Master class watch online: hydrophilic oil with their own hands in 5 minutes

Today I will tell you and show how in 5 minutes of the house you can make a great remedy for washing - hydrophilic oil! It is called hydrophilic because, when in contact with water, such an oil turns into an emulsion and is easily washed off with water, leaving an incredible feeling of freshness and purity on the skin! The main component in such oil is due to which it becomes hydrophilic - Twin-80 emulsifier. Sostoli can be boldably vary. If you have oily skin, take the lightest oils, such as grape bones, almond, mustard, and the amount of polysorbate increases to 20%. If you have dry skin, take the wheat embryos oil or olive, twin-80 in this case can be left 10-15%. I made oil for oily skin, here for such a recipe.

  • 20% polysorbat;
  • 30% almond oil;
  • 20% grape bone oil;
  • 20% rice bran oil;
  • 10% sea buckthorn oil;
  • Essential oil as desired, a few drops.

If you have difficulty counting percent or no scales, nothing terrible! Today we will focus with spoons. One spoon = 10%, therefore, 20% and 30% - appropriate 2 and 3 tbsp. Everything is very simple! So, we prepare the container. It can be a jar, a mug, a saucepan, whatever.

Hydrophilic oil with their own hands in 5 minutes, photo № 1

Measure 2 tbsp. Oil rice bran.

Hydrophilic oil with their own hands in 5 minutes, photo № 2

Then - 3 tbsp. Almond oil.

Hydrophilic oil with their own hands in 5 minutes, photo № 3Next - sea buckthorn oil and grape bone.

Hydrophilic oil with their own hands in 5 minutes, photo number 4It remains to add polysorbate to give oils hydrophilic properties.

Hydrophilic oil with their own hands in 5 minutes, photo number 5This is, a little viscous becomes our hydrophilic oil.

Hydrophilic oil with their own hands in 5 minutes, photo number 6To such a beautiful, amber color of oil, I decided to add jasmine essential oil, it is exactly the same color. It remains to pour the finished remedy into a beautiful jar.

Hydrophilic oil with their own hands in 5 minutes, photo № 7The fragrant, beautiful, gentle wash facility is ready. Before use, you need to shake the bottle, as the polysorbate often settles on the bottom. Apply a small amount of hydrophilic oil follows a wet face, slightly be lost and washed away. This remedy is perfectly washes even waterproof makeup, it does not foam, forms white milk at contact with water. Thanks for attention! If you have any questions, I will respond faster in private messages.

the main




Hydrophilic oil with their own hands for different skin types

Hydrophilic oil with their own hands for different skin types

A widely popular novelty of modern cosmetology has become different products made on an oil basis. Hydrophilic oil Proud representative of efficient products, positive feedback on which, the point is to die in Internet networks. It is a pity one - a popular product can try not all, it hurts it dear for the bulk of consumers. Probably, therefore, cutting and enterprising ladies have already learned to "produce" hydrophilic oil at home, with their own hands. The budget is saved, and the composition of the face washing is obtained only natural, it includes only the "necessary" ingredients.

What is a hydrophilic oil?

how to cook hydrophilic oil

Hydrophilic oil

Today, the market you can find different types of similar products, distinguished by high quality, and, accordingly, efficiency, also cheap fake. The main purpose of hydrophilic means Removing makeup from the face, skin cleansing is most careful, affecting gently. The active substances included in the novelty penetrate deep into the pores, removing not only dirt particles, but also toxins that are output. Cosmetologists advise such purification to people with problem skin when skin is fat, dry.

Efficiency is achieved due to the possibility of a substance dissolve in ordinary water, softening liquid allowing more tender cleaning, dissolving fats for wax substances, withdrawing them to the skin surface. Together with purification, the means moisturizes, simultaneously nourishes and soothes irritated zones. Contact with water leads to a reaction after which the tool takes the consistency of the foam white milk.


Hydrophilic oil with their own hands

Oil composition

Online networks, you can find a lot of recipes, how to make hydrophilic oil with your own hands, in their foundation there is a connection of the three main ingredients:

  • vegetable oil;
  • emulsifier;
  • essential oil.

Each product in the cooking process is taken in a certain amount depending on the needs of the skin.

Basic base

Washing agent is prepared on the basis of vegetable oil. Use both one and several species at the same time, usually do not take more than five. The choice of the basic ingredient is carried out on the basis of which type of skin, what problems are available. Approximate reference guide based on skin type:

  • Combined, normal - Sweet almond, peach, apricot bones;
  • Dry - avocado, olive, linen, coconut;
  • fatty - forest walnut, sesame, grape bones, jojoba;
  • Older - walnut, rosehip, proprieties of wheat, macadamia.

Product data oil is taken in different ratio, roughly distributed as follows: Dry skin is 90%, fat - 50% of the total ingredients.


how to make hydrophilic oil with your own hands


Polysorbat-80, polysorbat-20 - a substance obtained from olive oil, a widespread emulsifier of plant origin.

