny chastushka expect a prize.


Prepare balloons inside which put the note with the tasks. Balls can be twisted on the wall or just pour out on the floor.

The player chooses any liked ball, shoves it, performs the task. Tasks for phantas can be as follows:

  1. Sing a new year song, uttering only vowels
  2. For half an hour to get up and loudly declare to guests that five minutes have passed
  3. Draw a bull provided that the felt-tumbler need to take teeth
  4. Work as a temper, while leading reads some New Year's poem
  5. Pictulate clapper
  6. Follow the dance of snowflakes
  7. Stand up on the chair and declare to all that Santa Claus goes to us
  8. Mistake ritual dance to attract good luck in the new year
  9. Tell me any poem right to left
  10. Take a dish from the festive table with sandwiches and sell them to guests

The game can be complicated and make more comical, if you put the task of the ball before the participant without the help of hands.

Ancient and very popular game. It is permissible to purchase ready-made cards or print yourself.

Sample tasks: sing a song "The Christmas tree was born in the forest." Stay Lezginka. Tell a joke. Halza drink juice / alcoholic drink. Kiss a neighbor.

  • Family Competition for New Year "Copyland"

Choose the lead. He finds a jar, well, or any empty container. Sheets it in a circle where everyone puts a coin or a coherent money. After the lead secretly counts, what amount is in the jar and offers to learn how much money in the piggy bank. Guessing, the contents are at the disposal.

  • Competition for the new year "Guess the Proverb"

The presenter reads a simple explanation of the proverb and suggests to call it itself.

  1. The gift is not discussed, they accept what they give ... (I do not look at a gift horse in my teeth.)
  2. You need to learn throughout life, every day brings new knowledge, knowledge is infinite. (Live and learn!)
  3. If it started some matter, bring it to the end, even if it is difficult to do it! (He took up for a man, do not say that not a duzh!)
  4. Nolescence, the trouble happens usually where anything is unreliable, irrelevant. (Where is fine, there and breaks.)
  5. As you yourself feel about another, it will be treated for you. (As it will appear, it will respond.)
  6. Do not try for strangers. (Not knowing the broth, do not fall into the water.)

What contests and games can be held on the street for the whole family

On New Year's Eve, you can go outside, to the courtyard or in the park.

Still, this is New Year's Eve! On the street is full of fun companies. Salute, Petardes. So while still all your guests are able to dress, take the children and go out on fresh air.

If the weather allows, you can arrange a team shootout with snowballs, roll a snowman or just be in a snowdrift with the guys. Parents will remember their childhood, and children will be happy to spend an unforgettable time with their parents.

Such moments are remembered for life.

Contests for the new year 2021
Movable contests for the new year 2021 for a sports family

Contests for the new year 2021 for the whole family at home

Children divide for two teams, from each chosen chief participant who will be ... a Christmas tree! The teams are handing a bag with Mishur, garlands, toys, including recording with the fighting of chimes, the participant must as much as possible to decorate the improvised tree as beautiful as possible, and the "Christmas tree" itself is to help in this, for example, spreading fingers or pinching your toys.

For guests to do not particularly be sitting at the table, and the children did not stick to the TV - we arrange a cheerful relay. All participants are divided into two groups. We give all players on a teaspoon and 1 tangerine on the team.

The participant of each group should be running from the point "A" to the point of "b", holding the mandarin on a spoon, then return and shift the fruit into a spoon to the next player, and so - in turn.

The main condition of the competition is not to touch the mandarin by hand, contact with the hands is allowed only in the event of a falling fruit on the floor.

A pair of tens of inflatable balls is cast on the floor. All participants are divided into two teams. Alternately, one player participates from each team. The task is next - you need to raise from the floor as many balls as possible.

Moms can stuff the balls under the dress. Children can go to the floor and lay themselves with balls. The main condition is to tear the ball from the floor. Then the balls of each team are summed up, and the winner is determined.

  • Contests for the new year "Vry more" for a big family

The presenter prescribes many questions about the holiday, reads them, and guests must respond quickly without saying the word of the truth. The one who mistaken truthfully must fulfill the desire (sing a song, jump on one leg, to dance). Questions may be:

  1. What tree decorate for the new year?
  2. Who helps Santa Claus to distribute gifts?
  3. What is Santa moving on?
  4. What movie do we look every year on December 31?

Hang on the prominent place of the Watman Sheet, next to place a cup with markers, put bright thematic stickers. Let guests write New Year's congratulations or leave notes about the good events that occurred with them this year.

At the end of the evening, you can give a newspaper for storage, for example, the most active participant in the event. Who said that baby fun is not a place at a party for adults?

The next game for the new year 2021, which we usually offer with joy perceived by all participants in the event.

Three participants. Sixty clothespins and three eyecloths. Troika can be combined, for example, - two adults and one child or vice versa. Players tie their eyes, and then weave the clothespins from the legs to the head.

You can hang on your hair, on clothes, shoes and on all parts of the body, the main thing that the clothespins are scattered through the body of the players. Then, on the team, they blindly begin to collect clothespins from each other. Who will have them more - he won.

A simple contest, a simple props, and the pleasure will receive participants and viewers.

Video: Family contests for the new year

Cheerful snowmen

Have you already started to prepare contests for the new year 2021? Yesterday I decided to find various games and contests for the New Year, and found a lot of interesting things that would help us to enter the year of the bull fun and joyfully.

How to prepare for contests and games: even traditional New Year's family gatherings in the company with a TV, not to mention the party for a funny company will help to preserve competitions and interesting contests for the new year. However, it is best to prepare a little.

  1. Make a plan of games and contests. Adult people will need to eat and raise wine glasses for the new year, and dance, so the game program should be carefully inserted into the natural course of the party.
  2. Prepare props. Deciding what you will play for the new year at home, make a list of what will be needed for a particular contest. It is best to decompose the props and prizes on thematic contests (I use small gift bags for this).
  3. Fard the prizes. People love to receive little funny prizes - candy, chocolates, cute New Year toys. Prizes are better to take with a reserve.
  4. Auxiliary materials are better to do on cards - if you need to stock by some phrases, scripts and texts, then write in advance or print them on ordinary cards, it is much more convenient than using one big script.
  5. Pick up the music, determine your assistants, prepare a place for games.

Collection of contests and games


The most simple New Year's games and all kinds of contests are where guests do not need to do anything - for example, they can be offered to burst balls, inside which will be wishes.

Bowl of Fate - New Year's competition from the world of positive.

