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Mail.Ru is a developer of many useful products (for example, a mail client). But sometimes applications under this brand too obsessively climb the laptop or PC system disk. So, it is almost impossible to delete them.

We get rid of the software, which, besides, is greatly loading the computer's hardware resources.

Step 1. Prevention.

To begin with, it will not hurt to learn how the antique application penetrated the PC. It's very simple: when installing some software, it was necessary to remove a checkbox in a check box with a suggestion of the company's product installation, for example, a "satellite".


Step 2. Removal

Suddenly the familiar "Yandex" or "Google" was replaced by searching Mail.ru. So, the sympathy aliens managed to crawl. We go to the control panel, select the "Delete or Change Programs" section (it is almost the same in all versions of Windows).

In this point we find the desired application, delete. But that is not all.

Step 3. Manual Clearing Folders

Uninstall does not remove the traces of the presence of an agent on the hard disk. In addition, if the product from Mail.Ru is running, it will not be possible to remove it without first removing the task (through the "Task Manager"). You need to stop the process, then open the location of the file.

Experienced can immediately look for a folder in the Program Files menu on the Windows system disk. Go to the directory with the phrase "Mail.Ru", we delete everything there.

It would also be nice to clear the folder "temp" and get rid of "tails" with some effective tool, for example, CCleaner.


By the way, about working with CCleaner, the benefits of the new version of the program you can find out by going to the address

How to delete email Mail.Ru

In this lesson, I will show how to remove my mail on Mile.ru forever. She will erase with all the letters and settings. Also, cloud will close, my world and other services will close.

Mail Mail Removal Instructions

Your mail on Mile can be completely removed from the Internet. To do this, you need to delete an account on Mail.ru. Then the box is blocked, and letters will be stopped. All settings will also be erased and all site services will be deleted: cloud, my world and others.

Right now I will show how to delete mail from a computer. From the phone, this is done about the same as I will tell further.

On a note : If this mail address you used to register on other sites (for example, in Skype), then problems with access to them may occur.

1. We go into the box, in the upper part, click on the item "More" and from the list, choose "Help". Or in the lower left corner of the page, click on "Settings" and select "Help" from the list.

2. A new tab opens, where in the "Account" section (lower) click on the "All Articles" item and select "Delete Account". There will be a reference to a special form. Click on it.

3. Another tab with the warning is opens, which together with the mail will erase and everything else. Click "Delete".

4. Next, the site will ask to specify the reason why we destroy email, as well as enter a password and verification code. We print it all and click "Delete".

5. The box is blocked and all content is erased out of it. Now you can close all tabs and forget about this address.

In the event that someone sends a letter to it, it will not be delivered and the sender will receive a notice about this.

How to erase mailbox from the phone

1. In your smartphone browser (program for the Internet), go to Mail.ru.

2. Enter your box. To do this, click on the Inscription "Mail", type a login / password and click "Login".

If the "Mail Application" window is popped up, click "No, thanks."

3. Follow the link account.mail.ru/user/delete and click on the Delete button.

4. Print any reason for deletion, enter the password from the box, code from the picture and click "Delete".

A message appears that email is destroyed. That's all! Now you can close the tab - the mail is already blocked.

How to remove the application

Android : Settings - Applications (Programs) - Mail Mail.Ru - Delete.

iPhone. : Click on the application icon and hold until the cross appears. Then click on the cross and select "Delete".

How to remove mail if you forgot the password

It happens, you need to destroy the box, from which you do not remember the data for the login - login and password. In this case, you first need to try to restore access to the profile.

The first thing you need to know is the exact email address. After all, the address can be both the end of @ Mail.ru and with other endings: @ List.ru, @ Inbox.ru or @ bk.ru. And it will be different boxes of Mail.

In addition, if in the title to the sign @ to confuse only one letter or digit, it will also be another box - not yours.

An example of an email address

And the second that you need to know is an accurate password. It consists exclusively from English letters, numbers can be used. What size letters (large or small) is also important.

Without a password, delete your page on the mail it is impossible, because at first it will need to restore it. To do this, in the login window, click "Forgot your password?" And follow the instructions.

Read more about access recovery in the "My Mail" lesson.

And what to do if the box does not work? Then you just need to wait: when the address is not used for more than six months, the administration has the right to destroy it.

If you have not used a box for a long time and you cannot enter it, most likely, it is already removed.

Check it easy: Send an email to your old mail. If notification is notified of the lack of message, it means that the box is closed. Its in the system simply does not exist.

Or you can try to register this address. If this username is free, then the box was automatically deleted.

Is it possible to recover mail?

You can return the box only for three months after it is closed. But all that was in it, it will be irretrievably destroyed. Restore deleted letters and files can not.

To restore the remote mail, you just need to open the Mail.Ru website, and in the input window, specify the correct address and password.