It also occurs on sale Twin-80, Twin-20, analogue of this emulsifier. The lower the number, the less the ability to dissolve oil in water. Typically, the high indicator is used to dissolve the base base, low-essential connections.

Machining hydrophilic oil for washing with their own hands, this ingredient is placed from 10% to 50%. It is an emulsifier that should be considered the main component, without it the product does not acquire the necessary properties and simply will become useless liquid.

Essential oil

Photo 5.

The right choice of oil

Selecting the form of the ethereal compound is focused on the state of the person using no more than 10% of the substance, from the total volume, the most optimal option. Depending on the skin, the following essential oils are chosen:

  • Normal, combined - Melissa, Geranium, Juniper;
  • dry - jasmine, rose, bergamot, orange;
  • fat - lemon, grapefruit, tea tree, rosemary, peach bones;
  • Older - Rose, Mirra, Patchouli.

When the hydrophilic oil for washing with their own hands is prepared exclusively for the processing of the eyelid, the essential substances are best not to use. The product has powerful connections able to influence in gentle eyelids annoying.

Cooking recipes

Hydrophilic oil for removing makeup with your own hands

Cooking method

Making tips will find a lot, the main thing is to choose the right recipes for a specific skin, then the tool will be as efficient as possible, the use will give a positive result.

Hydrophilic oil with their own hands, with fat skin

Take a glass, opaque container, similar products should always be prepared in dark glass bubbles. There are 9 teaspoons of the base oil, we take the forest walnut. Add the same spoon of any emulsifier with the "80" marking. It is closed tightly with a lid and make a good compound of substances. Lastly, add 10 drops of tea tree oil, shake well again. The product is considered ready for direct use, store similar means away from sunlight.

Combined type

Hydrophilic oil with their own hands for combined skin

Combined skin oil

Connect 40 g of sweet almond oil and 2 g of polysorbata-80. Separately, a lemon ether extract is connected in another container, in a volume of 20 drops with 5 g of polysorbate-20. When both components are fully connected, overflow to the bulk, shake well. After about a day, when the ingredients are laid and become one, the effect of use will be delightful. Hydrophilic oil with its own hands for combined skin, longer will retain its properties if it is properly stored. Therefore, the tool is immediately prepared in a dark glass container, covered tightly.

Normal skin type

Hydrophilic oil for leather with their own hands

Oil for good skin

For normal skin, care can be taken by a unique tool prepared immediately based on several basic components. So in an equal number, about 10 g, the oil of the apricot bone, forest walnut is mixed. Top 5 g almond and rice bran oil, 15 g of grape bone oil. Well stabilized, add an integral part of the polysorbat-20. For aroma, 5 drops of rosemary extract are fascinated.

For dry skin

On the basis of olive oil, you can prepare a good wash tool. The basic component is poured in the amount of 85% of the total volume, the remaining 15% is the emulsifier. In this case, cosmetologists recommend using polysorbat-80. After the two main components are connected to add 10 drops of any essential agent suitable for dry skin - jasmine, bergamot. It is permissible to add jojoba oil, avocado.

For aging leather

Hydrophilic oil with their own hands

When skin with wrinkles

Many wonder how to prepare hydrophilic oil with their own hands in the home environmentally cheap, the answer is simple - based on ordinary sunflower oil, the easiest option perfect for aging leather.

50 ml of sunflower oil is connected to the same amount of Carite oil, sculpt up to homogeneity. On 100 ml of the resulting product, 10 g of the emulsifier - Twin-80, shackle. Vitamin A is useful for aging leather, two ampoules are added. The preparation of 5 drops of orange and 5 drops of chamomile essential extract are completed.

Recipe for problem skin

Remove inflammation, clean, reveal the pores, at the same time soothe and relax the irritated problematic skin of the face, will help the following product: connect the almond and coconut base by taking 30 ml, stirred, slightly heated. The hot product add a tablet with a pulled to acetylsalicylic acid powder. The latter is topped with polysorbat-40 and any fragrant agent up to 5 drops. Cosmetologists advise to use juniper, reurenger, cypress, cedar, if there is a strong acne, inflammation, redness of the face.

In general, preparing hydrophilic oil for washing with your own hands, recipes can be created independently testing a different number of major ingredients, selecting the most optimal option for themselves.


Hydrophilic oil with their own hands

When it is better to abandon the oil

Of course, it is convenient to produce hydrophilic oil with your own hands, recipes can be chosen any. However, cosmetologists, and the creators of the original products stipulate that such means cannot be equally useful for everyone. Before you begin using, you need to make sure that the ingredients included in the selected agent are not able to affect the body as an allergen and no side effects will cause the product.

To make sure that you need to hold an ordinary test for a stimulus. It is enough to ack with a small amount of the resulting liquid wrist or the inner zone of the elbow and look at the response. Provided that everything is fine, redness, itching, rash and other negative symptoms will not be.


