Windows 7 Password Reset - All Working Methods

Some users have come across such a situation when the operating system (OS) is loaded, a window appears with the requirement to enter a password, but this secret combination suddenly is suddenly forgotten. Human memory works peculiar - we can remember for a long time about what was once a long time ago and forget the details the next day. So now looking at the monitor, sometimes it is even impossible to remember which password was asked.

Why do you need a password in Windows 7

The issue of security among most users was sharp and will always be important. And in addition to installing anti-virus software, it is desirable to come up with an original and moderate complexity of a password, without which it is impossible to boot the OS for further work on the computer.

But another question is there any necessity? On the one hand, if access to a personal personal computer (PC) is available only at one person or the closest do not "be attempting" for private property, which is inside the car, then the password can not be set. But on the other, this is the first need for certain situations:

  • A computer uses several people.
  • Storage of particularly important confidential data that should not get other persons.
  • Protection against unauthorized access.

Thus, on one PC, designed for several users, you can create an appropriate number of accounts, including administrators.

But sooner or later, the situation occurs when the user forgets the password for personal access to PC resources. What to do in this case? Do not have to reinstall OS? But for the reliability of its performance, it is desirable to format the section where it is planned to be put.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to resort to a radical method at all, since there are more gentle options. Actually about them further and will be discussed.

Ways to remove Windows 7 password

How to reset the password? There are different situations, for example, a computer got a new owner, and his old owner or forgot to pass the password to access or did not have time to remove it. Consider what can be taken with such difficult and unforeseen circumstances.

Through the CONTROL UserPassword2 command

With this method, it helps well "command interpreter" in the Windows system. In the language of many users, it is referred to as a command line (a window with a black background). If access to the operating system is available, then easy manipulations should be done to relieve the password:

  • Click on the Start button, which is usually located in the lower left corner of the lower taskbar.
  • Choose and press the left mouse button (LKM) to disclose the item "All Programs". After that, another list will open, where you need to "execute".
  • A window will appear for entering commands - here you should dial three Latin letters: cmd. , And after clicking on the OK button. We enter the command line
  • Open "Command Interpreter", where you need to dial on the keyboard Control UserPasswords2. And press the ENTER key. Reset Windows 7 password through the command line
  • Now on the screen you can see another window with a list of accounts or only one. It is worth choosing an interesting name.
  • From above there is a line according to which you want to enter a password when you turn on the computer. You should remove a tick, then apply and OK.
  • The automatic login window will appear in order to introduce a new password. In extreme cases, these fields can be left empty.

At the final stage, it remains to close the command prompt window and restart the computer. For the speed of calling the "Run" window, you can simply press the Win + R key combination.

Through the control panel

With this method, you can use the services of a secure mode. To "safely" download the system with Windows 7, you need to restart the PC and periodically press the F8 key. And you need to do it before the system is loaded. That is, when several OS installed on the machine and the selection window appears or the OS itself has booted, it means that the moment is missed, you should reboot again.

We enter into safe Windows 7 mode

In general, before loading the system itself, iron is inspected for performance. And you need to catch the moment when a number of parameters will flash on the screen. Ideally, the F8 button you need to start closing at least 3-5 seconds after starting the computer.

And if everything is done correctly, you can see the "Safe Mode" string and a number of other parameters. Select exactly the one that is usually at the very top, confirming the action with the ENTER button. Next, the login is carried out under the Administrator account, and it does not have a password for the default. Therefore, the Password input field can be left blank and press the input key.

A warning window opens where you need to select the "Yes" option. When the desktop boots, you should go along the path: Start - Control Panel - User Accounts. You need to select the appropriate name, after which the menu will appear on the left side with reference. You need to select "Change Password". Next, it remains to enter a new combination or leave both fields empty.

Upon completion, it remains to close the window with user accounts, then the control panel. Now you can overload the PC and observe the result.

Through the Windows 7 installation disk

Some of the above examples are relevant in the case when accessing the operating system is still available. That is, you can safely boot through a third-party account and make all the necessary manipulations. However, there is no such possibility and sometimes the user faces a certain difficulty when he forgot his password to access his own computer. In addition, he enjoys the car.

However, it does not work in the system. What to do in this case?! After all, it significantly limits the possibilities. Here, the exit from the current situation will be the use of the loading flash drive than most users have recently used most often. Either you need a disk with Windows 7.

As part of the installation distribution with Windows 7 there is a special utility for restoring the operability of the OS. It is hidden in the image with the installer.

After the disc is loaded, you need to select the "System Restore" item, after which the menu opens with various parameters. From all of the listed one, it is worth selecting a line "Restoring the System Image". Further act according to the algorithm below:

  1. After selecting the method, the window will open, where you need to pay attention to what the letter disk is indicated. Usually it is a Latin letter d. You can then click on the "Next" button.
  2. A different window will appear, which will notify that the desired image is not found and it is proposed to connect a hard disk containing the desired archive or click the "Repeat" button. We need another - "Cancel".
  3. In the next step, where you need to choose the image, you should also cancel this possibility.

This algorithm allows you to accurately determine what kind of disk is Windows 7 is located. Now you need to act on another instruction:

  • After canceling the action of paragraph 3 above, a menu will appear with already familiar items. And now you should select a line with a command line.
  • In the black window that appears, regedit latin.
  • Now, in the editor itself, select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then from the File menu - the "Load bush" item.
  • A dispatcher will open, where you should go along the Windows / System32 / Config path using the top field (next to the word folder) and select System.
  • Enter some name. Let it be 777.
  • Find under the total folder 777 SETUP branch in the left window, and in the right - the CMDLINE parameter. Open it with double pressing LKM and enter in the value field - cmd.exe.
  • In another SetupType parameter, also change the value to 2, after clicking OK.
  • Highlight the created "777" bush and select the "Unload bush" through the Editor's file menu. A confirmation request will appear - click on the Yes button.

After these manipulations, you can close the registry editor itself and remove the disk. In the menu, you can now select the Restart button. Now when loading the OS, the command line window itself will appear.

It is worth noting that this method allows to bypass the lock protected by a password. To reset the password itself, the method will be shown that is described in the section below through one (via the command line).

Through the sam file

In the OS of the entire Windows family, all passwords that users specify are saved in the SAM file and they are managed. The information it possesses is valuable, and therefore has a high degree of protection. In this regard, to find out the secret combination is not as easy as it may seem at first glance.