The box will open without any problems from the system (even confirmation will not need), but it will be empty.

Alternative to removal

Deleting mail is a very responsible step. After all, together with her, all letters and services are erased. It is not always suitable, and now I will tell you about more gentle ways to deal with your address.

Exit from drawer

It happens, a person just needs to close the box on a specific device. For example, you went to your personal mail on the work computer. And now every time you enter the Mail.Ru website, the box opens automatically.

To this not happened, you just need to get out of the account. Then it will remain in the mail system, but it will not be automatically loaded on this computer.

To exit your mail on the computer, open the Mail.Ru website and in the input form, click on the door icon.

Or click on the "Exit" link in the upper right corner of the site.

Sending letters

It often happens that a person by mail on Mile does not use for a long time: he had another address on another site. But before he left his old box with different people. And I don't really want to delete it - suddenly any of them write.

Or it happens that you do not want to delete mail on Mail.Ru, because all kinds of services are tied to it. For example, Skype registered, a social network page or a questionnaire on a dating site. And if the mailbox is closed, you can lose access to these services.

In this case, instead of deletion, it is better to adjust the sending of letters. Then, when the message arrives at the old address, it will be redirected to a new one. And it does not matter, on which site a new address: on Yandex, Google (gmail.com) or some other.

1. Go to the box on Mail.Ru, from which You need to redirect letters. Click to its address in the upper right corner. From the list, select "Mail Settings".

2. Next, select "Filtering Rules".

3. Click on the "Add shipment" button.

4. Specify the address on which You need to send letters, and click "Save".

5. Next, the system will ask you to specify the password from this box on the mail. We print it and click "Continue."

6. After that, the shipment is added, but that it starts to work, you need to confirm. To do this, go through the relevant link and follow the instructions.

If everything is done correctly, the "confirmed" will appear in the "Filtering Rules". But besides this, you will need to put the switch to "on" - just click on it.

That's all! Now all letters will be automatically redirected to another address. If you wish, you can turn off this setting at any time.

If the letter confirming does not come, check the Spam folder. I, for example, it fell there.


If you decide to retire from the Mile because you get unwanted letters to the mail (spam), then this can be solved through filtration. Just note those messages that you would not want to receive, click on the "More" button and select from the "Create Filter" list.

Next, the filtering settings will open where you can specify the folder where letters from these addresses will be automatically placed. For example, you can send them immediately to the "basket".

Or you can generally choose the item "Delete Forever". The main thing is not to forget to save the settings and check that this filter is with the "On" mark.


  • To close the box, you need to know its exact address and password. This data can be restored. And you can just wait - after six months, the mail is most likely closed.
  • In addition to removal, there are other ways to get rid of the box: sending letters, filtering. And if you just need to remove it from someone else's computer, click on the "output" in the upper right corner of the site.
  • You can return the remote box, but only for three months after it is closed. 90 days he will finally erase, without the possibility of recovery.

Author: Ilya Krivoshevoved: 03/19/2020

how to delete the search of mail ru from the computer

Hello everyone, dear readers! Do you want to learn how to delete the search for mail ru from the computer? Then read my today's article! Cloud services, mail without any fee and search engine - all this Mail.Ru Group. In addition, it may contain a set of dubious programs that fall into PC and changing browser settings. Such programs impose a variety of Mail.ru products, everyone is knocked down and change. If you want to eliminate all this, you need to be just the same and remove such a search of Mile.ru.

How to delete the search of mail ru from the computer? - Delete software from Mile.ru with PC

As a rule, if you download the necessary program, it contains Mail.Ru Grud.

You will have unnecessary software if you press the "Default Installation" or specify "Next" three times.

The removal of mail.ru is quite difficult, but it turns on four steps.

Removing program

By downloading products from Mail.Ru, you will receive a number of unnecessary programs. It is necessary to remove everything immediately. To do this, do the following:

  1. Go to the "Start";
  2. Lay "Control Panel";
  3. Visit "Installing and Deleting Programs";
  4. Then you need to select and remove this unnecessary software from software. It is easy to find them. Click "Arrange" and specify "by the installation date".

Elimination of tasks in the dispatcher and troubleshoot folders

  • At first it is necessary to go to the "Task Manager". To do this, click on the following keys at the same time - Ctrl + Alt + Delete. So select "Processes" and find running programs, namely, which were not deleted from your PC. Now right-click on the desired process and open the folder in which the file is located.

  • Now you need to complete the process, i.e. In the folder that opens, delete files. If the file is located in the folder, then delete the entire folder.

  • Repeat all this procedure to all other such processes.

Clean the Temp folder

Unnecessary files can be saved even after removing processes. It is they can be stored in such a folder as "temp".