Hydrophilic oil for leather with their own hands

Mode of application

Any hydrophilic oil made at home: for oily skin, combined, problematic, it is impossible to be considered only a "female" cosmetic agent for washing. The product is obtained by connecting natural components and it can be considered equally useful to everyone, not only to women, but also to men, adolescents, elderly people. The tool will greatly remove not only cosmetics, but also day dirt, which accumulated on his face after a serious labor day, will allow them to relax and bring out the harmful substances that fell deep into epitheliums. Possessing anti-inflammatory properties will remove irritation, redness, help to eliminate the angry rash.

The use consists in the usual application of the self-made drug on the face with the help of wool, then immediately washed off with warm water. Additionally use a conventional gel or wash to wash.

For many women, the use of hydrophilic oil for the face has become a habit. Do not be afraid of the words "oil" in this combination - this oil does not clog pores , but on the contrary, it cleans them, thanks to its hydrophilic properties. And this oil is used not only as a means for cleansing the skin, but even - hair! For this it is necessary to simply apply to the skin and head, and leave for a while. And then wash away! Universal tool!

But, unfortunately, not every hydrophilic oil can be called budget ...

But you should not be discouraged - hydrophilic oil can be prepared at home.

Make a hydrophilic oil with your own hands very simple:

To do this, you need the basic oil and polysorbate 80. Polysorbat 80 - used as an emulsifier, produced from vegetable oils - so do not be afraid of so much formidable name as "polysorbat"

Remember: Mix the oil and polysorbate in the consistency 80 to 20. . 80 percent of oil by 20 percent of polysorbate. It is very important for creating a future beloved hydrophilic oil.

Hydrophilic oil with their own hands is so simple and fiscal! Recipes for different types of skin.

Beauty picked up recipes for cooking hydrophilic oil. For your skin:

For normal skin - 100 ml.

  • We mix in any 80 ml of avocado oil and 20 ml of polysorbate convenient for you with an empty pure bottle, - mix intensively to a homogeneous mass.

For dry skin - 100 ml.

  • We mix in any empty empty vicious bottle of 30 ml of grape bone oil, 30 ml of macadium oil, 20 ml of rice bran oil, add polysorbate - 20 ml, - intensively mix to a homogeneous mass.

For oily skin - 100 ml.

  • We mix in any empty blank 10 ml. Grape bone oils, 10 ml of walnut oil + 20 ml. Polysorbata. Intensely mix up to homogeneous mass.

For age-related skin - 100 ml.

  • We mix in any empty clean bottle of 6 ml of olive oil, 20 ml. Sea buckthorn oils, add 20 ml. Polysorbata. Intensely mix up to homogeneous mass.

Voila! Present budget hydrophilic oil for your type of face is ready! In the preparation of this fund, there is the following advantage - in We manufacture hydrophilic Masldo, based on the needs of your face. - And it will tell you for this thanks!

Liked? Put a finger up. And what oil do you like to add to the cosmetics you?

Any self-respecting person is attentive to personal hygiene. But he does not always manage to get the desired effect of shampoo or gel from the store. It is difficult to find a good tool and make-up remover or for the gentle cleansing of the face.

But a long time ago there is a natural alternative, which has proven itself all over the world. And moreover, it is not necessary to look for stores on the shelves, and all its components are known and accessible to everyone. It will be about hydrophilic oil that needs to do at home.



The oil easily copes with slanders in the pores and is easily washed off with water. Removes even waterproof cosmetics, without looking at the same skin. Actively applies hydrophilic oil for the skin of the hands. Does not harm even problem and oily skin.

What is it?

The oil itself does not mix with water. If you try to do it, you will get an emulsion for a short time. Then the medium is again divided.

The same hydrophilic oil includes an emulsifier. This is a component that allows you to mix "warring" environments. Drop your concerns to the emulsifier account. These substances apply in the food industry, even yolk and protein - emulsifiers.

However, several other components are used as our ingredient. Thanks to which wetting and dissolving fats occurs, and the oil mixed with it acquires hydrophilic properties and is easily removed from the skin surface.

How it works?

The resulting mixture binds and dissolves fats on the surface of the derm without any chemical reactions, even rubbing - it will be superfluous.

After mixing with water, a substance is formed, which is slightly foaming. It is not necessary to wash off it even by ordinary water. And before making a hydrophilic oil for washing with your own hands it is worth examining the market.

What are the sellers offer?

For the most part, hydrophilic oil is made by Eastern firms, but there are also European representatives. Japanese stamps were the greatest distribution - Shu Umura and Shiseido.

There is even a domestic product from Mi & Co. Among its advantages, it is possible to distinguish the composition of high-quality products and high efficiency.

But the recipes of hydrophilic oil can include much more additives depending on your desires.

Receptions for everyone

The list also features an option in order to make hydrophilic oil without a polysorbate with your own hands.

