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Mail.Ru is a developer of many useful products (for example, a mail client). But sometimes applications under this brand too obsessively climb the laptop or PC system disk. So, it is almost impossible to delete them.

Master class watch online: hydrophilic oil with their own hands in 5 minutes

Today I will tell you and show how in 5 minutes of the house you can make a great remedy for washing - hydrophilic oil! It is called hydrophilic because, when in contact with water, such an oil turns into an emulsion and is easily washed off with water, leaving an incredible feeling of freshness and purity on the skin! The main component in such oil is due to which it becomes hydrophilic - Twin-80 emulsifier. Sostoli can be boldably vary. If you have oily skin, take the lightest oils, such as grape bones, almond, mustard, and the amount of polysorbate increases to 20%. If you have dry skin, take the wheat embryos oil or olive, twin-80 in this case can be left 10-15%. I made oil for oily skin, here for such a recipe.

How to make a landscape sheet in Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 only one page

Installing the landscape orientation of a sheet This is one of the most typical tasks faced by users when working with a word editor Word. In some cases, it is necessary to change the orientation of the sheets for the entire document, and in some only for one or more pages. If you also encountered such a task, this article will be useful to you. Here you can find out how to make a landscape sheet in Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. You also will also tell about how to make a landscape list only one page of the document.

The bank sued a loan for non-payment - what to do?

More and more citizens fall into the debt point in reasons independent of them. Sometimes banks go to meet and help to solve the difficulties of paying in favor of the borrower. And what if the lender does not make concessions and is a lawsuit in court for debt collection? This will be discussed in this article.

Can Lin tire what it is

Quite often in the characteristics of the automotive alarm, you can find the term CAN Tire. Let's figure it out what it is and why we need it.

How to quickly pull the ass with sports and diet

At the end of the summer, I especially want to enjoy the beach and the sun, because the autumn will begin soon, and the cold will come with it and constant rains. However, after a protracted quarantine and a sedentary lifestyle, few can boast the perfect figure. In fact, it is easy to correct and without the help of simulators. You will need only patience, diligence and desire to bring themselves in shape.

How to call home on a cell phone

To date, the mobile phone is, perhaps, everyone, but it does not rack the need to call the mobile phone from the stationary i.e. from home. The reasons for this can be found a lot, in particular, to find your mobile phone that is probably in a certain place.

How to open a console in Opera GX

The console is used by the developers to debug sites - with it, you can check the page display from the user and check the operation of all the features provided. In the Opera GX browser, this tool is also there, and you can open it in several ways. And to download your own extensions, you must enable the developer mode. That's all this, I'll tell you today.

How to remove advertising in Yandex browser

How to remove advertising in Browser Yandex. . Regularly pop-up when visiting various portals advertising, anything offering to purchase or use specific proposals - the most unwinding factor for a person conducting most of the time on the Internet. Disable advertising in Yandex during viewing of pages in the World Wide Web is possible with the help of several options.

What is Launcher (Loncher) and why is it needed?

What is Launcher (Loncher) and why is it needed? The first thing that makes the happy owner of the new Android device is explore which programs are installed on it, and from how conveniently organized access to applications, widgets and shortcuts depends on any impression of a particular tablet or smartphone.

The child sleeps with open eyes - what reasons and what to do 2021

Pretty often parents can see that their child sleeps with open eyes (or semi-open). Of course, this situation is very unusual and alarming, if you do not know the characteristic features of child sleep. Adults accustomed to believe that sleep is needed with tightly lit centuries. But due to the age characteristics of the body, the sleeping child can minimize the eyelids.

Gift boxes do it yourself, ready templates

Holidays accompany our whole life - then birthday, then the anniversary, so the new year has grown out, then on March 8. And for each holiday, we try to please friends and loved ones by some gifts. But the present that does not declare properly loses its festive entourage and the effect of surprise, and souvenir packages and boxes are not cheap pleasure. But there is a way out - make it possible for expensive people gift boxes with your own hands, the ready-made patterns of which can be downloaded here. It is not difficult to do them. And most importantly, in this form, even a very modest gift will look great. After all, the gift packaging is the first thing that rushes into the eyes when you give the present.

How to beat a bookmaker - BETTEAM.PRO blog

Beat the bookmaker office - The main goal of each tentor. Each rate is a bet that implies an agreement between the parties (in this case between the BC and the BC client) on the transfer of a pre-agreed amount of funds based on the conflict of forecasts. Speaking by a simple language, the Bettor puts money and argues to the outcome of the event. For example, in the meeting Wolfsburg - Borussia D. Betcity Bookmaker gives the second command (P2) 1.78 coefficient. If the benefitors put 1000 rubles, with a successful outcome of the bet, it will be possible to win 1780 rubles, which gives 780 rubles net profit.