It is necessary to prepare a large bunch of balloons in advance (their number should be greater than the number of guests just in case), the notes are inserted into the wishes. For example, you can give the guest scissors and offer to cut your liked the ball, and then read all the guests out loud - such a simple, but cute entertainment helps the company welcome and unwind.

wishes in poetic form comic


New Year's games and contests built on the "Question Question" models always collect mass of ovations. It is not wonderful - everyone loves to laugh, and no difficulties.

So, the lead distributes small leaflets of paper and handles, and offers to write a favorite number (or any other number that comes to mind). If you wish, you can write some sequence, and play several circles. When all the guests coped with the task, the presenter says that now all those present will be able to learn more about each other - he will ask questions, and guests to answer them, raising a piece of leaflets with recorded cliquers, and loudly announced the answer.

Questions are best picking up simple - how many years one or another guest, how many times a day he eats how much weighs, how many times remained for the second year and so on.

Examples of questions for a clothing competition

"Not a word of truth"

My favorite fun are funny contests for the new year. Of course, for the company of pensioners, it will be necessary to pick something more depletive, but in its circle you can always have a fun - for example, playing the game "no word truth." Not a word of truth - New Year's competition from the world of

The lead will need to prepare a lot of New Year's type of such as:

  • What tree are traditionally dressed up for a holiday?
  • What movie in our country symbolizes the new year?
  • What is customary to run into the sky on New Year's Eve?
  • Who is slaughtered in winter from snow?
  • Who turns to Russians with New Year's speech on TV?
  • The outgoing year is the year for the Chinese calendar?

Questions are better to write more, you can ask about New Year's traditions of different countries, or guest habits. During the game, the presenter will have to quickly and have fun ask his questions, and guests will answer, not to mention the word of truth.

The one who is mistaken and answers truthfully, according to the results of the game, can read poems, sing a song or perform a variety of desires - you can use the desires for playing in Fantas, for example, a loser need to shove for both cheeks for several pans of mandarin, and say something like "I am a hamster and grain, it does not face it - it is mine, and who will take - the end!" . The explosions of the laughter are provided - both during the game, and during the "punishment" of the loser participant.

"Accurate shooter"

As entertainment on the new 2021, you can play snipers. Merful to play this game when the participants are already a bit of the subeer - and coordination becomes more free, and the constraint is less and getting into the goal is already a little more difficult. Snowballs - New Year's competition from the world of

The essence of the game in the next - guests are divided into two teams, and in turn, each player throws "snowballs" in the bucket. The bucket from the players is set at a distance of five to seven meters, as "snowballs" you can use cotton wool lumps, crumpled paper, or just take a couple of sets of simple Christmas balls from plastic, which are sold in any supermarket.

I decided to improve this game to the party in honor of the new year 2021 for adults and as a "goal" to use children's basketball rings - to get into them with a soft wool lump even than in a bucket.

"New Year decoration"

Of course, New Year's contests for adults can be less sporty. Christmas toy - New Year's competition from the world of positive.

All those present must be divided into teams of 5-6 people (depending on the number of guests at your party). The task is set in front of the teams - to build a New Year's ball. For the manufacture, you can use only toilet items, accessories and decorations that are on team members. That team wins, which will make the brightest and beautiful ball.

By the way, a small lifehak - In each company there are people who are not too actively involved in contests and are trying to just sit down, because of what a lot of time is spent on persuasion. So, assign their jury - you can make it a card with estimates in advance, suggest saying a small speech into an improvised microphone. So they will simultaneously be involved in universal fun, and at the same time they do not have to persuade and pull out due to the table.

Well, of course, the view of a native mother, who speaks in a glass of champagne instead of a microphone on how she grateful to Mikhalkov and the Film Academy for the opportunity to see the Ice Battery in his own living room - is invaluable. :))

"Come, Forest Deer"

By the way, if you select contests for a corporate party for the new year or for a party that will not pass in an urban apartment, then you will definitely play Santa with his deer. Here you do not need to share guests for the team, it is enough just to offer them to crash. Deer and Santa - New Year's competition from the world of positive.

In each pair there is a "deer" and "Santa" (you can give one improvised horns, and the other caps of Santa Claus - both and the other sells for the vigorous penny at the fixed price store before the New Year).

"Deer" need to tie his eyes and make a harness - you should not wise, it will take a simple lurder rope or lace, which turn around the belt. The entrances give Santa, who stands behind her "deer." A track is built out of the kegles, the leading will give a signal and the competition begins. Those participants who came to the finish have been defeated before others and did not shoot down Kegli. Instead of kegles, you can use empty bottles, cardboard cups for drinks or paper cones (we did in the form of a Christmas tree, it was very cute).

"Collective letter"

When it comes to the New Year's games at the table, I always remember how my parents with friends wrote every new year a collective New Year's congratulations for all those present. You can use the finished text (as in the image), you can make your own - the main thing is that it should not be adjectives - they should be called guests.

Letter toast from Santa Claus with Pass

The presenter offers guests to congratulate each other and say a big and beautiful toast - and waving a postcard to which he has already recorded a congratulation. Only now adjective he was not enough, and guests must tell them. All the excuses are offered adjectives associated with winter, new year and a holiday, and leading them writes and after that reads the result - the text is very funny!

"Repka: New Year's version"

Love New Year's competitions for the whole family - then repka is what you need! Repka - New Year's competition from the world of

So, you need to prepare participants - they need them in the number of characters fairy tales. Each participant receives a role in an improvised representation. Everything is simple, the participant needs to remember the key phrase and the movement, which he must recoup when mentioning himself.

  1. Repka will clap himself on his knees, and then hit in your hands with the exclamation "Both!".
  2. The grandfather rubs the palm and groachtitis "Ta-Ak-s!".
  3. Grandma wade to the grandfather to his fist and says "nailed!".
  4. The granddaughter dancing leaves "I am ready!" High voice (when this role is performed by men, it turns out simply great).
  5. The bug chestens and complains of fleas.
  6. The cat wags the "tail" and mannerly stretches "and I am in my own."
  7. The mouse is silent shrugs and says "finished!".

After everyone tested itself in a new role, the lead reads the text of the fairy tales (there are no changes), and the actors play out their role whenever they hear about themselves. I planted my grandfather (rubbing his hands and graphiths) repka (clap-clap, both-on!) And then in the text. Believe me, laughter's explosions will be enough, especially when the tale will approach the final, and the lead will list all the participants in turn.