If you have a dry skin owner, then take the almond or olive oil 80 mg, mix with the emulsifier (polysorbate 10 mg) and the following essential oils are suitable as an additive: Avakado, jojoba 5 ml, orange 10 ml, tocopherol about three drops . Components are thoroughly mixed with each other, and before use - shake.

For oily skin, the oil of grape bone 80 mg is suitable, the emulsifier is the same. Mix with daisy, tea tree, geranium, camphor (all five drops) with essential oils.

When allergic to the emulsifier, pick him up an alternative. For example, Oliverm. Add to 65 mg of grape bone oil and 10 taman. It will not be superfluous to add five drops of lemon. Suitable for ordinary skin.

Also, 80 mg of peach oil is suitable for ordinary skin, mixed with 10 mg of polysorbate. As an additive, use six drops of mint oil.


Proper wash is carried out in three actions. Before applying, it is not necessary to clean your face from makeup and wash, oil is applied only on dry skin.

Then, without applying effort, massage the face. It is not worthwhile to wet your hands. In the subsequent action, the massage continues with wet hands, which will turn our oil into a foam mixture.

Dissolved fat and water-resistant contaminants are divided into separate parts and will rise from deep pores. And the last action, the emulsion was washed off with plenty of water.

After use, a microscopic protective film remains on the face, it retains skin moisture.


Before first use it is recommended to make sure that you do not have allergies on the oil. For this, an experiment for irritability is usually carried out.

Find the wrist and the inner side of the elbow. If within a few hours you do not show a rash, allergies and other negative effects on the skin, then safely use the cooked agent.


Before making a hydrophilic oil with your own hands, take the dark glass container with the dispenser, since storage is carried out only in it.

Oil should be purchased or cooked in small volumes, since its shelf life does not exceed one month. Storage temperature 16-25 degrees Celsius. Before use, you should shake the bottle.


Once I try, people no longer refuse so simple and exquisite funds. And reviews about hydrophilic oil with their own hands are only positive.

Among them, the oil does not leave the feelings of the skin, after its use there is no greasy shine, and thanks to its versatility, the use of oil allows not to spend money on shampoos and gels for the shower.

Photo of hydrophilic oil with their own hands


Today I want to show the funds who do almost every month for five years.

There is nothing easier than making hydrophilic oil. Everyone already knows what this is for the product, so I will not apply to this account.

All that is necessary for it is vegetable oil and polysorbate 80 (or twin 80).

Please see.

The recipe is also very simple - the proportion of 80 to 20: 80% oil and 20% polysorbate. You can slightly move into one way or another.

Optionally, it can be two (five) vegetable oils, it can be some plant extracts, essential oils.

I always put in my oil or vitamin E, or CO2 rosemary extract - firstly, it is useful for the skin, secondly, it will retain the remedy itself.

Today I have two vegetable oils - sweet almond oil and avocado oil. I added Squalan to them.

Sweet almond oil

Suitable for care for sensitive, dry, prone to skin irritation. It softens well, nourishes the skin.

Avocado oil

Also suitable for dry, irritated, fading skin.


Gentle light emolent, ideally compatible with the skin, gives it a feeling of softness and silkiness.

The mandatory ingredient of hydrophilic oil is

Polysorbat 80.

, Emulsifier that is friendly oil with water, and at the expense of oil emulshes and turns into milk.

Optional I took

CO2 Rosemary Extract

, I.

Pink Essential Oil


I got such a recipe. The proportions are indicated as a percentage.

The cooking technology is very simple - measure oils, mix, add polysorbat, mix.

I have scales, I measure them, but you can and a measured spoon or a cup.

Well, all, the oil is ready. It remains only to pour it into a cooked bottle.

Polysorbat is heavier than oil, it settles on the bottom, so before using a bottle with oil you need to shake. I have this movement already on the machine, if you are new, it is better to take a transparent container.

Traditional test

Here I have a blush, mascara, tonal, waterproof liner, waterproof eyebrow shadows, dry eye shadows, liquid eye shadow, waterproof lipstick.

From all the cosmetics there were shadows for eyebrows and waterproof eyeliner, which I am dominated with micellar water.

The next recipe is similar to the previous one, the principle of him is the same - 80% of vegetable oils and 20% of the emulsifier.

As an emulsifier, I will use


(in the Russian version of Sucragel). This is a "green" emulsifier, obtained by mixing glycerol, sweet almond oil, sucrose and orange water. Inci: Glycerin, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Sucrose Laurate, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Water. This emulsifier allows you to prepare cold emulsions, it is very soft and perfectly transferred to sensitive skin. It turns out not just a hydrophilic oil, but gel or jelly.

I will make your tool from the same oils - almond and avocado, and in addition to them, I will take a cotton oil.

Cotton oil

Ornate omega-6 acids, it softens and nourishes, recommended for age and sensitive skin.

In addition to the oils I took

Coenzyme Q10.


Vitamin E.


Coenzyme Q10.

A good antioxidant protects the skin from stress caused by UV irradiation, reduces the depth of wrinkles, especially in the eye area. FROM

Vitamin E.