  1. You will need to visit the C / and there go to the "Users" folder. Lay the directory corresponding to the username.
  2. You will see a folder by the name "APPDATA". Go to "Local" and open "Temp".
  3. In this folder just the same and are unnecessary files that need to be removed. If some folders are not deleted, then skip them.

Clean the remnants

From the official site it is necessary to download and install the CCleaner program. By installing the program on your PC, run it.

  • A definite window will open. In it, find the "Service" section and select "Autoload". It will be necessary to disable the programs from Mail.Ru, which are started when the PC is restarted.

  • Now they need to be removed.

  • Please note that the main thing is to complete complete cleaning. Find the Cleaning tab and specify the "Analysis". A certain check will pass, then click "Cleaning".

  • Need to eliminate registry errors. For this, certain steps are performed.

Remove tools from browsers

As many people have already become known, malicious ones are very firmly settled on the PC. He has the main task - to embed its components in search engines and impose a variety of third-party services. Mail.Ru programs have properties to independently change the starting pages. Eliminate such actions you can remove harmful programs.

We exclude the start page Go.Mail.Ru

The start page can be replaced. It is easy enough. Below I will consider on the example of the most common browsers.

Mozilla Firefox.

In this case, there are three steps:

  1. First of all, of course, you need to visit the browser settings;

  1. Now go to "Main";

  1. Specify the desired start page. I choose the search engine "Yandex".

Google Chrome

In this case, the start page varies also very simple:

  1. Also go to the browser settings;

  1. Add the desired start page;

  1. But the virus link is required to delete:

  1. Specify the address you want to use and click OK.

As you can see, in all cases you can select any version of the start page.

Exclusion of visual bookmarks and panels

If you need to delete the search of Mile.ru in Google, then do the following:

  • Go to the browser settings;

  • Here, open "Extensions" and find all the available mentions from Mail.ru. These include extensions that you have not even installed.

  • Now find the symbol of the urn and click on it. So you remove all extensions.

Guard Mail.Ru is it?

So, many users are interested in such a question. Everything is fine here. This program has such a task how to damage the PC. It introduces services and does not allow them to be removed normally from PC. If you judge formally, this program can not be called a virus. One of her behavior leaves much to be desired. If you do not apply services from Mile.ru and each time you change the start page, then the program of the method to identify a specific window and change the settings without taking into account the desire of the user.

Account deleting

In order not to receive various spam messages, you need to remove the account in "My World". This is done in just a couple of seconds.

  1. First of all, go to your account and visit the settings.
  2. Find "Delete My World";

Read allMOUNT ATTENTION, Friends! I bring to your attention to read a couple of articles and learn how to disable the service everywhere at home on MTS or how to check the computer to viruses, as well as turn off the megaphone auto plating. Well, in the late, do not miss to learn about what program to remotely manage the computer is the best or how to change the date in Android, as well as get out of the account in the play mark.


Thus, today you have learned how to delete the search for Milea from the computer. This issue is interested. Therefore, I advise you to do everything according to the instructions. Do not forget to lick an article and ask questions in the comments! Good health!

How to reliably remove from a computer Mail.Ru: We remove mail and its obsessive components

Owned services from Mail.Ru Freight to PCs. The aggressive policy of the company to spread its products led to the fact that the useful initial programs quickly turned into an informational garbage, which can seriously slow the work of the browser and computer, and just prevents the user. And get rid of these programs is not so simple: they are spinning in the startup, they protect themselves from removal, they appear from nowhere even after they were removed. But it is possible to remove the software from Mile.

How to Clean the entire computer from Mail.ru services

In the "Forklift list" of trash programs from Mail.Ru, not only the extensions for the browser, but also individual products, according to their maliciousness, comparable to viruses are: they change the default programs settings, block the services installed by the user to connect their own, download themselves Other software, increasing the number of garbage programs on the computer.

Trash in:

  1. [email protected] - Messenger, full of intrusive advertising.
  2. The amigo browser is an online browser, immediately after installation that makes itself a default browser.
  3. [email protected] is a search application for browser.
  4. [email protected] is a superstructure of the upper panel of the browser, sprinkling its appearance and worsening speed.
  5. [email protected] - theoretically is an anti-virus application that protects the user's browser from spam and viruses; In practice, aggressively changes the browser settings, blocks all search agents except Mail.Ru, restricts the ability to remove their fellows; One of the most difficult programs in the removal of programs.
  6. [email protected] - utility that downloads and updates Mail.ru software. It is she restoring the rest of the programs even after their removal, so it is extremely important from her to get rid.

Mail.Ru makes his site with a home page of the browsers and includes their own "visual bookmarks".

How to get rid of the garbage through "Programs and Components" ("Install and Remove Programs")

First, we delete what to get rid of the easiest.