You don't need to hack the password, because there is a way to just reset it or rather bypassing. To do this, you will need a boot disk or medium with a corresponding Windows distribution. Next, it remains calmly wait for the download, and when a window appears with a selection of OS installation languages ​​to call a command line with a combination of SHIFT + F10.

Windows 7 password reset through the installation disk

Next, the following instruction will be useful:

  • In the command prompt window, enter the REGEDIT.
  • Select the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry key, and in the Editor menu - file - download bush.
  • Now you need to find SAM - it is located on the disk from the OS under the desired account. The full path looks like this: Windows \ System32 \ Config.
  • It will be proposed to introduce a name and to this proposal to respond to one's own preference - to come up with any kind - even just just some number. For example - 7.
  • Go to this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Selected Name (7) \ Sam \ Domains \ Account \ Users \ 000001F4. Right registry editor window. Password reset Windows 7 through the registry
  • In the field on the left side, find the key named f and open the double press of the LKM. Then you should find a string 0038 and replace it with the first value. That is, instead of 11 put 10.
  • Select the created bush (7), after which it is to select to unload a bush from the Editor's file menu. A request for confirmation of actions will be followed - reply Yes.

After the manipulations have done, it remains to restart the car. Now you can see the new recording of the administrator, which was not previously. The input must be performed under it.

Next, you can already change the password from your own account or remove it at all. That is, being in the OS itself to use the control panel, as above has already been considered.

Through the command line

Using this method, you can reset the password specified for any account. However, by default there is no such possibility, and you will have to perform preliminary preparatory activities, where you also need a bootable media or a disk with Windows 7.

To begin with, it will boot from the flash drive and then run the command line with a combination of SHIFT + F10. Next, you need to check which disc contains the installed system. To do this, the DIR command will help, with the pressing of the colon and the reverse slash. For example - Dir D: \. As practice shows, it is under the letter D a system hides. This is the feature of the installer itself. In extreme cases, it is worth checking the rest of the discs - C, E and others.

After the system indicator is found, you should enter the command - Copy D: \ Windows \ System32 \ SETHC.EXE D: \ Where:

  • D - system letter;
  • Sethc.exe is a built-in utility that starts the sticking keys. Usually it happens, it is worth pressing SHIFT several times. That is, the command line call will be carried out through the utility.

With the help of the command, the utility is copied to the root of the system disk with the possibility of its recovery. Now you need another command - Copy D: \ Windows \ System32 \ cmd.exe D: \ Windows \ System32 \ Sethc.exe. Next, the replacement must be confirmed by entering the letter symbol "Y" and press ENTER.

Now actually the password reset instruction:

  • Download PC and when the lock screen appears several times press Shift. As a result - a command line will appear.
  • The Net User command is recruited, after which the list of accounts that have accounts will be displayed.
  • Find the desired name.
  • The same command to set a new password for your account - Net User * Account Name * * New password *. In extreme cases - Net User * The name of the account * "" (without a password). Press ENTER.

After that, you can enter under your name with a new password or without it. After the manipulations done and, if success, you should return everything, as it was before. To do this, to boot from the carrier with the OS distribution and in the command washing that appears, enter the COPY D: \ SETHC.exe D: \ Windows \ System32 \ Sethc.exe command. Confirm the entry symbol "Y" by clicking Enter.

How to remove password in windows-7

Passwords help protect their account on operating systems from foreign users. However, it happens that they are forgotten, and to get into the system is not possible from the administrator account, and there is no installation media with it. In this case, you will have to drop a password slightly non-standard methods.

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Remove the password with Windows 7 without installation media

If you download password discharge disk on Windows 7, you can not have it, you can use one of the methods offered below. Both suggest a solution to the problem with the help of system utilities. To do this, you will not need to download a disk to reset the Windows 7 password or a complete image of the system. However, it is recommended to clearly follow the instructions, as both ways imply work with the interface "Console" .

You do not need to try to make a password reset on Windows 7 using third-party software, as it will entail certain problems.

Method 1: Command String

This is the most universal, simple and safe way to change the password on Windows 7, not knowing the old one. If necessary, you can later simply remove the new password from the operating system. To perform this method, you will need to go to the OS interface, let it even be from a guest account. Usually this is always the default.

Guestbook has some restrictions compared to the administrator recording. By default, they apply to making any changes to the OS, for example, installation / delete programs, editing some documents, download content from the network. Restrictions on use "Command Line" No default.

The instructions for this method looks like this:

    1. Press the key combination Win + R. .
    2. In the opened line, enter cmd. and press ENTER .


    1. Run "Command line" . First you need to find out the number of users, their powers and login in the operating system. To do this, enter the command Net User. and press ENTER .

View other users in Windows-7

    1. A list of all users of the operating system will appear. You need to find the login of the administrator's account. It will make it easy if there are only two accounts in the OS.
    2. Now write the command Net User Login_admistrator New_pall . Sample team: Net User Admin 123456 . Press ENTER.

Changing the password via the command line in Windows-7

  1. After applying the Restart the computer and go to the administrator's account under the new password.

Method 2: Recovery Menu

This method can be dangerous, as it implies a power disconnection from the power during operation. However, the unit application of special damage should not be applied.

The essence is as follows:

    1. Restart the computer if it has been turned on or enable it if it has been turned off.
    2. When Windows only starts, turn off it dramatically. For example, press the power button or pull the power cord.
    3. Then connect the power again and turn on the PC.
    4. Instead of standard Windows start, the screen must start "Windows Error Recovery" That is, recovery after an error.
    5. You will be offered several options for running the operating system. Choose "LAUNCH STARTUP REPAIR" . In the Russian-language edition can be called "Run the download recovery" .

Running the recovery mode in Windows-7

    1. System load starts. You may have a window where the resolution is requested on the system recovery procedure ( "System Restore" ). Cancel by clicking on "Cancel" .

Cancel system recovery in Windows-7

    1. A message with a recovery error will appear. Click on item "VIEW PROBLEM DETAILS" .

View your recovery error information in Windows-7

    1. Start a text file with a description of the problem. Here you need to click on the item "File" In the top menu. From the drop-down list click on the point "Open" .