Works in synergies. AND

Lavender essential oil

The recipe turned out the following, proportions are indicated as a percentage.

And then


The cooking technique is different from the previous recipe. The emulsifier requires compliance with certain rules:

1. First you need to measure the desired amount of the emulsifier and beat it a little before the formation of white foam. (But you can not beat, I did and so, then the gel is obtained transparent)

2. After that, in another dish, measure the remaining ingredients and drove them into the emulsifier, actively interfering. My mixer does not take this viscous texture, so I interfere with the usual spatula. I do not enter the oil, and pouring a bit, ml of 3.

First, the tool remains fluid, but as oil ripped out, it is increasingly thick and becomes more viscous and plastic.

here I poured about half the whole oil And here the second half. Everything about everything goes about 15 minutes.

When oils are drunk, jelly is ready, it remains to shift it into a prepared jar and use. I had a yellow dye, I added a few drops.

Well, the test.

Here is a blush, tonal, mascara, dry eye shadow, waterproof eyebrow shadows, liquid eye shadow, waterproof lipstick.

Jelly is very softly washes with cosmetics, a small oil film leaves after itself. Next, I am laughing in foam. This is a jelly I use it for removing makeup from the eye - it does not give me a muddy film.

What I want to say in the total - Personally, I love washing precisely by hydrophilic agents and I use them since 2008, my skin is only grateful. It is convenient to use these means, they will always remove all makeup and dirt that has accumulated over the whole day, and it will make it comfortable and gentle, not a miley lipid layer from the skin.

Thank you for watched. I am Lena. If you missed something, ask.

Hydrophilic oil with their own hands

An increasing number of girls when leaving their face and body seek to use natural products that will not cause any harm to the body. One of these products is hydrophilic oil. It is used to purify the skin of the face and the body, and some use it for hair wash. Today we will talk not only about how to make hydrophilic oil with your own hands, but also how it is necessary to use it.

Description and advantages

Today, hydrophilic oil is used not only to remove makeup and purification of the face, but also as a means of intimate hygiene, natural replacement shampoos and shower gels.

Hydrophilic oil is a mix of oils and water. This universal cleansing agent is a breakthrough in cosmetology. It is used to cleanse the skin of the whole body, carefully removing not only contamination, makeup, and most importantly, removing the excess sala from the pores. In this case, the means is easily washed off with ordinary water.

About how to make hydrophilic oil with your own hands, you will learn from the video.

In order to achieve the perfect balance of water and oil in their mixture, a special emulsifier was added to their mixture, which was not easy allowed the oil to merge with water, but also provides a complete removal of its residues from the skin and its deepest pores.

As this, the third ingredient, as a rule, is a polysorbate, which, depending on its type, can be one of the acids of natural oils. Like almost any cosmetic, it has a number of undeniable advantages:

  1. This is the most natural, of all the means available today for skin cleansing.
  2. You can purchase or make hydrophilic oil with your own hands, suitable exactly to your type of skin.
  3. The principle of operation consists in applying a means on dry skin, which splits and removes dirt during water wash. This avoids the feeling of the grinding of a face or a fatty gloss on it, as often happens when using other means.
  4. Unlike other cleansing cosmetic mixtures, this can be prepared at home on their own and without unnecessary trouble.

For cooking, it is necessary to use an emulsifier, basic oil and essential additives to it.


Before you begin directly to the creation of this product, you need to stock all necessary. First of all, water is needed. If the oil is prepared with the addition of polysorbate, then it is impossible to wash mineral water, because the oil will remain on the skin. As for the emulsifier, it is better to give preference to oleic acid of olive oil or, simply speaking, polysorbatu - 80. You can buy it in specialized stores or the Internet. If you want to prepare a mixture without a polysorbate, then purchase olivender, which is hydrogenated fat.

Basic oil as well as essential should be selected, given the skin type.

So it is possible to achieve not only the maximum effective removal of makeup and cleansing the skin, but also moisturize it, getting the necessary substances.

For women with oily skin as a base should be chosen Sesame, grape bone or jojoba oil. As a terrestrial additive, it is perfect Extracts of Borago, hemp, grapefruit, tea tree and lemon.

Women with dry skin type is better to give preference linen oil, shea or coconut, And the best additives in it will be e Famine extracts of Bergamot, jasmine or roses.

For problematic or combined skin, the best basic oils will be Peach, almond. Use the tea tree, mint or lemon as essential additives. They will not only refresh the skin, but also reassure it and disinfect.

Women at the age of 30+ as the basis for a hydrophilic mixture better apply Rosehip oil, macadamia and wheat germs. The top essential additives will be the extracts of patchouli nerd and roses.

If desired, it is not forbidden to add any other essential extracts in the mixture.

Best recipes

Before you begin the preparation of this cleansing agent, you must remember that by one part of the emulsifier, requires 9 parts of the base oil. As for the addition of essential extracts, they need only a few drops, depending on the specific recipe. All the following recipes are suitable for all parts of the body, including the washing of the head.