  1. Go to the "Start" menu and select the "Control Panel" option.
  2. On the "Control Panel", we go to the "Programs and Components" item (in the old versions of Windows - "Installing and Deleting Programs").
  3. We are looking for the most annoying applications from Mail.ru in the list of installed programs (the easiest way to find them by sorting programs on the manufacturer's name). It is necessary to delete them, highlighting the mouse cursor in the list and clicking the "Delete" button.

Photo Gallery: Deleting Miley Services via Control Panel

Menu Start Computer
Find the control panel in the Start menu
Windows Control Panel
In Windows 7 and above, the item with the installed programs is called "Programs and Components"
Programs and components: Find Mail.Ru
A list of installed Mail.Ru services will appear in the "Programs and Components" window

How to remove Mail.ru processes

The next step is to remove the fact that it was not possible to remove through "programs and components".

  1. Open Windows Task Manager. By default, it opens by the Ctrl + Alt + Delete key combination. In the new versions of the operating system (after Windows XP), after pressing this combination, a dialog box appears in which you want to select the "Task Manager" item.
  2. In the "Task Manager" window that opens, we are looking for all the processes that have in their Mail.Ru name (as a rule, satellite and updater scene are sick.
  3. For each of the processes found in paragraph 2, you need to right-click and select the "Open File Location" in the drop-down menu.
  4. After opening the folder, where the remnant dustbing files were attached, re-click on the right mouse button and select the "Complete Process" action (if there is no such item, you need to select the action "Remove the task").
  5. In the folders open in paragraph 3, we find everything related to Mail.ru, and delete.

If the computer is installed on the computer running through the Mail.Ru gaming center (for example, Perfect World, Archeage, online allods), it is important not to delete it along with the harmful programs. Without it, the game, localized Mail.Ru, will not be able to start, you will have to reinstall the gaming center.

Sometimes services from Mail.Ru affect not only processes, but also services (yes, we are talking about the informable Guard and sometimes about Updater). To check if there are no malicious programs there, you need:

  1. Open services (the easiest thing is to be done through the "Search" in the Start menu, where you need to dial "services", or through the tab of the Task Manager).
  2. Scroll through the list of services in search of names marked Mail.ru.
  3. Stop services found in paragraph 2: Click right-click on the name and select "Stop" from the context menu.
  4. Right click on the service name and select the "Properties" item. In the window that opens, on the General tab, the "Executable File" parameter specified the path to the directory from which the service starts.
  5. Go to the directory found in clause 4, and clean it.

If some programs could not be removed via the control panel, it's time to try it again: when services and processes are disabled, the removal must pass without any problems.

Photo Gallery: Deleting Mail.Ru Programs through "Task Manager"

Login to Windows Task Manager
By pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete in the new versions of the system, such a window appears in which you need to select "Task Manager"
Short version of the task manager
In the abbreviated version of the task manager, processes are not displayed; To display them, you need to click the item "Read more"
Deleting processes in Task Manager
Mail.Ru running processes in "Task Manager"
Services in Task Manager
To display a full list of services in the "Task Manager" you need to click the Open Service button
Windows services
Track the folder from which the Milest service is started by the "Properties" button in the Windows service window

Clearing temporary folders

Even after deleting programs in the system, their temporary files remain. They can restore the remote and return the programs in place. To prevent the returned trash in, temporary files should also be removed.

By default, temporary program files are located at C: \ Users \ <username> \ APPDATA \ LOCAL \ TEMP. The files stored here behave cunning: in their names it is not indicated that they are related to Mail.Ru. Therefore, it is recommended to completely delete the contents of the TEMP folder. With other programs, due to deleting the contents of TEMP, nothing terrible will not happen, but temporary mail.ru files will be destroyed.

In the Local folder itself, you can also hide the program from Mail.Ru, but they, in contrast to the Temp folder files, give themselves the name. If a folder was found there with a characteristic name, it should also be deleted.

Clearing TEMP folder and check Local must be executed for each user.

You need to clear the TEMP folder (Delete all files from it) and delete the folder called Mail.Ru

If there is no such folder in the list, you have disabled the display of system files and folders. You can enable it as follows:

  1. In the control panel menu, click Explorer Parameters.
  2. Go to the "View" tab and in the list that opens, find the "Hidden Files and Folders" item.
  3. Click on a circle next to the "Show hidden files, folders and discs" value, save the changes over the "OK" button.

You need to switch the button to see the system files and folders: it will help get rid of the mail files in them

And to make sure that Mail.Ru files are not left in the system, use the start in the Start menu. Search by keywords Mail.ru and Amigo. All files obtained as a result of the search must be deleted.

Cleaning the Windows registry

The last touch remains: the system registry. It is prescribed information and software settings, so sometimes Mail.Ru services can be reached again due to these residual data.

Windows Registry, or system registry - a hierarchically constructed database of parameters and settings in most Microsoft Windows operating systems. The registry contains information and settings for hardware, software, user profiles, presets.