"Strictly by alphabet"

In one of the pause, the word takes a lead, and reminds all those present that the New Year's celebration is still beginning, but the alphabet is already difficult to remember. In this connection, the presenter proposes to fill the glasses and raise the toast for the new year, but strictly in alphabetical order. Toast on the alphabetical contest from the world of

Each guest should pronounce a short toast on its letter of the alphabet. The first begins with the letter A, the second must start with the letter B, and so on. Toasts should be simple:

  1. АAssocately needed to drink for happiness in the new year!
  2. БDat is healthy in the new year!
  3. ВOpay for the old year!
  4. ЕIf you do not go, you will have to fit!

The task for all those present is to pronounce toasts for each letter of the alphabet, and then choose the winner - they become the one who has come up with the best toast for which it is worth a drink!


Want to pick up mobile games for the new year 2021 - Play Bunny. For the new year at home to play this game is best when there are a lot of guests - it is suitable for the company of friends. Bunny - New Year's competition from the world of positive.

Everyone gets around with a circle and hold hands, the leading bypasses all players in a circle and whisper says to each name of two animals - a wolf and bunny, fox and bunny, and so on. Then he explains the essence of the game - when the master says out loud the name of the animal, the person to whom it was forgotten, dies, and his neighbors on the left and right on the contrary pulls it up, not letting sit down. You need to play in a good pace, so that the participants entered rage.

The main joke of this action is that there is absolutely the second beast of all players. Therefore, after people alternately prepared on the names of other animals, the presenter says "Bunny!", And the whole circle is trying to sit sharply (trying to overcome the possible resistance of neighbors, as it was with other animals).

Naturally, the universal laughter begins, and a lot of Mala is going to the floor!

"News from the New Year"

An excellent competition in which you can play without leaving the table. News - New Year's competition from the world of

The lead will need to prepare cards on which non-related words and concepts will be recorded - five or six words, no longer needed. Each participant receives a card and must quickly come up with hot news from New Year's release, using all words from the card. What to write on cards? Any word set.

  • China, dumplings, roses, olympiad, lilac.
  • Santa Claus, Wheel, Eraser, North, Square.
  • New Year, fan, tights, pan, scabies.
  • Santa Claus, Bull, Herring, Stapler, Barrier.
  • Nerpiva, Mishura, Kirkorov, Fish, Airplane.
  • Football, shovel, snow, snow maiden, tangerines.
  • Snowman, beard, tights, bike, school.
  • Winter, zoo, washing, boa, rug.

How to invent news? Submit an example of guests, showing that all words need to use, and the more strange news it turns out, the more interesting.

Well, for example, from the last one given by me, you can build something like: "In the Moscow Zoo during the winter washing, a rug was discovered in the boat." There will be a reason and surprise, and laugh, and have a drink for all the news in the new 2021, the same positive.

"Jump in the New Year"

We are in a family circle as entertainment for the new year often arrange jars, and 2021 will not be an exception, I am sure - this is a kind of tradition. Jump in the New Year - New Year's competition from the world of

So, as it happens: after drank outgoing, the master brings markers and pencils (the brighter, the better) and a large sheet of paper (Watman A0-A1) and invites all those present not just to enter the new year, but injust - So that he passed dynamically, vigorously and bright!

And so that all wishes are fulfilled, you need to draw them. On a large sheet, everyone paints their desires - someone has time to draw a few miniature, someone sufficiently draw the desired. To the speech of the president, the drawing is usually completed or the last strokes remain or remain. After the speech of the president, the presenter invites everyone to take up his hands, choir to count the battle of the Kurats, and solemnly jump into the new year and in the sale of his own desires!

By the way, we usually save the sheet, and for the next year we check, who has come true - also the topic for a feast conversation, by the way.

And in this article we describe in detail the 12 best ways how to make a desire for the new year!

"The most of the most"

Good New Year's entertainment are without leading. A good way to take guests is to give them peculiar tasks, but few people want to just compete, right? Herringbone with notes - New Year's competition from the world of

Therefore, we do as follows - we hang sweets or small gifts on the Christmas tree. It is best to stop your choice on curly chocolate or other sweet Christmas decorations. Everybody with a note, who is intended for a gift, but do not write names, and some definitions over which guests will have to think and take a closer look at each other (perfect when there are newcomers who need to join the existing company).

What to write on labels:

  1. Owner of the most brown eyes.
  2. Best jumper in height.
  3. The biggest hooligan (here you have to tell everyone about your hooliganism in childhood).
  4. The owner of the best tan.
  5. The holder of the highest heel.
  6. Owner of the most dangerous work.
  7. Pare, whose amount of buttons on clothes is 10.
  8. There is more yellow color on whom today.

I think the main promise you understood. Guests will begin to find out who rested where he had a brightest tan, they make the length of the heels and discuss the work.

"Song from hats"

By the way, almost all New Year's contests at the table imply a game with a hat - in a hat they throw any notes in advance, and then pull out and perform the tasks of relatives or colleagues.

We are in the new 2021 in a family circle play a popular variation of this game with songs. In a hat, you need to draw notes with the winter and New Year's words, every guest blindly pulls the note from the hat and sings the song in which this word is found.

Song in a word hat

By the way, you will be able to have fun and in the event that during the feast you will take care of all the songs - most likely, your home, like my relatives, there will be a gorgeous idea to compose a small song on the go to the most popular motive, or somehow remake one From the famous New Year's songs of past years.

By the way, this game is suitable for a small company of any age - of course, a schoolboy is unlikely to know the Soviet songs, but the result will be funny, and different age groups will be able to get close in the game - after all, cool New Year competitions are united!


Naturally, competitions for the new year for young people do not cost without flirting - why not help friends get close together? Mittens - New Year's competition from the world of positive.

So, bathrobes or shirts are put on girls, and the guys give out thick winter mittens. The essence of the competition is to quickly fasten the shirts on the girls so that they do not frozen!

By the way, my friends who love various New Year competitions for teenagers and young people, wanted to make this competition on the contrary - freeing the girls from the shirts, however, they were forced to disqualify the participant - it turns out, even in the mittens it is convenient to pull on the semi-shirt and tear off all buttons. Therefore, it is better to fasten, it is not easy in the mittens.

"Draw a frost grandfather"

Creative New Year competitions for the corporate party - a great opportunity to have fun. Portrait of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden - New Year's competition from the world of positive.

So, in a dense sheet of cardboard, hand holes are made. Players issue brushes, they should push hands into holes and depict Santa Claus. At this point, it is not seen that they draw.

At work, you can divide the team on the men's and female teams, and give a task one to portray the Snow Maiden, and the other is a Frost Grandfall. The winner is appointed by the team that the result is most similar to a fabulous character.

By the way, if you select contests for the New Year's corporate party, do not forget to find and cheerful music - I use under the New Year contests 2021 cutting from children's Soviet cartoons, it usually causes the warmest emotions.