Windows-7 error reduction

  1. Opens "Conductor" Windows with access to all system files. You need to go through the next path: C: \ Windows \ System32.
  2. Here find and rename one of these files. Utilman.exe. or Sethc.exe. , adding to the title of one of them Bak. or Old. . If these files are not displayed in the conductor, then in the column "File type" Put the value "All files" .
  3. Now find the file cmd.exe. . Copy it and insert it in the same directory.
  4. Copy file Rename to "Utilman" or "SETHC" . No need to rename the file in "Utilman" if at the 10th step you added a program to a file "SETHC" and vice versa.
  5. You can close "Notebook" and press "FINISH" . After that, the system will reboot.
  6. Wait for Windows starting screen and click on the icon "Special abilities" if you renamed the file in "Utilman" . If you renamed it to "SETHC" then you will need to press five times on the key Shift. .

So you will get access to "Command Line" without having any access to the system. In the interface "Console" You will have to do the following:

    1. If you do not know the exact name of the administrator account, then enter the command Net User. . It displays all data regarding the users of the system, including their status.

View other users in Windows-7

    1. Now write this command: Net User Administrator Name New Password . Example of a team Net User Admin 123456 . Press ENTER.

Changing the password via the command line in Windows-7

  1. Restart your computer and try logging into a new password that you asked.

The considered methods help reset the password on Windows 7 without using the disk with the OS image. However, it is recommended to create an image of the system recovery on a flash drive (installation disk) and discharge through it.

How to reset the password in Windows 7

Forgotten passwords are the eternal problem of PC users. Loss of data for logging into the system entails the loss of access to their documents and other resources. In this article, we will analyze ways to reset the password of the Windows 7 account.

Password reset in windows 7

Methods for solving the task can be divided into those that work only in the running OS, and those that allow you to reset without logging into account. Next, we will consider all possible options.

Method 1: Erd Commander

The ERD Commander is an alarm recovery disk containing a standard Win PE environment with additionally integrated programs (MSDART) to solve various problems, including password reset. Of course, the method will work only if you have a flash drive with the ERDC distribution list recorded on it, so it needs to be concerned in advance (it can be created on another PC if the system is not available). How it is done, read below. In the same material there is a link to download the desired image.

Read more: Guide to create a flash drive with ERD Commander

The next step is to load from the created media. In order to do this, you must first configure the BIOS motherboard accordingly.

Read more: Configure BIOS to download from a flash drive

After the preparation, you can proceed to reset.

  1. At the first stage of loading, the arrows on the keyboard select the item corresponding to the discharge of the installed "seven". In our case, it "[5] ERD Win7 (x64)" . Zhmem. ENTER .

    Selection of the operating system version when loading from flash drive ERD Commander

  2. We do not need a network, so in the dialog that appears dialog box NetStart Press "Not" .

    Configuring network connection in the background when loading from flash drive ERD Commander

  3. In the next step, you can choose any option. It does not matter, since we will not work with disks.

    Reassignment of the letters of disks of the target operating system when loading from the ERD COMMANDER flash drive

  4. Keyboard layouts leave the default and go further.

    Setting the keyboard layout when loading from flash drive ERD Commander

  5. After the search for installed systems is completed, click on the desired item in the list (if you have not installed several copies of "Windows", then it will be one) and click "Further" .

    Select the installed operating system when loading from flash drive ERD COMMANDER

  6. Go through the latest link in the list of tools ( "MSDART" ).

    Transition to MSDART tools when downloading from USB flash drive ERD COMMANDER

  7. Choose "Password Change Wizard" .

    Starting a password change wizard when loading from flash drive ERD COMMANDER

  8. In the starting window of the program click "Further" .

    Go to the selection of a local account to reset the password when loading from the ERD Commander flash drive

  9. We are looking for in the drop-down list the necessary account and enter the new password below in both fields. Do not invent something complicated, three units are quite suitable. Later, this data can be changed already in the running system. Zhmem. "Further" .

    Entering a new account password when loading from flash drive ERD Commander

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  10. Complete work "Masters" button "Ready" .

    Completing the password change wizard when loading from flash drive ERD Commander

  11. Close MSDart.

    Closing MSDART tool windows when downloading from USB flash drive ERD COMMANDER

  12. Reboot your computer. At this stage, you will need to go to the BIOS and configure the load from the hard disk.

    Reboot the computer after password reset using ERD Commander

  13. After starting the OS on the lock screen, we enter a new password.

    Entering new data after password reset using ERD Commander

  14. We obtain a warning that you need to change the data. Zhmem. OK .

    Transition to data change to log in after password reset using ERD COMMANDER

  15. Here we already come up with a combination under which the entrance will happen in the future, and click ENTER .

    Changing data for logging after password reset using ERD COMMANDER

  16. The system will report that the password has been changed. After pressing the button OK The desktop will open.

    Log in after password reset using ERD Commander

Method 2: System

This method suggests the availability of access to the system, and under an account with administrator rights. Thus, you can reset the password for any user on the target PC.

  1. Go to B. "Control Panel" From the menu "Start" .

    Starting the control panel from the start menu in Windows 7

  2. Turn on "Small badges" and go to the section "Administration" .

    Go to Administration section from the control panel in Windows 7

  3. Next twice click on the label "Computer Management" .

    Switch to the Computer Management section in Windows 7

  4. Go to the folder "Users" in a branch "Local users and groups" .

    Go to viewing local users and groups in Windows 7

  5. Click right-click on the account name and select item "Set Password" .

    Go to the password reset for local account in Windows 7

  6. The system will warn us that these actions can lead to loss of access to some data. These are encrypted EFS (embedded Windows encrypter) files, personal security certificates and saved passwords to sites and local network resources. Press "Proceed" .

    Data Access Loss Warning when resetting account password in Windows 7

  7. Input fields in the next window are left empty. In this case, when you enter the data will not be requested. You can also enter some combination of characters. OK .

    Entering a new password for account in the Windows 7 Console

  8. In the message dialog box Password set " Podmame again OK . Ready, the task is solved.

    Successful password change message to account in the Windows 7 Console

Method 3: "Command Line"

Reset the password of any account can be using "Command Line" Launched on the lock screen. By default, this feature is absent, so some preparatory actions will be required. Below we give a link to detailed instructions on how to use this method.

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There is another reception not described in the article above. It is characterized by stage of preparation and comparative simplicity.