  1. Press the Win + R keys combination.
  2. In the "Run" window that opens, type the REGEDIT command from the keyboard (or copy it from this instruction and insert it) and press ENTER.
  3. In the Registry Editor window that opens, select the "Edit" menu item and in the "Find" text box, type Mail.ru.
  4. Click the "Find Next" button.
  5. All sections found must be deleted (there may be several of them, the F3 key can be used to switch between partitions).

To access the search window, you need to click "Edit -> Search" or just a CTRL + F3 key combination

If you are afraid to manually climb the registry and system folders, you can use the utilities for cleaning the system instead: for example, CCleaner or Wise Care. These are programs sharpened to get rid of the operating system from the software garbage. They are convenient to use if you are not enough time or confidence to solve the problem manually.

Worse than the virus: how to delete Mail.ru services from browsers

The computer was finally sorted out. Now it's time to clean the browser. It is already easier: when cunning services like satellite or Guard removed, the cleaning of browsers will not take much time.

Delete the launch page Mail.Ru

Open the browser - and immediately the main page Mail.ru pops up on us. This is due to the fact that the harmful programs change the settings of the Internet browser, asking as a home page (the browser starts its work) its website. Of course, it is not worth the left, if only you are not a fan Mail.ru. But then why would you need to remove it?

  1. We go into the browser settings. In different browsers, the "Settings" button is located in different places, but recently popular Internet observers have come to uniformity: you can find this button in the upper right corner of the window (Opera Exclusion: There is a button located in the upper left corner of the window).
  2. In the drop-down browser menu, select the "Settings" item - the corresponding page opens.

In Google Chrome, the start page can be changed in the subtitle menu "When you start opening". You can choose an empty page, you can somehow your own - the main thing, not Mail.ru. It is generally recommended to remove from the list of starting pages: for this, click on the Add button and, when the list opens, remove everything related to the annoying search engine from it.

Photo Gallery: How to remove mail from the start page browser Google Chrome

Button to call a menu in Google Chrome browser
The button on which the drop-down menu is called with the "Settings" item is located in the upper left corner of Google Chrome
Setting the start page shift in Google Chrome browser
Setting in which Male Ri prescribes itself as a start page of the Google Chrome browser
Start page change in Google Chrome browser
In the setting, you can replace the Milest start page to your own, or set the quick access page as the start page of the Google Chrome browser

Opera browser in this plan is very similar to chrome. The subtitle menu in the "Main" tab of the settings windows where the initial page changes, is called "at startup".

Photo Gallery: Changing the Milest Page in Opera browser

Menu Call Button in Opera Browser
The menu call button is located in the upper left corner of the Opera browser.
Setup to set the start page in the Opera browser
On the "Main" tab, you can specify the start page
Setup to set the start page in the Opera browser versions above the 15th
Starting with the 15th version of the Opera browser, the "home" item is called "Open a specific page, or several pages"

In Mozilla Firefox, the functions you need are in subparagraph "Run" menu. Here it is enough to click on the "Restore Default" key to return the homepage to the standard settings.

Photo Gallery: Changing the homepage of Mila in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox browser settings
MOZILLA FIREFOX MENU MENU in Windows 7 and Windows XP
MOZILLA FIREFOX browser settings menu
Setup to change the start page Mozilla Firefox
Changing the start page in Mozilla Firefox
Setting for opening instead of the start page of the tabs, not closed in the past session

In Yandex.Browser, put the Mail.ru home page almost impossible, as well as install the expansion on Mail.ru. This is due to the fact that Yandex and Mail are competitors, and their programs protect themselves from each other. But if the mail is wins and in Yandex.Browser, then it is enough to run the settings menu: all settings for this browser are located on one page.

Photo Gallery: Changing the homepage of Mile in Yandex.Browser

Options menu Yandex.Bauser
Drop-down menu of options in Yandex.Browser - from it you can go to the settings section
Setting the start page in Yandex.Browser
This is how the setting looks like to specify the start page.
Quick access page
This is how the result of using the "Open Quick Access Page" looks like
Setting "Restore tabs opened last time"
Setting, as a result of the application of which tabs will be opened as startup pages, not closed in the past Yandex.Bauser session

In the Microsoft Edge browser (former Internet Explorer), the homepage settings are located under the menu item "Open with help".

To specify your home page, select the "Specific Page or Page" item.

Remove the extension from Mail.Ru

When the starting page is changed, you need to remove everything that remains: usually enhanced browser. It is necessary to make a reservation that the Microsoft Edge browser is best protected from the penetration of Milel extensions (since it allows you to set extensions from the official store), as well as Yandex.Browser (as a competitor Mail.ru). The rest are not so racks in the face of the threat. And we will clean them.