"Rass roles"

Begin fun competitions for the new year for a family can be with such entertainment. We distribute the role - New Year's competition from the world of positive.

Prepare more attributes of fabulous New Year characters, put notebooks with roles in empty capsules from kinders (you can simply wrap in wrapping paper on the manner of sweets) and start the game at the table for the new year with the proposal to find out

Whoever rules the ball.

All present must draw their role. It can be snowflakes, bunnies, squirrels, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, Snow Queen, Overseas Guest - Santa Claus and his deer. Distribute small attributes to all guests that will correspond to their roles on this night - for example, the Snow Queen will suit the Crown, Santa Claus can knock out an elegant staff loudly, and the company of the Green-age boys with white ears will decorate any New Year's photo.

Believe me, the New Year's features will acquire a new color as soon as the toast will take to spend the grandmother of winter or specially awake for competitions for the new year 2021 and New Year's dances Mikhail Potapich.


What are funny contests for the new year without photographs? Photobrobes Selfie - New Year's competition from the world of positive.

Make a zone for the photo and collect a little butafory in this corner - guests will be able to take pictures in different images, and then you can arrange photographic. So, you will need to determine who is suitable for the role:

  • the straightened snowflakes;
  • the very sleepy guest;
  • The most cheerful women of Yaga;
  • The Hungry Grandfather Frost;
  • The most generous Santa Claus;
  • Good Santa Claus itself;
  • the most beautiful Snow Maiden;
  • The most common guest;
  • The most fun guest;
  • The herself of Baba Yaga himself;
  • the most evil idol;
  • the strongest hero;
  • The most capricious princess;
  • the most huge snowflakes;
  • etc…

By the way, you can spend this contest a little differently - stock by the requisite, and offer guests to pull out without looking at the role in which they have to be photographed, and the rest of the participants should help the Council and the case better to embody the image. It will be possible to laugh in the process and when you look at the pictures - good, it can be done literally in a few minutes.

"Full things from the grandfather frost"

Tell the guests such a legend as Santa Claus went through the forest with gifts, fell by one foot in a snowdrift and wake out of the bags of gifts. Big remained in the bag, and small presentants fell out. And you picked them up and now give all guests.

Gifts from Santa Claus - New Year's competition from the world of positive.

Any kind of pleasant little things that bought in advance, wrap in opaque packaging, or a box made with your own hands, and you can wrap in small pieces of fabric, like miniature bags tied with thick thread or ribbon.


As a pleasant little detail, there may be: calendars, candles, key chains, handles, lanterns, kinders, liquid soap, magnets.

Every time surprises, with what trepidation the guests are waiting for these gifts ... Not only kids, but even adults :-)

Well, and finally, browse the good magician and the predictor, another new year entertainment from

New Year's competition - the prediction of success

Now you know how my holiday will be held, and what are your games for the New Year's corporate party or home party? Share ideas, after all, drinking games for the new year and interesting contests are better to cook in advance, and 2022 is not far from around the corner!

* Author: Vasilisa, especially for, an active reference to the source is required

Tired of meeting the new year banal? Then this article is for you. We will tell you how to meet New Year's fun, noisy and with the sea of ​​positive emotions. In your hands make this New Year's Eve original and unforgettable, without leaving home!

New Year

Preparing for the New Year holiday, it is not necessary to lad out onto the entire coil, to pour the table to the masterpieces of cooking, to then spend the remaining evening with the selection of women of Yaga. The holiday is not only a delicious table and the river champagne, this is the state of the soul! Our article is dedicated to hostess who risked violating the Russian tradition to "fall out" in the kitchen to meet the new year of fresh and full strength. But how to do it, tell me below.

Down with the usual feast - we celebrate the new year

Down with feast

A rich table is not a central figure at the festival of life. Otherwise, than the new year will be different from all other dates, really firing on the back background? It's time to make a fresh alternative to a brought scenario, add fun, zador and curaza. Are you going to meet the new year at home in a circle of family and friends? Before you, a couple of tips that will help diversify the festive night, making it special.

Distribute to guests Task

You do not need to selflessly pull everything on your hump, learn to attract guests to celebration planning. You have enough decoration of the apartment and the main dish. Someone else trust the salute and Bengal lights, the third - the preparation of interesting contests, the fourth - a selection of New Year's songs. And, of course, everyone should bring their brand salad on the table. Problematically with cooking? Arrange a cocktail party.

How fun to meet the new year at home

Choose New Year's theme

In order for the holiday to go as interesting as possible, it is not necessary to make it traditional. How about stylizing the new year? Organize a party in the style of any vampire or pirated themes, and maybe to make decorations to become another culture? Sure, guests have not met a new year in Hawaiian color, so that with the colors on the head and in the beach bikini. And if the exotic is not for you, try to resurrect the traditions of Italy, the cuisine of Japan, to celebrate the New Year on Older Cannons - with pancakes, meat pie, a snowy woman and fortune luck.

Do not forget about walks to the urban Christmas tree

In order not to arrange drunk debate at the table, it is important to find such entertainment in advance that will help make night active and non-bank. If the house has karaoke - please. If the snowmall is visible to the snow mountain - it's time to go out on the fresh air to arrange a war with snowballs or make the most beautiful snowman! Do you adore fun and laughter? We present the simplest and creative contests for all tastes and age.

New Year's competitions and entertainment

New Year's competitions and entertainment


This task perfectly supports the atmosphere of fun throughout the New Year's Eve. All you need is to prepare a bag with tokens in advance on which you write time and a funny action for each of the guests. At the entrance to the house, a person pulls the token with a task that undertakes to perform. It looks very funny when, in the midst of a party, someone gets up for a chair and quackets or at 5 am unauthorized biting other things.

"Magic toy"

This task is great for a creative company. When some hour remains before the new year, all the necessary materials are laid out before the participants in order to make a Christmas tree toy. And not a simple, but the magic, which will definitely fulfill the dream! You can offer to cut a snowflake, paint the brilliance of the bump, decorate the old New Year's ball or by stencils to paint animals from the horoscope. All this is attached to the note with the wish, and then hanging on the Christmas tree. Such a game helps to carry guests, forcing even adults believe in a fairy tale.

"Funny box"

In advance prepared and decorated box, non-standard accessories or funny outlook wardrobe, for example: cowboy hat, sticker "I am a spider mother", sock with hole, family panties in heart or funny glasses with a big nose. Music turns on, the box is transmitted in a circle. As soon as the composition stops - the one in whose hands will be a box, it is obliged to put on a "fashionable" accessory and pass so much evening. Laughter is guaranteed!