  1. Loading from a flash drive with a Windows 7 distribution. Please note that this should be a version of a system similar to the PC installed. After loading, call "Command Line" (SHIFT + F10. ).

    Calling the command line in the start window of the Windows 7 installer

  2. Checking the disk with which letter is systemic. Team will help us in this


    Next, we prescribe the letter of the disk, colon and the reverse slash. for instance

    Dir D: \

    From experience we can say that most often the Windows folder is located on a carrier with a literary "D" . This feature of the installer: it changes the letters of volumes.

    Definition of the system disk at the Windows 7 Installer's command prompt

    If the system folder is not found, check other listers, "C" , "E" etc.

  3. Next, we perform another command.

    Copy D: \ Windows \ System32 \ SETHC.EXE D: \

    Here d- the letter of the system disk, Sethc.exe. - Built-in utility that includes stabbing keys. Its window we can see by pressing the key several times. Shift. And it is shown on the lock screen. We use this feature, replacing executable file "Command Line" . The command above copies the disk root utility to save it and subsequent recovery (backup).

    Copying the sticking utility to the root of the system disk at the Windows 7 Installer's command prompt

  4. Now replace Sethc.exe. executable file "Command Line" .

    Copy D: \ Windows \ System32 \ Cmd.exe D: \ Windows \ System32 \ SETHC.EXE

    There will be a question of replacement. We enter "Y" (yes) and click ENTER .

    Replacing the appliance utility console at the Windows 7 installer command prompt

  5. Load the machine from the hard disk. On the lock screen, press several times Shift. Calculated "Command Line" .

    Calling the command line on the lock screen in Windows 7

  6. Reset the password as described in the article on the link above.

    Reset password for account on the command line on the lock screen in Windows 7

  7. In order to return the utility to the place, and it is necessary to do this for security purposes, get loaded again from the same flash drive, and in "Command Line" We perform the command

    Copy D: \ SETHC.EXE D: \ Windows \ System32 \ SETHC.EXE

    Agree with the replacement by introducing "Y" and clicking ENTER .

    Restoring the sticking utility on the Windows 7 Installer's command prompt

Method 4: Password Reset Flash

Not many users know that the seven tool kit includes a media creation utility for resetting an account password. This method, like the first, implies the presence of such a flash drive. The difference is that it can be created only on the target computer, that is, if access to the system is already closed, you will have to use other methods. The same tool serves as insurance in the event of a problem under discussion today, and also eliminates the loss of access to data as a systemic agent in paragraph 2.

When recording the media, you should consider a couple of nuances: it will work only with the account in which it is also created, and it is also implied that the current password is known.

  1. Insert the drive to the USB port, wait until it appears in the folder "A computer" , and remember the letter of the disc. The flash drive can choose the minimum size, since the file "weighs" the two kilobytes recorded on it.

    Drive letter connected to a computer flash drive flash drive to reset the password in Windows 7

  2. Run "Command Line" And we introduce the following:

    C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Rundll32.exe "keymgr.dll, prshowsavewizardexw

    Press ENTER .

    Run masters of forgotten passwords from the command line in Windows 7

    Read more: How to enable "Command Line" in Windows 7

  3. Open utility "Master forgotten passwords" , in the starting window of which we click "Further" .

    Start window Utilities Master forgotten passwords in Windows 7

  4. In the drop-down list, select the connected USB flash drive, guided by the letter, which was remembered in paragraph 1. Go further.

    Selection of a flash drive in the drop-down list of the utility wizard forgotten passwords in Windows 7

  5. Enter the password of the current account.

    Enter the password of the current account in the Utility Master of Forgotten Passwords in Windows 7

  6. After completing the operation, click "Further" .

    Stroke Operating Operation Flashkoves for Password Reset In Utility Master Forgotten Passwords in Windows 7

  7. Close Utility window with button "Ready" .

    Completing the Utility Master of Forgotten passwords in Windows 7

The created drive is used as follows:

  1. We connect the USB flash drive and run PC.
  2. On the lock screen after incorrect input and press ENTER A relevant warning will appear. Press OK .

    Warning to enter an incorrect password on the lock screen in Windows 7

  3. Go through the link that appears "Restore password" .

    Go to reset password account on the lock screen in Windows 7

  4. A utility window will open that allows you to reset. Zhmem. "Further" .

    Startup Options Password Reset Wizard on Lock Screen in Windows 7

  5. Choose a drive in the drop-down list.

    Selecting a media with a recorded key in the Utility Windows 7 Password Reset Wizard

  6. We introduce new data twice and invent a hint.

    Entering a new password and tips in the Utility Wizard Relief Windows 7

  7. Press "Ready" .

    Completing the utility Password Reset Wizard in Windows 7

  8. We enter the system with a password created.

Please note that the recorded key is unique and, if you create a new flash drive, then the old use will not be used. Do not forget that it needs to be kept in a safe place to prevent third-party access to your PC.


All the above methods, in addition to the latter, imply loss of access to encrypted documents and other resources (see paragraph 2). If you actively use similar system capabilities, get acquainted with the creation of a password reset flash drive. This will avoid many trouble and save from the need to make extra manipulations.

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Will this article help you?


The password at the input will help protect your computer from unauthorized access.

But it happens that the computer user itself forgets the password on Windows.

What to do? Can you really forget about your computer with all its data and go to the store for a new one?

Do not immediately go into panic - there is a way out of the situation!

So, first reboot your computer.

This is an option for Windows OS and XP HOME.

Before the start of the initialization of Windows quickly press the key F8. . Now instead of the username, enter the "Administrator" (you can and Latin letters). This default account is not protected by password, so the "password" field should be empty. Just immediately click on OK. You will display a message that Windows is running in safe mode. You need to agree with this.

Logon Windows7 500x375

Press "Start" further - "Control Panel", then "User Accounts".

Of course, you need to choose an account icon in which you want to get. In the dialog box that appears, you will be prompted to change the password. It remains only to take advantage of the chance. After that restart the computer. Try not to forget the password anymore!

If you have Vista or XP Professional, it is necessary to act here somewhat differently.

First sign in with the name "Administrator", as in the first version. With standard welcome Windows, press simultaneously on Ctrl +. Alt +. Del. .