  1. Click on the settings button at the top of the window, select the "Add-on" item (exception - Google Chrome: There are also under the "Settings" button).
  2. We see a list of extensions, we are looking for obsessive plugins from Mail.ru.
  3. Next - easier: about each extension there is a "Delete" button. She needs it. We remove all malicious additions, but do not hurt along the path those you installed yourself.

Photo Gallery: Instructions for removing extensions from Mail.Ru

Removal of email expansion in Mozilla Firefox
To delete the extension, you need to click on the "Delete" button
Remove additions to Google Chrome
To remove unwanted applications, you need to click on the trash can
Removing extensions in Opera browser
To remove the extension, just click on the cross

Video: Mail.Ru dumping instructions

How to block the ability to install services from Mail.Ru - Tips

Good get rid of the dotting programs. But even better - block the ability to be installed on your computer. This clause is more recommendation than step-by-step management. Nobody can not be able to give a hundred percent guarantee of protection against contaminating programs. But there are a number of precautions whose compliance will significantly increase the security of the computer.

First, the most frequent path of infection - through "imperceptible" checkboxes when installing programs. A common situation: a person establishes a completely unparalleled service to Mail.Ru services - and from where he will take a browser amigo on his computer. The fact is that during the installation of the program, a person did not notice a small tick, opposite the Mail.Ru components item. A tick can be exhibited by default, about it can stand the mark "recommended". A check mark can even be marked with gray as a non-sectible, although in fact such a tick can be removed by one click. Programs that distribute trash services are trying to confuse and deceive users. It is extremely important not to come across these tricks.

Pay attention to the checkmarks: they are highlighted with gray, as if they could not be removed; But this is a trick, checkboxes can be removed and you need

Secondly, there are no inconspicable checks, but there are points like a "fast installation (recommended)" and "selective installation". If we are talking about any specialized programs with a huge number of superstructures, the "fast installation" differs from "selective" only the fact that the default services from some unscrupulous manufacturer are included. And, by setting the program "Quickly", you can encounter a far from the fast cleaning process of the computer from the garbage programs.

Thirdly, when installing the program can, without any warning, bring Mail.ru components to the computer. This takes place rarely, but still happens, and it will not protect anything from this: to predict whether an unfamiliar program will establish an amigo or satellite with it, it is impossible. It remains to hope for the best and not download installation files from unverified sources.

Mail.Ru Group offers and useful services: for example, cloud storage facilities. But Mail.Ru applications filled with advertising, uncomfortable in use and highly slowing through the computer are not related to the number of useful. They harm the user, and even disseminate almost fraudulent way. Therefore, when downloading files from the Internet, do not lose vigilance, so as not to drown into the sea of ​​trash and malicious programs. And if it did not work out to protect yourself from malicious - use the instructions for removal and continue be careful.

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How to completely remove Mail.ru from a computer

Each personal computer user can suddenly detect the installed software developed by Mail.Ru. The main problem is that these programs are quite much loading the computer, as they constantly work in the background. This article will tell how to completely delete applications from Mail.ru from a computer.

Causes of appearance

Before proceeding with the elimination of the problem, it is worth talking about the reasons for its appearance to eliminate the likelihood of its appearance in the future. Applications from Mail.Ru most often apply to not the standard way (by self-loading the installer by the user). They go, so to speak, complete with another software.

Offer install additionally by from Mail RU when installing another program

By installing some kind of program, carefully follow your actions. At some point, a window will appear in the installer with a proposal to install, for example, [email protected] or replace the standard search in the browser to search from Mail.

If you notice this, then remove the checkboxes from all items and continue the installation of the required program.

Remove Mail.Ru from browser

If your search engine in the brawser installed by default has changed to search from Mail.Ru, then you did not watch any checkbox when installing the application. This is not the only manifestation of influence by Mail.Ru on browsers, but if you encountered a problem, see the next article on our website.

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Remove Mail.ru from the computer

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, products from Mail.Ru affect not only browsers, they can also be installed directly into the system. Their removal from most users can cause difficulties, so it is necessary to clearly designate the actions performed.

Step 1: Remove programs

Previously, it is necessary to clean the computer from Mail.ru applications. Make it is the easiest way using the pre-installed utility "Programs and Components" . On our site there are articles in which it is described in detail how to perform an application uninstalling in different versions of the operating system.

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To quickly find products from Mail.Ru installed on the computer programs, we recommend ordering them by the date of installation.

Remove programs from Mail RU using the program utility and components

Step 2: Deleting folders

Uninstalling programs through "Programs and Components" Remove most of the files, but not all. To do this, you need to delete their directory, that's just the system will give an error if at this moment there are running processes. Therefore, they must be turned off.

  1. Open "Task Manager" . If you do not know how to do it, then read the relevant articles on our website.

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    Note: The instruction for Windows 8 is applicable to the 10th version of the operating system.