Tower of champagne

"Drunk Tower"

If you plan to truly go into a gap, without refusing to yourself in alcohol, why not enter the element of the game in this action? The tower of vodka glasses or glasses with champagne gather, on the bottom of which leafs with a ridiculous task - to tell about yourself the most ridiculous story, go to the balcony and escape the song, dance the little ducklings. A participant of the game should be able to remove a glass without destroying the tower, drink content, and then fulfill the task.


This is a real classic, without which no home feast costs. The essence of the game is to show the words spent by the word gestures, but do not say. Since the night is New Year, it is better to prepare a bag of festive words or winter phrases that will need to solve those present. And, of course, do not forget about small incentive prizes.

"Snow Attack"

For guests not to sit at the table, a movable game is useful within the house, for example, throwing snowballs from the cotton to the basket for accuracy. Participants are divided into teams, meters in 6 from them there is a miniature basket, where and you need to dig a lump made of cotton. Wins the one who lends more snow to the target!

New Year competitions

"Homegrown theater"

This entertainment competition makes crying from even the most skeptical comrades. It is important to find a short and popular fairy tale on the Internet, where there will be many heroes. Select the lead that reads the text and participants. Task - Talking funny replicas, as soon as the character is called. For example, a tale about repka. When the word "repka" sounds in the text, the man in this amplua immediately says: "I am a minor!". When the grandfather is called, that groachtitis: "The grandmother suffered, there is no health." The grandmother's character amazes the imagination with the words: "Grandfather stopped satisfying, old Cherych." Etc. Believe me, fun guaranteed.

"Message to the Future"

This is not a contest, but very interesting pastime. You need to take an improvised "interview" for each party party and write it on video / smartphone / phone. In an interview, ask questions on the topic:

  • - that brought you outgoing year;
  • - What do you want to wish for your next year;
  • - What purposes do you want to achieve for the year.

If you have already conducted a "survey" last year, imagine how interesting will be watching video excretion yourself in a year.

"Polar Expedition"

Finally, this competition is suitable for children, who also need to somehow entertain. Adults hide in an unexpected place New Year's gifts, draw a map and leave a note with the task to sing, tell New Year's verse, guess the riddle or note. As soon as the child performs the task, it opens a portion of the card, which can be moved on until it is in the Christmas tree with gifts.

Children's entertainment for the new year

Meeting the new year at home, quite bye forces to make this holiday special and unlike anything. The main thing is to consider in advance the details of the holiday, stop bothering if something goes not according to plan, and to trust the Spirit of Christmas. Meet New Year's Eve noisy, fun and magical. Your mood is only in your hands!

Photo site How to arrange a new year at home. Christmas christmas strokeIn the eve of the holidays, the new year in our country occupies a special place, it is the most beloved family holiday ! How to organize it to be not only soul, but also original, and fun? Here is a couple of ideas.

1. Arrange the New Year's houses "Fir-Flying"

Beauty Christmas tree - a unchanging attribute of the New Year's holiday, without her, the Russian meeting does not represent a new year. And if the natural Christmas tree is a pity? Her poor "under the most root" ... And artificial - I do not want. In this case, we propose to arrange a lot of different "Christmas trees" instead of one in the house. And the tradition does not break, and the pleasure of an unusual holiday will get! What kind of "Christmas trees" mean?

Edible Christmas trees .We turn on the fantasy and decorate the festive table with all sorts of "Christmas trees". First, we make a salad "Christmas tree": from the lettuce of lettuce, we form a crown that we decorate vegetables so that they look like a Christmas decoration (beads or "snowball" - from a sauce or cheese droplets, from Bulgarian pepper, etc. ). We replenish the festive feast of the buffet menu in the form of "New Year's toys" (canapes, sandbrokes, etc.), decorate the table with stylish "Christmas" napkins.

Secondly, we make the Christmas tree from all sorts of goodies: fruit, candies, chocolates. To do this, we buy the basis in the form of a cone in the flower stores and with the help of spedes we attach all this "yummy" to it, ahead with real Christmas decorations. Then, of course, a cake in the shape of a Christmas tree - cut the cakes and decorate the cake (with the help of berries, chocolate and cream) again, like a New Year tree.

"Christmas decorations.  We decorate the "Christmas trees" (from tinsel, color stickers, beads, garlands and small toys) literally all the house: walls, doors and windows. "Christmas tree" on the wall can be central under which we put the toy Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and prepared gifts.

"Christmas" entertainment . We continue the topic of the Christmas tree in the entertainment. For example, a beauty contest among couples, who is better (for a limited time!) From the utility material will decorate its "Christmas tree" (one depicts the Christmas tree, the other decorates it). Then, under the song, Serdyuchka "Christmas trees around the city" - General Defile. The winner can be determined by "beauty" or by the number of items used to decorate.

New Year at home In a close company, it is also good because everyone can take part in all events and without any shy to show all their talents. Why not arrange a competition of parodies on the singer Christmas tree or a wonderful musical entertainment for the new year at home, everyone singing "a Christmas tree was born in the forest" for different motives and in different manners: romance, rap, heavy rock, etc.?!

With the participation of "Christmas" there are many New Year's fairy tales, which can be easily played by their own. Also you can make a staging of the song "A Christmas tree was born in the forest" or play a small funny New Year's scene , Not requiring preliminary preparation and rehearsals.

The holiday under the slogan "Fir-stroke" will be fun and mental, and most importantly, in its credits it will be safely written to write that "When organizing a holiday, no live tree suffered"!

2. We arrange a new year at home.

If the new year is celebrated at home in a very narrow family circle - excellent. This is a wonderful reason to surprise and please something close people. The family celebration of the New Year is unique in that the time frame is not limited - it can be turned on a festive day or even a day

How to arrange a holiday at home? What to take this holiday day off, so as not to bother to each other, but become closer and relative?

Preparation for the holiday. In good families, everyone is doing together and with pleasure. In the morning, a man (dad and son) pull out an artificial Christmas tree with the mezzanine or go to buy a "live", girls (mother and daughter) put order, then all together adorn the house, christmas tree, sometimes even mold homemade toys.

In addition to economic troubles, you must take care of the entertainment for the holiday .For example, with the help of a "magic" hats, you can provide a small concert program for the evening: everyone comes up with a phanta (song, poem, dance, etc.), writes on the card and throws in a hat. The cards are mixed and "blindly" stretches that someone caught - mystery, everyone is preparing a surprise (except that you can help quite small). Or at all in advance to announce that evening on December 31 will be held a competition "Minute of Glory" (or parody's contest) so that everyone prepared a room for joy and fun close.