What is the meaning of the word "argument"?

Truth is born in the dispute! - We all familiar with this statement. But in order for this truth to appear, it is necessary to use a sufficient number of arguments and facts. Fact - a unit of philosophy that does not require evidence. And this value is familiar to many. What is the argument?

Coal Activated to the child: Instructions for use and dosage, how to give and whether to give up to 3 years, children's dosage during vomiting and poisoning, for infants with diarrhea

Activated coal is one of the most famous drugs that there are at home almost every family. Adults use it with different diseases of the digestive system and to purify the body, calling such a means safe and efficient. But is it possible to give such a drug to the child and in what cases is it justified? How does it act on a children's body in poisoning and how to properly give this medicine to the smallest patients?

Gamashi - what it is, the history of appearance and characteristics

In the fashion world, there is a limitless variety of concepts and titles. Many of them are heard, but not everyone can answer, for example, to the question: Hamashi is what it is, and what they look. In fact, this is a very practical and comfortable thing. They are recommended for hiking, mountaineering, tourism, winter sports activities.

Pyramids: Properties, Production and Treatment - Health Strengthening

Пирамида – многогранник, основание которого – многоугольник, а остальные грани – треугольники, имеющие общую вершину. Она называется правильной, если её основанием является правильный многоугольник, а вершина проецируется в центр основания.

ORIGIN application is necessary for the game, but it is not installed

Some of the PC users when running a number of games (often using the ORIGIN gaming client), they may encounter a message ORIGIN application is necessary for the game, but it is not installed. The game itself refuses to run, although the game client Origin could well be installed on a user PC. What to do in this situation? In this article, I will tell you the essence of this problem, as well as explain how to fix this error on your PC.

Causes and early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

The female organism is designed in such a way that the new life is born in one place - an ampular department of the appendage, and develops in another - in the uterus. If the fertilized egg began to share without reaching the uterus, the ectopic pregnancy is diagnosed. In this case, only early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy can save the reproductive health and life of a woman.

Why Americans call Yankees, Gringo and Pindos

America is the most discussed country on the Internet. Someone else considers a country aggressor, someone's country of Fastfud lovers, and some believe in the American dream and want to at least once. It must be recognized that American culture has spread to all corners of the world and one way or another, and the American lifestyle copies almost all countries.

How to Solish Siga

The name Sigi combines the whole genus of bulk fishing fish from the salmon family, which includes more than 60 species. They are widespread in fresh waters of rivers and lakes of Europe, America, North Asia. Often, the name Sig is used in a generalized sense and can mean different representatives of the genus, including a rippushka, Omul, Muksun, Chocar, Pel'l, Valaamch, and actually Siga (Ussuri, Volkhovsky, ordinary, American, Atlantic), etc. .

Aphrodisiacs for men and women, species, action, in pharmacy, reviews

Aphrodisiacs - These are substances that enhance sexual attraction and sexual desire. A certain concentration of Aphrodisiacs in the body is able to raise love pleasure. Sooner or later, between partners, sexual passion fades and intimate proximity no longer brings bright emotions, then it's time to take advantage of the strength of amazing substances and revive the former emotions and sensuality in sexual life.

When his reception is deadly dangerous?

Why not aspirin children? Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is a medicine that is in the home first aid kit of many citizens of our country. The old tool of our grandmothers, which has proven its effectiveness as antipyretic and painkillers.

Cold fingers

Cold fingers of hands become due to increasing blood viscosity or violation of its circulation. The cause may also be diseases of the nervous system and sclerosis of vessels, as well as some of the forms of thyroid diseases.

How to cash out the maternity capital in 2020

In Russia, there is a program Maternal capital, which is aimed at the material maintenance of young couples, in whose families the second or subsequent child was born. Since the creation of state assistance, the amount of subsidies increased and has reached a total of 466,617 rubles. Often, the owners of the certificate raises the question: how to cash out funds? What changes occurred in 2020?

9 of the most delicious and simple recipes, with photos

Hello everyone! I have a hurry to share with you simple and easy tastes of our childhood. You can cook them quickly at home, because this baking you like absolutely everyone. Sweet, air with bubbles Bridar, will make tea drinking even more fun from a fun crunch!

7 faithful signs that the man fell in love with you

Many women are afraid to be rejected. Any change in the behavior of a man they perceive suspiciously. There is a certain meaning in this, since some signs can be understood that love has passed. If you react in time, the relationship can be tried to save.

How to block porn sites: 4 ways of blocking pornography

Think about blocking pornography on the Internet is among the most different circumstances: parents - to protect children from unwanted content; Head of the Security Department - To prevent inappropriate use of working time and infection with one of the countless viruses; An ordinary user - to finally get rid of incessantly getting off when viewing quite decent web pages of banners.