Click on "Change Password", then select the desired username. The new password is required to enter twice, confirm the action. Restart the computer, enter the new password to your account.

You can restore a password with administrator rights. You can log in via a limited access account, if any on your computer is available.

Click on the "Start" further "execute". Dial up "Open" Control UserPasswords2 in the line, then press "ENTER" and "OK". You will see the User Accounts window. Come in the "Users" tab, select the desired username from the list, then everything is simple: "Change password."

With Mac OS, restore the password as follows: Using the Mac OS X disk.

Insert it in DVD ROM, restart the computer, press and hold "FROM" With gray screen. Now select a language, open the top menu, click on the "Password Reset". In the pop-up window, select the rigid disk icon, open the drop-down menu, and then select the name of the desired user. It will be left to enter a new password, after which you restart the computer.

As you can see, you should not worry if you forgot the password on Windows - it can be changed to a new one! But it is better to try not to forget him.

How to reset the password when entering Windows 7The Windows 7 operating system can be protected by a password that needs to be entered on the computer before downloading. If the user has forgotten the cherished combination, he will not go in any way in the OS. We will deal with the password reset on Windows 7 (home, professional, maximum), if it is forgotten or lost, and the specified tip does not help. Consider two options: when you have access to the OS and you just want to remove protection during authorization, and when it is impossible to enter your account.

Do not rush to reinstall the system or give PC to repair! This problem can be eliminated yourself! Each instruction meets the security requirements: your data, names and passwords will not fall to third parties.

If there is access to the system

So, the first version of the development of events: you remember well: password from the account and you can access Windows. In this case, you can use standard tools to remove the input protection and use the open system. If you use the administrator account, you can change passwords and data of any accounts on this Windows.

Through the command line

To delete or change the password through the command line, use the following manual:

  1. In the "Start" menu, you enter the "CMD" query in the search bar, then click on the application with the right mouse button and run it on behalf of the administrator.

Running the command line

  1. You will have a black screen from the input string. If you do not remember the name of the account, then enter the Net Users command.

Net Users.

  1. A list of all profiles created in this system will appear. I remember the name and enter the Net User Homepc command '' '' ', where the homepc is the name of the account, as shown in the screenshot.

Enter team

  1. Now you can close the command line and check whether the account managed to pair.

To, on the contrary, put a password and protect the system, use the Net User Administrator Password command.

Through "user accounts"

The second universal method works through the Windows interface. Change protective combinations through the User Accounts window. You can do it like this:

  1. First you need to open the "Start" menu and click on the profile icon at the top.

User Profile

  1. The settings wizard will open, in which you can create, disable profile or cancel protection. Click on the marked button.

Deleting your password

  1. Now you need to enter the current combination into the appropriate field with circles or stars. Click on "Delete Password".

Delete password

  1. Ready! Removing the password is made that you can check if you turn off the account and go back.

Password reset wizard

Separately, it is worth noting the option with the creation of an auxiliary floppy disk or flash drive. It stores all authorization data. In case of a password, you can automatically cancel it with this media:

  1. You need to open the window with the account settings.


  1. Here, select "Creating a Password Reset Dice" in the left column.

Creating a password reset floppy

  1. On the first screen, click "Next".

Master Passwords

  1. Next, you need to select the storage for passwords.

Choosing Toma

  1. Now enter the current password and click "Next."

the confirmation

  1. The creation procedure will take 1-2 minutes.

Creating a password

  1. To complete, click Finish.

Completion of password generation on Windows 7

  1. Now you need to get out of the system. When you see the password activation screensaver, click on the marked button. The flash drive or diskette must be connected to the PC!

Link recovery password

  1. A familiar master will appear. Click "Next".

Password reset wizard

  1. Now you need to find which external drive is a reducing flash drive.

Choosing a drive

  1. In the next step, you can enter new passwords or leave empty default fields if you do not want to make a password profile again.

Enter new passwords

  1. At the last stage, the program takes a change in data after clicking on the "Finish" button.

Completion of the password removal

If you used the utility to delete protection, you will later log in in Windows by simply pressing the input button.

Third-party program

There is a software called OphCrack, which allows you to crack an account or change the administrator password from under the working OS, but in the presence of network access. You can also restore sharing to the computer and without launching the OS. To do this, create a bootable USB flash drive with OphCrack utility.

You can download and install the program by reference from the official site. Unlock occurs according to the following algorithm:

  1. Run the application on behalf of the administrator.

View passwords that store windows

  1. In the "Load" menu, click on the marked point.


  1. The table will appear all the credentials found are administrator, guest, profiles from the home group and so on. In the "NT PWD" column displays passwords.

NT Pwd

  1. To start the hacking procedure, select the account and click on "Crack".


  1. A password from the desired profile will appear in the NT PWD column. The term of the hacking procedure can be from 1 minute to several hours depending on the complexity of the combination.

The same procedure can be performed through the LiveCD OphCrack if you do not have access to the Windows 7 itself.

We do not recommend downloading the software for hacking through torrent or third-party sites! You risk not only not to reset or bypass the protection of accounts with the administrator rights or guest, but also to spoil the system with viruses at all.

If there is no access to the system

The second option is more sad: the user cannot remove the password, because he does not remember him. As a result, it is impossible to enter the "seven", which immediately limits our capabilities.

Boot disk

Let's try to remove the protection through the USB flash drive or the installation disk with the operating system. Together with the installer in the Windows image, there is a special recovery utility. It includes a command line, refund to the checkpoint and much more. Instead of the installer, you can use a flash drive or disk with the LiveCD utility.

About where to download the "Windows" image and how to make a bootable media, read in another manual.

First you need to connect devices to the USB port and restart the computer. On the first screen, when you turn on, click on the key F2. Or the one that is intended for your motherboard. After that, the BIOS menu will appear. The appearance of the "bios" may differ slightly from the screenshots. However, the "Boot" menu is everywhere.

Using the shooter on the keyboard, we move to the "BOOT" tab:


Here go to the "Hard Drive" section and using the key Expose the port with the flash drive connected to the first place. To save changes and exit you need to click on F10 .

Hard Drive

As a result, after loading, the LiveCD menu will appear or the installation disk. In the case of the second, you need to click on the "restore system". The following menu contains tools to restore access to the OS and the performance of the PC as a whole. We are interested in the last item - this is a "command line".