Of course, a festive dinner is preparing, but a small advice: do not cook "superfluous", only the most favorite and tasty, better go to a ski ride or shove on ice skating (sledding) is more useful and more interesting than an infinite feast.

Surprises. Adults would well come up with a couple of surprises, for example, with gifts. Putting beautiful packaging under the Christmas tree, as if gifts, beautifully sign, and when the moment came to open them - it turns out that inside is not a gift, but a note indicating the direction where to look for it. Arrange a small adventure - a phased search for a gift from several postcards and tasks (to run up to the next item on one leg or, clapping in palm, etc.). In such an Quest, you can even use the entrance or the street. Wonderful if it turns out the "Gift Courty": let everyone run, come across each other, for this come up with the condition that one will find your gift, will get another extra.

At the table .Couple of bedding games (watch Here), too, will be quite by the way, like something lyrical and touching. For example, you can start such a family tradition: on the eve of the new year, to lower the notebook with dreams to the next year (babies let them draw) into the beautiful family cathie (kids let them draw). And accomplishing the old year, everyone reads his last year's note with wishes, as if sums up and thank for all the outgoing year and relatives. It will be good if the casket with the "fresh" notes will hold in his hands, mentally wishing the fulfillment of all the desires of his own and those who are near (in general, come up with a conspiracy ritual for good luck). This tradition will be quite in the spirit of the New Year holiday, which not only splits the family and strengthens the connection of generations, but also symbolizes the connection of times.

As the basis of the script for the New Year holiday at home Where adults may well take on the role of Santa Claus, you can take this playing point. (here)

New Year's Eve in a family circle is a wonderful opportunity to stay in a cozy atmosphere, sit for a delicious holiday table in the atmosphere of heat, friendly communication and joyful fun!

"This is all love wonderful moments" - do not miss them!

The author Nadezhda Khudyasova

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New Year-2021 Most of us will forced at home. Of course, for many of us the "nail" of the festive table is TV. But if you have no TV or movies and movies that will be broadcast on New Year's Eve, you are not interested, we advise you to get together with your family or friends and spend time our experts recommend. Come up with a new year celebration scenario for you and advise the most fun and with simple games that everyone will raise the mood, asked for experienced showmen and comedians.

New Year's punishment

Andrei Dzhadzhula, leading and organizer of parties with 15 years of experience 

"Shortly before the celebration of the New Year, I advise the whole family or company Make a playlist . Since all the tastes are different, I recommend that everyone selected the top five most beloved songs, which he is ready to dance in any condition.

How to celebrate New Year at home - Tips of showmen and comedians - Photo 1

Photo: Facebook Andrei Dzhadzhul

For those who love festive salutes, I recommend buying a box and Do not experiment With some pyrotechnic means.

When you already called all friends and relatives and congratulated them, you can Put karaoke - It brings absolutely everyone.


You have already reinforced well and danced, then play in Alias. (" Understand me ") This is the most popular game and win-win option. This is a modification of the "crocodile", only better. In the "crocodile" you need to get up - you are uncomfortable at the table, and after the activity and food does not always want to strain somehow.

The game is very funny. To begin with, players are divided into two people. Each of the teams receive a card with words. One should explain with the help of synonyms or other prompts to explain to the partner, what word he does in mind, while not to use single words. The second should guess this word. The task is given, for example, a minute. Won the couple, which during this time was able to guess the more words.

Broken phone

Another, no less fun game, " Broken phone ". The bottom line is that one person puts on the headphones in which music played, and the rest of the participants call any set of words that he has to guess. Another participant begins to pronounce these words, but not loud, and the one that in the headphones is trying to consider them on the lips and gives each of its own option.

I never…

And the third game that comes closes the company, - " I never… ". Initially, all participants show ten fingers. Each player in turn says "I never ..." and adds that he never did in his life. For example, ... (not) Jumping with parachute . The main thing to try to say what other of your company was certainly done. Then those who at least once did the action you called, bend one finger. Who will burn both fists - lost.

The most important thing for these entertainment is come up with a sentence for losers . For example, a minute praise the winner team or say compliments with a whispered voice. I guarantee it will be no less funny than the game itself ".

New Year in the style of "Children 90s"

Max Vyshinsky, Standaper 

"This year I decided to celebrate the New Year without alcohol. There are reasons for it, but about them later, so as not to smooth.

How to celebrate New Year at home - Tips of showmen and comedians - Photo 2

Photo: Facebook Max Vyshinsky

We thought for a long time, how to do it correctly, so that there were fun and so that no one has twisted with the temple. After all, in our country, Kosos look at those who do not drink, and not the opposite.

I told my friend that I was not going to drink for the New Year. In response, he was surprised and added: "As children ...". This phrase came across me to really celebrate the New Year as children. As a child, it was good. We did not need alcohol and karaoke, to pretty "pull out."

So my wife and I remembered childhood and decided to organize a new way. First of all, imagine that outside the 96th year or any more long ago. Hide gifts not under the Christmas tree And somewhere under the bed, in the closet or where our parents hid from us from us. And try to find them to the battle of the chimes. In childhood, we managed it.

Cover the table, but do not sit down, and from time to time come and so that no one has seen Carry from there sausage or cheese .

Alcohol can be replaced by children's champagne and non-alcoholic wine (now, by the way, a very trend thing, it turns out).

After the fight of the Kurats, not thinking, go along the neighbors to sleep. Of course, they will be surprised, but, on the other hand, remembering the traditions - "Pyatak will give you", and their New Year's Eve will cease to be ordinary.

After that, go to ride a sled, play in the snowballs (of course, if the snow is - ed.), Admire the salute. Such entertainment will enjoy your drank friends who have already been departed from the thought that you are crazy.

For complete entourage you can like in your own costumes from children's New Year's matinees . Snowflake, bunny, chanterelle ... And if your guests do not want to bother, let them simply hurt "2021".

You see, you will have than to take yourself in the New Year's Eve, you can posstalgate and arrange a party in the style of "Children of the 90s, 80s" and so on. Why not?

In the morning, go to my grandparents or to my parents, let them feed you as a cold, will give a hundred hryvnia and sold packaging package. "

Try to return the goods to the cashier

Valentin Mikheenko, comedian, artist Improv Live Show and "Women's Quarter" 

"We often play different funny games with friends - and not only for the new year. If you want to have a lot of laughter on your holiday, then try playing such games.

How to celebrate New Year at home - Tips of showmen and comedians - Photo 3

Photo provided by the press service of the artist

The most simple : Remember the queues of the movie names, which consist of several words and replace one of them with some name, for example, "Stas". And you will get "The irony of fate, Stas. Enjoy Your Bath!".