  1. We make a hydrophilic mixture without using a polysorbate. To do this, mix in the previously indicated proportions of olivders and grape bone extract, as well as add three drops of the extract of the taman and lemon.
  2. For dry skin, a mixture is suitable from almond oil and polysorbate - 80, into which 1 ml of lemon and neroli extract is added.
  3. 90 g bases is mixed with 10 g of the emulsifier and is well stirred, 5 g of the essential extract of lemon or tea tree is added here. Such a hydrophilic mixture is ideal for oily skin and hair.
  4. For combined skin, a means consisting of an emulsifier and peach oil can be prepared, with the addition of 3 droplets of the etheric extract of mint per 50 g of the mixture.

Based on these recipes, you can prepare a huge amount of diverse hydrophilic oils to your taste and color. But it is not enough to make such money, it is also necessary to store and use it.

Recommendations for storage and application

The principle of using this means for all parts of the body is similar. It is applied to dry skin or hair and slightly rubs. Then a small amount of water is added and the body is thoroughly rubbed again, and after the mixture is washed off from hair and skin with a large amount of warm water.

Store the resulting product follows in a dark bottle of glass, which you need to thoroughly shake in front of each use.

It would be nice if she had a dispenser. Try to do not fall straight sun rays into the container. The storage temperature should be from 15 to 27 degrees above zero. The maximum storage period of no more than one month, therefore it makes sense to produce this product in small volumes.

Rating the best

If you have for some reason you prefer to use a tool from the store, and not to prepare it yourself, We invite you to pay attention to the following types:

  • Domestic product from the manufacturer Mi & Co. It offers high-quality cleansing mixture with a rich composition. Means for washing M & K ginger is suitable for all skin types not only effectively cleans it, but also feeds, moisturizes and restores. The bubble has a dispenser, which allows you to properly control the consumption of the means, and the oil itself is very thick, so the tube has enough of a small container for a long time. Low cost, good composition, high efficiency is what the manufacturer offers its customers.
  • Hada Labo Gokujyun E Easy one fine, ready to use product. It can be used to purify the whole body, but it is particularly effectively coping with the most resistant makeup. The thick formula and natural ingredients turn its use in real pleasure. The greater advantage of this product compared to others is the presence in the composition of hyaluronic acid, so it is especially suitable for ladies older than 30 years.
  • Apieu Deep Clean. Delicately removes the remnants of makeup from the face, deeply nourishes the skin, cleanses it, prevents the appearance of acne, has an anti-inflammatory effect. Does not overheat even the most tender and sensitive skin.

Each hydrophilic oil, implemented in stores, has a general principle of operation, but various additives included in its composition have an additional effect on the skin.

This gives women the opportunity to choose a means suitable for their skin type and hair.


Those who have already tried this novelty, just delighted with her. According to women, in contrast to many other cosmetics, it does not dry the skin, does not create an effect of struts, it does not allow bold gloss in a few minutes after washing. Easy to use and excellent cleansing, nutrition and skin moisturizing is what all customers are noted without exception.

Recipe for hydrophilic oil - in the next video.

Evaliable advantages are also economical consumption, affordable price and the ability to use one means instead of three.

After all, we can clean the whole body and hair with hydrophilic oil, which means you don't have to spend more on gels and shampoos. Among the minuses, the women allocated only one, namely the limited ability to purchase this mixture. Currently, it is not in every store you can see it on the shelves. But thanks to the recipes described above, this is no longer a problem. Each woman can prepare this miracle tool independently without excess costs. The main thing is to use high-quality and natural ingredients.

Despite its recent appearance in our country, the hydrophilic mixture has already been firmly settled on the shelves of many women. Natural composition, excellent cleansing, ease of use and economical consumption is exactly what it is characterized by this oil. Will you cook it with your own hands or get it in the store, decide for yourself.

All interested Greetings

For more than a year, I use such a means as Polysorbat-80 in the manufacture of home cosmetics. And finally, it was ripe for writing a review about the use of this loved ingredient Wink.

So, What is polysorbat-80 (it is twin-80):

The non-ionic surfactant (superficially active substance) is an emulsifier and a solubilizer of fats in the composition of cosmetics for skin care and hair.
Twin 80 - polyoxyethylene derived from sorbitan and oleic acid.

In other words, Polysorbat is A kind of "connector" of unsecast substances . It is this component that is responsible for the connection of oil and water and the formation of tender emulsion foam.

Where to buy?


On the Internet there are often articles with registers that the emulsifier can be purchased in pharmacies. It was from there that I began my searches ... and in vain! It is better not to spend your time, because in any pharmacy of the polysorbate you will not find.

Polysorbat-80. can be purchased :

one. Offline : in stores specializing in soap and making cosmetics (relevant for large cities);

2. Online : via online shopping.

I ordered my bottle with a polysorbat in the online store. The cost varies depending on the volume and manufacturer.