Командная строка

The essence of the method is to open the account by the command line on the initial screensaver (when Windows is blocked when turned on).

Next, you must perform the following actions:

  1. Enter the REGEDIT command to start the registry.


  1. Now you need to choose the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE branch and select the "Upload bush" item in the File menu.


  1. A folder manager appears in which you want to go to the "System" file. It is located on the local disc logging section in Windows / System32 / Config. If you choose an incorrect location, then nothing will work.


  1. Now you need to enter an arbitrary name of the new section. For example, "111".

Имя раздела

  1. Now go to the "SETUP" branch and open the "Cmdline" parameter on the right side. It needs to put "EXE".


  1. In the SetupType parameter you need to set the setting "2".


  1. All changes in the registry remembers and saves automatically. Now it remains to highlight the "111" section created by us and in the "File" menu click on "unload a bush".

Выгрузить куст

  1. Then you need to resolve the upload button.

Закрытие редактора

  1. Now you need to close the registry editor, disable the boot disk, and click on the Restart menu.


  1. After downloading, the initial screen shows the command line window. You already know how to use it on the first instruction at the beginning of the article. Enter the command to reset the password and click ENTER . Also through this window is available to create a new protective combination.

Ввод команды сброса пароля

  1. Ready! Bending protection has been successfully completed, the password is deleted, and you can continue working with the computer!

The essence is to gain access to the command line in any way. For example, you can replace the registry parameters so that the keypad application of the keys using 5-fold press on Shift. Run the command line.

Sophisticated software

What if you failed to bring protection by previous methods, and you still need to go to "Windows"? Then try to throw out the saved parameters through a special program. It will afford to return full access to OS. For example, the boot disk with the OphCrack utility. Above, we talked about using it from under Windows.

However, the program can also be downloaded from BIOS. To do this, download the LiveCD version from the official site and write down on the USB flash drive. You can also use the similar application Offline NT Password and Registry Editor. This method will not help only if the driver flew to work with a hard disk. In this case, the PC can block the utility.

Video instruction

For details on how to reset or change the forgotten password on Windows 7, you can learn from this video. We advise you to see if you have any questions.


Restore access, change or reset the account of the account on a computer or laptop with "Windows 7" is performed in the ways described above. Now you know how to carry out this operation through the standard operating functionality and third-party means.

If you did not manage to unlock a profile by any methods, then write your questions in the comments to the article! We will help "demolish" the protection of Windows 7 to each reader!

What if you forgot the password from the computer? This guide will tell you how to do if you forget the Windows password and how to solve this problem without reinstalling the operating system. In addition, we will consider other possible problems with passwords. Windows 10 and Windows 7 operating systems have improved security features compared to earlier Windows XP / 2000 systems.


By the way, perhaps on your PC is installed one of the frequently used passwords, see the full list of popular passwords - here.

Взломаем пароль в WindowsIn the extreme versions of Windows, a more efficient password system is used, designed to be used in business so that no one without the necessary authority can access information on your computer. This is a stick about two ends. Most users at least once forgets some important password. And then the user / owner of the information becomes the enemy without access "for his computer.

Naturally, for each way of protection there is a way to get around it, especially if you have physical access to the computer.

In this article, we will look at various methods of protecting the computer using the password and how to get around them. We begin not with passwords of user accounts, but with no less important passwords, such as BIOS passwords.

How to "get around" Password BIOS?

Password BIOS. - One of the oldest ways to protect the computer from unauthorized access and one of the most common. Why? This is one of the most effective means if the user does not have access to the system unit. Otherwise, it is like locking the house into a variety of locks and leave the window open.

The default BIOS settings in all system boards do not store password information. So everything you need to do to remove the BIOS password - just reset the current settings by restoring the default configuration. But remember that the reset of the current BIOS settings will destroy not only the password, but all the same settings that you installed yourself.

There are two ways to reset the BIOS settings. Most system boards have a special jumper to clean CMOS (the memory in which the BIOS settings are stored). Usually this jumper is located near the battery on the motherboard, but it is advisable for complete confidence to refer to the instructions from the motherboard. On some motherboards, instead of jumper, there are simply two contacts that you need to close the metal object to reset the CMOS, such as a screwdriver.

If you have a jumper on your board, turn off the computer to clean the CMOS, install the jumper so that it closes the contacts of the jumper, and press the computer's power button. Your computer will not start loading, but the installations in CMOS will be reset. Remove the jumper and turn on the computer again. Most likely, you will see the request on the screen to press F1 to install the BIOS parameters. If you are satisfied with the default settings, press F1, and in the BIOS menu, select the 'Save and Exit' (Save and Exit). After that, the computer will boot as usual, with the exception of the BIOS password.

Как взломать пароль BIOS

If you do not know where your board is the necessary jumper or there is no, which is quite possible, you will have to go to another. On each motherboard there is a battery that is a power source for CMOS memory, allowing you to save information. As a rule, this is a standard CR2032 battery.

To clean CMOS, turn off the computer and remove the battery (you may need a thin screwdriver). After 5-10 minutes, install the battery in place and turn on the computer. The default parameters will be installed in the BIOS, and the password will not be. To continue the download, you will need to press the F1 key, and if you are setting up the default settings, select the 'Save and Exit' menu that appears.

As you were convinced, all this is very simple on the desktop, but with a laptop, the BIOS password can become a serious problem. Due to the frequent theft of laptops, the manufacturers take care of accessing, bypassing the password, it was almost impossible. So, if you forgot the BIOS password from your laptop, most likely you will have to contact the manufacturer's service center.

What if you forgot the password from Windows?

If the circumstances have developed in such a way that you have forgotten the Windows password, then, we recommend that you reset it is guided by the built-in account called the administrator. This is done in safe mode, during boot or reboot your PC.

To restore access to your computer, you will need to simply press F8 and in the menu already opened in which some additional options for downloading your operating system will be presented to your attention, you will have to choose the aforementioned "secure mode". Next, you need to select an embedded account, which, by the way, by default, cannot be protected by any password.

забыл пароль от WindowsIf you are all done correctly, since the above-mentioned sequence of actions accurately complied with the above, then you should knock out a window with a message that Windows works in the required, "safe mode" that is as simplified as possible. You will need to click "Yes" and go to the control panel - user accounts where the account icon is the password from which you are your own and want to lose. On the left you must select the "Change Password" item and enter the appropriate window, and after and confirm the new password. Ultimately, that the above-mentioned changes have entered into their legal force, you will need to restart the PC.