Second game although it is called "Press conference" But it is not only for journalists. Two players depict some star or a famous person. The rest begin to ask them questions, and they must answer, pronounce in turn on one word and trying to build a logical answer.

If the company has a very talkative comrade, then you can play in "Purchase returns" . The whole big company makes a certain product, but two participants do not say which one. Then they, not knowing the answer, are trying to return the goods to the cashier who played the most talkative, while justifying why he did not fit.

Well, the corona is my game - DZK. . One person makes himself a word and then answers them for every question he is asked. To understand what I, I advise you to first see one of the issues of my eponymous show. "

1. Arrange the photosone

If you are waiting for guests, a great idea will be equipped with a place where everyone will be able to take pictures in festive outfits - as if at some big event. Then these snapshots can be printed and donate to all those present.

Leave guests of pleasant memories of the evening will help us together - use a timer or selfie stick.

To beautifully arrange a photocongeon, choose a suitable background, cheering garlands, toys, wreaths from Christmas tree branches, take care of good lighting. Prepare the props: festive masks and funny accessories.

2. Organize a thematic party

How to celebrate New Year at home: Organize a thematic party
Frames from the TV series "Theory of the Big Explosion"

Children and adults love to reincarnate, so feel free to warn guests that we are waiting for them in masquerade costumes. Theme may be any. For instance:

  • Venice Carnival.
  • Animals.
  • Pirates.
  • Celebrities.
  • Retro.
  • Cinema.

Let guests show fantasy. And at the same time you can arrange a competition for the best outfit.

Do not limit the reflection of the theme of the evening with one costumes - the main motive can be represented on the table. For example, assemble the treats of one color or dishes of a certain kitchen or country of origin.

3. Device master class

A few hours before the new year, when everyone was already gathered, call the guests to the master class. Follow in advance with everything you need and offer under your leadership to prepare a cocktail or dessert.

For children, you can arrange a master class on painting homemade cookies or the construction of a gingerbread house. And the creation of your own Christmas tree toy will be interested in guests of all ages.

4. Spend the game and contests

If the crocodile, stickers, mafia and twister are already tired, then here are some more ideas.

Wadded snowballs

In order not to sit at the table and warm up a little, you can compete in the accuracy. To do this, it is necessary to prepare a target from the bucket and throw the cotton balls there from a distance of several meters. They will not fly very well, so fun and excitement are guaranteed.

The funniest photo

Offer guests during the evening to capture funny moments, and at the end of the celebration vote for the best picture and hand the prize to the photographer-winner.

Random entertainment

Make a variety by adding an element of surprises to contests and games. In advance come up with a list of entertainment, write down their names on the leaves and put in an opaque bag or box. On New Year's Eve offer guests to get a piece of paper and spend the dropped game.

New Year's quest

An excellent way to entertain both children and adults - to make a hunt for gifts: draw a "pirate map" or decompose the notes at home with prompts. To do this, you can divide the participants into groups or distribute instructions individually to everyone.

5. Play desktop or video games

How to celebrate New Year at home: Play video games
Frames from the animated series "Normal Show"

If you don't really want to get up because of the table, it is interesting to spend time to help stands and computer games. Call the lotto, monopoly or console and arrange funny savages. You can organize a tournament or a marathon - for example, play all the games at least once.

Choose to your taste 🎲🎮

6. Record "Interviews from the Past"

This entertainment can be turned into an annual festive tradition. Ask guests to video to tell about the past year and share plans for the future - with the condition that you will definitely look at it together for the next new year. For interest, you can add trowel questions or ask to tell about the most funny cases.

7. Arrange karaoke or disco

How to spend the new year at home: arrange karaoke or disco
Frame from the animated series "New business Scoobi-Doo"

What holiday without songs and dances? Use ready-made playlists or create your own. At the same time you can arrange a competition for the best execution.

8. Spend the marathon of your favorite films or TV shows

You can arrange a New Year's marathon of your favorite movie to avid kinomans or pairs. Prepare a selection of movies or TV shows in advance, stock up your favorite meal and drinks and enjoy.

Make up your selection 🎞

9. Arrange the evening of nostalgia

A good way to add emotions to the holiday is to see photos and videos from the home archive. Remember the past and labelish about what would like in the new year.

10. Celebrate the "Lazy" New Year

Celebrate the "Lazy" New Year at home
Frames from the movie "One House"

If you are completely tired of everything, including from New Year's fuss, arrange a real holiday and do nothing. In advance, bring up your favorite meal, do not invite anyone and do not go to visit yourself, look at the warm plaid and spend the evening for the book or the TV, I do not rush anywhere and doing anything.

This item is well combined with a marathon of his beloved movie, so they can be combined.

11. Spend the new year without electricity and gadgets

An excellent way to celebrate the holiday together is to arrange a romantic evening without TV, smartphones and information noise. You can even abandon electricity, celebrate the New Year with candles (complying with security requirements, of course) and completely devote time to each other.

12. Go to the holidays for the city

If you have a warm cottage or a country house, you can make a wonderful holidays there. Arrange a dance around a lively ate, cook food on fire, play snowballs and blind snowman - this is an incomplete list of entertainment in nature. You can also go to the bath, run the salute, shoot from clappers and wish Bengal lights. Just remember the safety technique.

Even in today's difficult times, you can enjoy life and meet holidays fun.

From the article you will learn how to better plan the celebration of the New Year 2020-2021 in the family circle.

The new year refers to those holidays that help to unwind the family and have fun together with people of different ages. But in order for this magical winter holiday to leave pleasant memories and in adults, and in children, it must be placed correctly.

After all, in order for the celebration of the New Year to be liked and young children, and adolescents, and adults, it will be necessary to make a very responsible approach to planning the entertainment part of the festive evening. How to spend the new year 2020-2021 in a family circle and will tell our article.

Cheerful new 2020-2021 in a family circle: ideas for holding a festive evening

If you want the most magical evening a year's fun, soulful and warmth, then try to plan a festive program so that all family members are involved in the celebration. After all, if, for example, you will give your time solely to children, then all the other guests will be bored and as a result, the holiday for them will be spoiled.

Therefore, try to choose the theme of the evening so that she liked it absolutely to everyone. For example, you can spend a party in honor of the celebration of the New Year in style "Carnival Night" . Imagine only how beautiful the New Year's table will look, decorated with candles candides. Well, of course, for sure everyone will like the vintage outfits and the original masks hiding the faces of the guests.