In my case 100 ml Polysorbata-80 I cost 149 rubles ; Manufacturer - France.

Polysorbat: What is manufactured from?

The basis for creating a polysorbate is Vegetable raw materials (sorbitol), although the method of obtaining it is chemical. I am far from chemistry, so I will not delve into the debris and I will give only general information found on the Internet:

Polysisses have a natural origin, so on. Based on sorbitol, which is obtained from fruits, and fatty acids from base oils: coconut - twin-20, palm - twine -40 and -60, olive - twin-80.

Smell, color, consistency

Polysorbat-80 is Oil liquid , sufficiently dense and viscous, light amber color. In principle, in appearance, the polysorbate is no different from any cosmetic oil, with the exception of a more dense and thick consistency.

Pav Polysorbat 80 (Twin 80) photo Polysorbat-80 - Consistency

Polysorbat-80 - Consistency

Smell As such, Polysorbat-80 does not have at least my nose, nothing pronounced and has not learned. It smells weakly like most basic oils.

Use polysorbate-80

Thanks to its properties, polysorbates are used in the manufacture of cosmetics.

EXCLAMATION MARK.Polysorbat-80 does not react with oils, does not change their valuable and useful properties, does not have a negative effect on the skin and hair, and therefore it can be used in any oil mixtures!

I use Twin-80 for the manufacture of hydrophilic oils, hydrophilic tiles for washing, massage oil and oil wraps for hair. Every way of use will be described in detail, as well as share my proven recipes.

  • Twin-80 in the manufacture of hydrophilic oil with their own hands

Polysorbat is an integral ingredient of any hydrophilic oil !!!

For those who use Bibika and tonal means on a regular basis, this is a find!

Classical (Korean) BB creams I use quite often. They give the desired coating that does not look like a mask, mask well and level the complexion, hide disadvantages, provide protection and also take care of the skin ...

But the composition !!! Puzzled.

Almost any Korean Bibik stuffed with oils, silicones and other plasticizers who have a property closure. That is why it is recommended to use special means that can dissolve all these components and clean the skin. [In principle, all of the described concerns not only BB creams, but also most decoratives in general - powders, talnikov, Rumyan, etc.]

[No, do not think that I am an exceptional amateur of the organicists. I am a girl with a combined skin type and advanced pores that are clogged with a record speed! Repeatedly referring to cosmetologists and dermatologists, I came to the conclusion that my skin need care based on acids, and I adhere to it. But the acids are thinned with the skin, and in the winter they are also dried, so I'm looking for such options that will be optimal for my skin. And it is the organ that helps me in this. I pick and use the means with any composition, if only they approached my skin and did not exacerbate the situation. ]

HYDROPHILIC OIL unique in that it Dissolves skin fat , MUD и Cosmetics which accumulates in the pores and provoke their blockage, the appearance of black dots and rashes, while most of the means for washing only superficially clean the skin and wash off cosmetics, and the contamination remains in the depths of the pore.

hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

I will not cite a long time and tick the hydrophilic oil, but I will go to the recipes that I used, and I will share my favorite Wink.

General proportions Components in the manufacture of hydrophilic oil:

  • 85-90% - Basic Oils
  • 10-15% - Emulsifier (Twin-80)
  • + Essential oil or liquid vitamins (optional)

it Fundamental basis - Those proportions that should be guided and which are recommended when using polysorbate-80.

And here Basic oils You can take any, for every taste and color, as they say!

hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

For "Winter" ❅ Hydrophilic oil I chose the following:

  • grape seed oil (30 ml) and Macadamia oil (30 ml) - these oils I took the basis, they are very lungs and well suited to my combined skin;
  • rice bran oil (15 ml). It is dense and nutritious, ideal for skin care in the winter;
  • Sweet almond oil (15 ml);
  • Polysorbat-80 (10 ml)
  • + 3-5 droplets of essential oils Lavender and neroli to give fragrance.
hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

100 ml bottled volume I have enough for almost two and a half months daily use!

Hydrophilic oil for problem skin :

  • As a basis, it is better to take no more than two types of oils, well-portable by your skin. For your combined skin, I choose Forest oil и Grape bone , in the proportion of about 50 to 50, the total volume is 90 ml.
  • Polysorbat-80 (10 ml)
  • + 10 drops Rosemary и Tea tree oils .

Such an option of hydrophilic oil will be good for fatty and combined skin with peculiar problems: black dots, acne, rash and advanced pores. Oil can be used to wash and remove makeup, except for the demaciament of the eyes.

Universal hydrophilic oil (recipe for lazy Big Smile. )

  • olive oil (90 ml)
  • Polysorbat-80 (10 ml)
  • + 5 drops of any Essential oil which will act as a flavor.