How to hack Windows password on a computer or laptop?

In order to do this, you will have to adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  1. Prepare a CD, or the same flash drive to which a special set of resuscitation programs that intend to restore Windows will be recorded. You will need to insert it into the drive or in the appropriate port during the subsequent reboot of the computer. This resuscitation software package can be prepared independently by downloading a program there intended to separate, save and recover data, or even download some, are ready, RBCD 10.0, for example;
  2. During the PC start, in order to go to the BIOS, press the "Delete" button. There we will need to change the priority of the installation and assign the computer download from the CD-ROM. After that, we visit our boot disk into the drive and reboot PCs;
  3. Going into my resuscator disk, which should appear with us after the resuscitation package is loaded, we must select the editable copy of Windows and go to "System Recovery" mode - a section that will be in you at the bottom of the page;
  4. We are looking for a command line and enter the "regedit" there (we look for it in the dialogs of the same window). We find, and after and allocate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE section, in which we need to choose File, and then Load Hive;
  5. Open the file "SAM" and select the section - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \_name \ Sam \ Domains \ Account \ Users \ 000001F4. Twice click on the key placed there and go to the very first value located in the string that we need to replace the number 10;
  6. In the same section, select "File", and then "Load Hive". Click "Yes" to confirm the unloading of the bush. We close the registry editor, thus end the installation process, take the flash drive or disk and reboot the computer.

How to find out the password from the computer?

Question: How to hack the password on the computer, remains relevant until now. Unfortunately, it is really possible to find out the password from the computer, it is possible only correctly in hand in hand. Therefore, if you are not ready to spend a few hours of your free time on this process, we strongly recommend that you just reset it and come up with some kind of new one.

How to find out the administrator password in Windows 7?

Как узнать пароль администратора в Windows Again, it is much easier to just reset the password and come up with some new one. Nevertheless, if you need to find out the password, we recommend that you use the program for this purpose what is called ElcomSoft System Recovery Professional, from the image of which you will need to make a boot disk. By setting up the BIOS booting from the drive and installing this program, immediately at the input to the desktop, you will open the window in which you can see usernames, including administrator, as well as passwords from their accounts.

How to reset the password on windows 7?

Worth the question: what to do if I forgot the password from my own PC, it is absolutely not necessary to use the above methods of its recovery. Password reset in the Windows 7 operating system, can also be made using the Net User command. For this case, during the restart of PC you need to press F8. Thus, you can open the menu allows you to make additional options for downloading this operating system in which you will need to choose not just "safe mode", and such that would also support a command line. Being in it, you will need to select the built-in administrator account and in the command interpreter window, immediately, after that, the system invitations appear where you need to enter Net User Name "Password" .

Как сбросить пароль на Windows 7

We assume that you yourself understand that instead of the "username" you need to enter the name of your local user account, and instead of the "password" you have a new password. If you are all done correctly, then in order to close the window, you will need to register on the command line: EXIT And reboot PC.

How to reset the password on windows 8?

In the case of this operating system, things are much simpler! Password reset on Windows 8, can be implemented as follows:

  • You will need to click on the login screen to click on the special power icon, which is in the lower right corner of your screen;
  • Next you will need to press the SHIFT key and click "Reboot";
  • Click "Troubleshooting";
  • Click "PC Reset";
  • Click "Next" and the system will automatically restart in order to start preparing for the password reset.

How to reset the password on windows 10?

It's not so difficult to reset the password to users of Windows 10, of course, provided if they have access to email, or the same to the phone to which their account was tied. Otherwise, you will have to drop the password from the flash drive, as it has already been described above.

How to reset the Windows 7 administrator password?

Upload the Windows 7 administrator password is best through the Windows command interpreter. Observe the following sequence of actions:

  1. First, run it. You can do this while holding the following path: Start - Run - Start the program - CMD. In the command interpreter opened menu, you will need to enter: Control UserPasswords, after which you will open the window called "User Accounts";
  2. Highlight the password account from which you want to reset and do not forget to remove the checkbox of the "Require user name and password" checkbox;
  3. In the window that opens, you will need to enter, and after and confirm the new password. Next, in the command boot window, you need to enter Exit and restart the PC, as usual.

View passwords that store windows

In addition to the passwords of access of various users, Windows stores and a number of other, no less important: password connecting to the Internet, passwords of mailboxes or access to Web sites. They are usually quite a lot, so it is quite natural that they are forgotten with time.

The operating system offers the "Auto-Fill" function for passwords and other frequently entered information in browsers (Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser, Opera (Blink), Firefox, Explorer 11 and D.R.). So not a rare situation when the user enters the password once, and in a few months, naturally, can not remember it. Everyone understands that important passwords need to be recorded, but they do not all. And if you no longer remember the password, how to find out, because it is displayed in the form of a row of stars: ******?

The solution is offered programs from different manufacturers that can get a password from this row of stars. There are quite a lot of freely distributed programs to decode Windows passwords or hidden passwords from input rows in various browsers.

We will use the Asterisk Key program from Passware. This is a convenient in handling a freely distributed program that analyzes the passwords hidden as stars and informs them to you. It is very easy to work with her. It is enough to highlight the string with the password and click the 'Recover' button.

Просмотр паролей которые хранит Windows

Of course, there are also commercial versions of programs that, as a rule, have a large set of functions. For example, the Password Recovery Toolbox program scans the system and defines saved passwords, data stored for automatic fill, Outlook Express passwords, passwords for connecting to the Internet, etc. This information is then presented in a convenient form. A few more alternatives above the described programs: PWDCRACK, PEEPER PASSWORD or Password Viewer.

Windows XP users passwords

Windows XP stores user passwords in the changed form. For example, Password password will be stored as a string similar to this: 'HT5E-23AE-8F98-NAQ9-83D4-9R89-MU4K'. This information is stored in the file called SAM in the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Config folder.

This part of the SAM file is encrypted by the SYSKEY system utility to improve password security. The data required to decrypt information after SYSKEY is stored in the System file in the same folder. But this folder is not available to anyone from users. Access to it has only the operating system itself during its work. You can access the SAM and System files only running another operating system or connecting the disk to another computer with the Windows system.