  2. In the tab "Processes" Right-click on the Mail.ru application and select the item in the context menu "Open the location of the file" .

    Opening the location of the file through the process menu in Task Manager

    After that B. "Explorer" Directory will open, so far nothing needs to be done with it.

  3. Tap PCM again and select a string "Remove the task" (in some versions of Windows it is called "Complete the process" ).
  4. Mail.Ru Guard

  5. Go to the previously opened window "Explorer" And delete all files in the folder. If there are too many of them, then press the button that is shown in the image below, and delete the folder completely.
  6. удаления папки с программным обеспечением mail ru

After that, all the files related to the selected process will be deleted. If the processes from Mail.Ru in "Task Manager" Still remained, then do the same actions with them.

Step 3: Clearing the Temp folder

Application directory is cleaned, but their temporary files still remain on the computer. They are located on the next way:

C: \ Users \ Username \ APPDATA \ LOCAL \ TEMP

If you do not have the display of hidden directories, then through "Conductor" You will not be able to proceed at the specified path. Our site has an article in which it is described how to enable this option.

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Turning on the display of hidden items, go to the above path and delete all the contents of the folder. "TEMP" . Do not be afraid to delete temporary files of other applications, it will not have a negative impact on their work.

Step 4: Reference Cleaning

Most of the Mail.Ru files are erased from the computer, but manually delete the remaining almost unreal, it is best to use the CCleaner program. It will help clean the computer not only from the residual mail.ru files, but also from the rest of the "garbage". On our site there is a detailed instructions for removing garbage files using CCleaner.

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After performing all the actions given in this article, Mail.Ru files will be completely removed from the computer. This will not only increase the volume of the free disk space, but also improve the overall performance of the computer, which is much more important.

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Как удалить mail ru с компьютера полностью

Mail RU may appear on the computer even without the user's knowledge. In this article we will tell you how to delete Mail RU from a computer completely.

Where did I get on the Mail RU computer?

The Mail RU program is usually supplied with other software. In other words, when you install any of the programs, you need to carefully read the conditions, because they are specified which programs will be installed.

Fortunately, you can delete Mail RU from a computer and a web browser.

Delete Mail RU from a computer using antivirus

If you do not want to bother with the removal of Mail.ru, then the special antivirus will fulfill all the necessary actions for you.

  1. Download and run Antivirus Zemana Antimalware.
  2. Click the Scan button.
  3. When the scan is completed, click the Next button.
  4. Restart the computer if you are offered to do it.

Delete Mail RU from a computer

Any program on Windows can be removed through the control panel. To remove Mail RU C Computer, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Start in the lower left corner (or the Windows button on the keyboard) and go to the control panel.
  2. Next click on "Programs", and then "Programs and Components".
  3. This window presents all programs that are installed on your computer. Find in the Mail RU list, select it and click "Delete".

Как удалить mail ru с компьютера полностью

Delete Mail RU from Chrome web browser

Quite often, Mail RU appears in web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft EDGE. We will consider an example, how to remove Mail RU with Chrome web browser. For other browsers, the instruction is practically identical.

  1. Run Google Chrome and open the menu in the upper right corner.
  2. Select "Tools" and click on "Extensions".
  3. Find the mail en route and delete it.

If the problem is still not solved, then you can reset the Chrome settings.

  1. Open the Chrome menu and go to "Settings".
  2. Click on "Show Advanced Settings".
  3. Scroll down a bit, and click on the "Reset Settings" button.
  4. To complete the recovery process, click on the "Reset" button.

Как удалить mail ru с компьютера полностью

Delete Mail RU from the computer registry

  1. On the keyboard, press the Win + R button. You will see the window to Write a REGEDIT, then click OK.
  2. After the Registry Editor window opens, go to "Edit" and select the "Find" option.
  3. Write Mail.Ru and click "Find Next".
  4. You will be presented search results. Delete the registry key or value containing the Mail.ru string.

Как удалить mail ru с компьютера полностью


Mail RU is an advertising program that is installed complete with other software. When installing a new software, you should carefully read the conditions and remove the checkboxes near Mail.ru.

Many antiviruses offer an automatic solution to the problem, but it is also worth knowing how to remove Mail RU from a computer manually.

Mail.Ru Group offers cloud services, free mail and search engine.

And yet - it offers a set of extremely dubious programs that getting to the computer change the browser settings, impose Mail.Ru products, change homepage and search by default. You have the right to choose from.

And in order to use it, you will have to remove the software Mail.ru.

Instructions for removing software from Mail.Ru C Computer

Mail.ru software solutions are distributed through a batch installation. You download the desired program, and the Guard Mail.ru is built into it.

Установщик дополнительного ПО

Also, during the installation by clicking "Installation by default", or thoughtlessly pressing 3 times the "Next" button, you become an unhappy owner of unwanted software.