In addition, you can spend New Year's Eve 2020-2021 in style:

  • Cartoon "Alice in Wonderland" . Similar themes will suit the family in which there are small children. You can distribute in advance who will be Alice, and who is Cheshire Cat, and pushing out from this, come up with games and entertainment. Also in this case, you will definitely need to take care of fabulous tea drinking with a lot of different sweets.
  • "Stylag". Such a thematic party will probably enjoy both adults and children. In this case, it is necessary to take care of stylish and bright outfits of screaming colors. Do not forget to add hats, gloves, ties or butterflies to them, and the style in the style of styles will be ready. As for the New Year's table, in this case, it is possible to limit the fruit, vegetable and meat cutting and literally a pair of hot dishes. The main nail of the program should be funny dancing.
  • Oscar premium. Such topics involves the presence of a certain dress code. In view of this, you will have to take care of evening dresses for all family members. And in order to emphasize the theme of the celebration, you can prepare for all chocolate figures that imitate "Oscar" and present them as a presentation for victory in festive entertainment.

Merry new 2020-2021 in a family circle with friends, relatives and children: program

After you choose the theme of the New Year's Eve, start thinking about the program. At the same time, do not forget to take into account that people will be attended by your holiday.

If there is a senior people at the holiday, it will be better if you refuse to carry out too noisy contests and entertainment that they probably do not like them.

If, together with you, the new year 2020-2021 will meet children, then you need to abandon vulgar jokes, songs and entertainment. The ideal option will be simple and understandable funny games (can be movable). With the most popular we will introduce you a little lower.

Program for the new year 2020-2021:

  • Meeting of guests in masquerade costumes
  • Co-production of New Year's wreath
  • Merry contests for the youngest
  • Congratulations from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden (fabulous guests there can be family members)
  • New Year's meeting (festive feast)
  • Joint View of New Year's Gifts
  • Games for children and adults (they can be alternating with small snacks)
  • Disco until the morning

Funny home New Year's holiday scenario for the whole family, for adults and children

If you want the celebration of the New Year to the family in a family circle, absolutely everyone, then be sure to take care that you have your own Santa Claus. It is needed not only to hand the gifts with your family and relatives, but also to spend holiday games.

But still before proceeding directly to the entertainment program, be sure to remove the time for a more solemn part. It will assume the possibility of warm congratulations for each other. Initially, Santa Claus can congratulate everyone with the New Year, and then alternately betray the word to all family members.

Congratulations from Santa Claus
Possible comic tasks from for the new year from Santa Claus
Riddles for all guests

After guests congratulate each other and ride a little riddles, it will be possible to move to a more fun part of the festive evening. For example, you can offer your households to sing the New Year's Song.

If you wish, you can choose a jury that will not be very strictly evaluating the singing of novice artists, and at the end of their performances give them a comic symbolic prize. Examples of cheerful songs you can see a little lower.

Merry Chastushki
New Year's song
New Year's song

Funny New Year's games 2021 for adults and children

Selecting the games for the celebration of the New Year 2020-2021 must be necessary to ensure that absolutely all those present, including the smallest, can be involved in them. For them, for example, you can spend a competition for the speed in which they should most quickly find the road to Santa Claus with gifts.

To do this, you will need to print the described template (preferably in a greater format) and give the children colored pencils. If desired, adults can be connected to small guests. The main thing remember that in this case you do not need to win. All that is required from you, create a fun atmosphere. At the end, the rapidly definitely issued a surprise.

Template for play

You can also offer small members of your family to fold the New Year's puzzle. Just do not choose very complex pictures for this, consisting of a large number of items. In this case, you can use a completely standard puzzle consisting of 6, 8, 10 or 12 parts. An example can be seen below. It can also be folded for a while and necessarily under fun music.

An example of a New Year's puzzle

As for adults, they can play classic phantas, inventing the most fun tasks for the loser. If you want a little complicate the game, then you can give a person a repeated phantha if all the other guests believe that he did not cope with the previous one.

Be sure to accompany all this action by funny musical accompaniment. A few more ideas for New Year's games for adults you can find on the picture placed below.

Ideas for adult games

Funny contests for adults and children

The most ideal option of the competition for the new year 2020-2021 is comic quiz. But remember, it should not have any difficult questions requiring great erudition. In view of this, try to pick up the most simple and fun questions to which guests present at the celebration will be able to give. Santa Claus can spend a quiz or just someone from the guests. The main thing is that it was a person who is able to ask the desired tone to your evening.

Examples of cheerful competitive quiz for the new year 2020-2021:

Quiz for children
Competition for adults
Competition - Quiz about Christmas tree
Competition-Quiz for New Year 2020-2021

Important: Conducting a competitive quiz remember that you celebrate the New Year. And this means that all questions need to be asked in a comic form and if necessary, help guests to give answers. In no case do not bring the guest to feel not quite comfortable. Also be sure to prepare symbolic prizes that you can hand over all participants a fun New Year's quiz.

Funny entertainment for adults and children to celebrate the new 2021

Of course, if you want the new year 2020-2021 your households met as much as possible, then include in a festive program and more moving entertainment.

  • The ideal option in this case will be "New Year's Pantomim" . In this simple entertainment, both small kids and older people will be able to participate. All that will be required from you, choose a person and quietly whisper into his ear in the ear, for example, "clapper". After that, a person will have to show without words to the rest of the word chosen by the leading word. After it is deposited, the next participant is selected.
  • The second win-win option will be cheerful entertainment called "Merry artist " To carry out this competition you will need a large sheet of paper and ordinary pencils. The sheet will need to fix on the wall, and then the selected player will have to clamp the lips of the pencil and hand draw on a piece of snowman, snowflake, candy or Christmas trees.
  • Well, finally, we want to introduce you to another game called "Merry musicians" . In this entertainment, absolutely all people present can participate. Both children and adults become a circle and begin to quickly pass the New Year's ball as quickly as possible. All this is done for fun music. At some point, the music turns off and the one who has a ball left in his hands, must either sing a song, either having fun.

Funny scenes in a family circle for adults and children

The easiest way to please the child with New Year's view, play with him a couple of interesting scenes from his favorite fairy tale or cartoon. It can be like a simple tale of "bunker" and modern and all the favorite cartoon "Masha and the Bear".

You can distribute roles in advance, cook costumes or at least a mask, and when all guests gather, play the scene. Main role is sure to give the child and do everything to get the sea positive.

Ideas for New Year's scenes for adults you can see in the video placed below.

Video: Tale about repka to a new way

Consider that this scene is best to play only after the small family members will go to sleep.

Video: Tale on a new way

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