Reset user passwords in admin mode in Windows XP

All versions of Windows XP have an ADMINISTRATOR account. This name gives the user full access to the system and the ability to reset passwords of all other users. It can save you if you for any reason can not go under your usual password of the user. The specific use of the administrator password depends on the Windows XP version: XP Professional.

The administrator password is set during the installation of the operating system. If you recorded it or simply pressed Enter, leaving it empty, then you will easily enter the system as an administrator and reset user passwords. To enter the system in the administrator mode, on the screen with a greeting system, press twice Ctrl + Alt + Del, a window will appear to enter the administrator password.

Reset user passwords in admin mode in Windows XP

When the computer boots, go to 'START \ CONTROL PANEL \ User Accounts' (Start \ Control Panel \ User Accounts) and change the required password. Since you are here, it is a good opportunity to correct your error if you left the administrator password empty. In addition, it is desirable to change the name of the 'Adminisrator' account. This name is known to everyone and use it first to access your computer. To change the account name, right-click on the 'My Computer' and select 'MANAGE'. Open 'Local Users and Groups' and open the 'Users' folder. Right-click on the 'Administrator' entry and change it. XP Home.

This system will not let you just get access to the computer in the administrator mode. First you will need to download the computer in the protection mode from failures. To do this: restart the computer; Immediately after testing BIOS, press F8 several times; In the menu that appears, select 'START Windows XP In Safe Mode' (download Windows XP in failure protection mode). When the computer boots, go to the name of the 'Administrator'. The default password is missing. Now you can change user passwords by going to 'START \ CONTROL PANEL \ User Accounts' (Start \ Control Panel \ User Accounts). When you finish, restart the computer in the usual way. Creating a disc dropping passwords

Windows XP allows you to record information on the usual diskette that provides the ability to reset the password. Naturally, if you have already forgotten the password and cannot access the system, you cannot create any disk, but you will start such a floppy disk in advance to protect yourself from such randomness.

To create a floppy disk: Go to 'START \ CONTROL PANEL \ User Accounts' (Start \ Control Panel \ User Accounts); Select the name under which you entered the system; In the related task menu, select 'Prevent A Forgotten Password' (prevent password forget); Follow the instructions that running the wizard.

To drop passwords using a floppy disk: If you enter a password when entering the system is incorrect, the system will ask, or you have not forgotten; At this stage, you can use your floppy disk, following step-by-step instructions of the operating system.

Be careful: If you used the built-in Windows capabilities to encrypt files and folders, but did not install the operating system update (Service Pack 1), the password deletes will result in loss of encrypted information.

Windows XP / 7/8 / 10 password change utilities

There are special utilities that allow you to edit or reset the passwords of Windows XP / 7/8/10 users. The principle of operation of most of them is to download the minimum version of an alternative operating system, such as DOS or Linux, which can be accessed by access to files with passwords.

An example of such a utility can be found at this address: work instructions, as well as files to create Linux boot disk, are available on the same site.

Please note that if you used the functions of the operating system to encrypt files and folders by changing the password using any program, you will lose access to encrypted data. In this case, the following method can help, allowing not to replace the forgotten password new, and know the old one.

Password selection and decoding

If nothing else helps, but you have physical access to the computer, it means not all is lost. You can rewrite Config and SAM files and try to decipher passwords that are stored in them using special third-party utilities. As we have said, this will have to use an alternative operating system, such as DOS or Linux. And when files are at your disposal, you can use one of the password decryption programs, such as LC4 or Proactive Windows Security Explorer.

You will need:

  1. Access to another computer.
  2. At least two empty floppy disks.
  3. An archiver designed to work with the command line, for example, RAR.
  4. The DOS or Windows 98 boot disk (the image of the required disk can be obtained at or the minimum version of Linux (for example, Knoppix). The need for boot disks disappears if you can simply connect your hard drive to another computer. If you use the DOS boot disk, and the partitions on your hard disk use the NTFS file system, you will need a program to access them that allows you to view sections in NTFS format, such as NTFSDOS.
  5. The program for receiving passwords. We recommend using Proactive Windows Security Explorer, as the Bat version of this program is free, and the free version of the LC4 is very limited.

Using the loading flash drive:

  1. If there are sections in NTFS format on your hard disk, copy the NTFSDOS file to your boot flash drive.
  2. Copy the archiver (RAR) on the boot flash drive.
  3. Load a computer from this flash drive. If there are sections with NTFS, type the NTFSDOS command, this program will show which letter is assigned to your system disk, and it will be necessary to use it instead of the letter C in the next item.
  4. Place the system files with passwords in the archive. For example, if you are using the RAR32 archiver, the corresponding command will look like this: RAR32 A -VA: \ Systemandsam C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Config \ System C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Config \ SAM If the files do not fit on one USB flash drive, archiver Asked you to insert the second.

Hacking passwords

Each of your selected programs will display a list of accounts detected in the SAM file. Choose those of them, passwords to which you need to determine. If you are using Proactive Windows Security Explorer, select ATACK TYPE: BRUTE-FORCE. If you used only the numbers in the password, check the 'All Digits (0-9)' item. Start the password selection process using the command from the Recovery menu.

The selection of the password can last from 10 minutes to several hours, or even a few days, and it may end up. Especially if letters in various registers, numbers and special characters are used in the password.

This is a good way to verify the reliability of your passwords. If you want to just check your password, do the steps described above and see how long it will take its selection.

Programs for hacking password in Windows

Software that can help you crack a password in Windows There is a huge amount. In addition to the above-mentioned program, there is also Windows Admin Password Hack. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to call it now because it works only in Windows 2000 / XP. Its closest replacement is MULTIBOOT 2K10, which is essentially a functional boot disk.


In any case, if someone from your loved ones forgot your password on Windows 7, well, or you yourself have been forced to come across this - do not despair, there are a lot of solving this problem. Well, in order to: how to hack a password on a laptop - you no longer arose, we strongly recommend that you save them anywhere, in notes inside your own smartphone, for example.

We hope that you do not have to resort to the methods described by us. So that such a need has not arise, remember that all important passwords need to record. And if there is a real need to protect information on your computer, use passwords from characters in both registers and numbers and do not use ordinary words. In this case, your passwords will be very difficult to hack.

See our instructions for setting up devices in YouTube!

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