Программы Mail

Anti-virus programs include products from Mail.Ru to the category "Adware", and classify as "potentially undesirable", or "potentially dangerous" software. Partly due to the fact that the software can be removed quite difficult. But the way to delete Mail.ru from the computer completely, exists. It will take 4 steps.

Removing program

After installing one of the products from Mail.Ru, you become the owner of a whole package of programs. To remove mail ru items:

  1. Go to the "Start" menu.
  2. Select the "control panel".
  3. Go to the "Install and Delete Programs" tab.
  4. Now you need from the list of installed programs to remove those that relate to undesirable software. It's easy enough to do it if you click on the Sort tab, and select "By Date Setup".

Удаление программ Mail.ru

Removing tasks in the dispatcher and delete folders

Using the Ctrl + Alt + Delete combination, we open the "Task Manager". Go to the Processes tab, we are looking for running programs that have not been deleted. Press the right button to the desired process, open the folder in which the executable file is located. ПроцессыAfter that, we complete the process, and in the folder that opens, delete the file. If the file is in the folder, delete the entire folder. Средства работы с приложениями

Удаление Mail.ru

This operation should be repeated to all malicious processes running in the Task Manager.

Clearing Temp folder

Part of malicious files remains in the system even after removing the processes. They are stored in the TEMP temporary folder:

  1. We go to the C: \ disk, go to the "Users" folder, we find a directory that matches the username.
  2. Here is the "APPDATA" folder. In it we find "Local" and open "temp".
  3. You need to delete all the files contained in the folder. If some files are not deleted, we skip them. Clearing Temp folder

Control cleaning residue

Download and install CCleaner from the official site. Run the utility:

  1. In the window that opens, select "Service", and then "autoload". Here programs from Mail.Ru are shown here, which are started when a computer is rebooted. Turn off them. Автозагрузка CCleaner
  2. After shutdown, autoload processes need to be removed. Удаление автозагрузок
  3. It is important to fully clean. Click on the "Cleaning" tab, then click "Analyze", and after checking the "Cleaning" button. Очистка CCleaner
  4. You need to fix the registry errors. Perform a few steps as shown in the figure. Работа CCleaner с реестром

Removing tools from browsers

Viral on firmly settled on the computer. But his main task is to integrate into browsers, and encourage you third-party services. Mail.ru programs automatically change the start page on partner sites or an uncomfortable search engine. After removing all the harmful programs, it becomes possible once and for all to fix this unpleasant situation.

Remove the starting page go.mail.ru

Replace the start page is not difficult. Consider on the example of popular browsers.

Mozilla Firefox.

In Firefox, this is done in 3 steps:

  • go to the "Settings"; Стартовая страница Firefox
  • Go to the "Main" tab; Домашняя страница
  • Select the start page. Enter the site that you often use. In this example, the Yandex search engine is selected.

Google Chrome.

Chrome is also not difficult too:

  • go to the "Settings"; Настройки Google Chrome
  • add to the list of starting pages you need; Кнопка добавить
  • At the same time, we remove the viral link; Удаление вирусной страницы
  • We enter the address of interest to us; Добавить Яндекс.ру
  • And click "OK".

As in the case of Mozilla, Chrome allows you to install the start page any site.

Remove visual bookmarks and panels

Visual bookmarks and panels are embedded in the browser in the form of extensions. To delete Mail.Ru search from Google Chrome:

  • You need to go to "Settings"; Настройки Chrome
  • Open "Extensions" and find all Mail.Ru mentions, "satellite" and other related extensions that you have not been installed on your own. Удалить расширение
  • Press the urn icon and delete the extension.

What is Guard Mail.Ru and do you need to delete it?

Guard Mail.Ru is a program whose task is to force Mail.Ru services and protect them from removal. Formally, Guard is not a virus, but the behavior issues a malicious program in it. If you do not use Mail.Ru services, and change the start page, Guard gives the message, and then changes the settings regardless of the desire of the owner.

Mail.ru Guard

Account deleting

If you enjoyed services from Mail.Ru and tied up the main mailbox to them, then risks regularly get fresh spam on it. So that this does not happen, you will have to get rid of the account in the "My World". Make it is not difficult:

  1. Enter the account, go to the "Settings" menu. You can find this item by clicking on the "More" button.
  2. At the bottom of the page there will be a "Delete My World" key.
  3. When you click on it, you get rid of mail binding to the service "My World". If you need this service, simply change the bullet to another.

How to remove mail mail ru

The removal of the mailbox occurs at the discretion of the administration. To remove mail mail ru, log in to the account. Click "Settings", in this tab, go to "Personal data". To delete an account, you have to specify the reason and re-enter the password. Deleting takes up to 5 business days.

I have questions to remove software, then ask them to us. Specify what problems have arisen so that we can help.

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