The essence of the "lazy" recipe is that the constituent of only two are oil and polysorbat-80. Nothing needs to be mixed, mix and measure, you can not even add essential oil.

hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

Huge plus hydrophilic oil that it is Do not dry Skin and provides Soft but Careful cleansing : In fact, we wash the oils, of which the hydrophilic oil consists, and the polysorbat only contributes to a comfortable wash off of the oil from the surface of the skin, tying these oils with water and forming a light emulsion foam. In addition Oils are capable of dissolving skin fat, comedones and black dots that is especially relevant for the owners of problem skin, because The first step towards healthy skin is its proper cleansing. .

Well, finally check Hydrophilic oil readiness: The oil in the reaction with water should turn into a gentle milk.

Emulsion foam

Emulsion foam

I want to also demonstrate Opportunities of homemade hydrophilic oil: On the bastard decorative: lipstick, gloss, the usual (non-desorable) mascara, two types of eyeliner, including the famous eyeliner with Aliexpress, which is distinguished by increased mega resistance Big Smile.

On top of all the favorite Bibik from Holika Holika.

Pav Polysorbat 80 (Twin 80) photo

I photo - delivered a portion of hydrophilic oil on dry skin. II photo - oil distributed, fastened a little and left for two minutes to influence. III photo - Added water before the formation of the emulsion - the process went!

Pav Polysorbat 80 (Twin 80) photo

Well, now the main thing - whether oil could dissolve and remove cosmetics? I spend the wet disk on the skin and remove cosmetics.

Pav Polysorbat 80 (Twin 80) photo

Only a trace of thermonuclear eyeliner remained with Aliexpress, but it is so rigidly "dug" into the skin that it is generally difficult to delete something. Test passed!

Hydrophilic oil is ready to use ! ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔

Dignity Such homemade oil is obvious: from one bottle of polysorbate-80, a volume of 100 ml and cost of 149 rubles, you can get a whole liter of hydrophilic oil EXCLAMATION MARK.

Savings are evident, because the cost of basic oils is not comparable to the finished hydrophilic oil, especially Korean, which is now on average in the area of ​​thousands of rubles for the bottle!

hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

✚ Plus to all, hydrophilic oil can be prepared by own recipe Taking into account skin condition By selecting various ingredients aimed at solving certain individual skin needs.

✚ And you can also make up your Aroma composition , mixing various essential oils than I am now and paying in your free time Big Smile.

  • Twin-80 for the manufacture of hydrophilic tiles for washing

In my case, the hydrophilic tile is an option for traveling and traveling. Tile compact, little weighs and does not take up much space, so ideal for the road. For daily home use, I still prefer hydrophilic oil.

General proportions In the manufacture of hydrophilic tiles:

  • 70% - solid butter oils (Shea oil, cocoa, mango)
  • 10% - liquid oils (you can take any)
  • 20% - emulsifier (polysorbat-80)
  • + To the original recipe you can add your favorite essential oil for fragrance, liquid vitamins (those that are produced in oil form). All at your discretion!
Hydrophilic tile do it yourself reviews recipes

Hydrophilic tile do it yourself reviews recipes

✔ cooking process :

one: As a basis, I always take the oil of Shi (I have a running), which provides hardness to hydrophilic tiles when frozen. [Last time the hydrophilic tile I did in early December, having spent the last reserves of Shea oil. Now I ordered cocoa butter, I want to try to make a chocolate hydrophilic tile]

2: Shea oil calm on a water bath to a liquid consistency.

3: Add basic oil (I take what I have in stock). Well mix the foundation. [I really like the combination of peach and macadamia oil, the tile is incredibly gentle and well emulsifies when entering into the reaction with water]

four: After the base is cooled slightly, add an emulsifier (Twin-80), mix. [At the same stage, add essential oils]

five: Split a hydrophilic basis by molds and send to the fridge. !!! Be sure to check the prepared mixture on the "performance" before sending to the refrigerator !!!

6: After the tile froze, it is ready for use!

Hydrophilic tile do it yourself reviews recipes

Hydrophilic tile do it yourself reviews recipes

For hydrophilic tiles, I use miniature silicone molds for cupcakes and pour them on half. Silicone forms in this regard are very comfortable: they do not stick to them, they are easily clean and the finished tiles of them are easily removed. Aliexpressor can be found on Aliexpress.

How to use a hydrophilic tile: hydrophilic tiles can be used both to care for the face and to care for the body. I use tiles for washing and demacia. When contacting with wet leather, the tile begins to melt, forming a gentle milk, cleansing and feeding the skin. After washing, leather velvet and moisturized without a hint of fatty, stickiness or oil film!

Hydrophilic tile is an ideal tool for dry skin in the winter!

  • Polysorbat-80 + massage oil

Many use massage oil, but not many people like the feeling of fatty and oily on the skin after the procedure. Solution Simple: Add Polysorbat-80 to Massage Oil! The emulsifier will provide a rapid washout of oil from the skin without the use of soap and shower gels, without leaving behind the film, fatness and oiliness.

Result - Relax after the procedure, clean, fresh and moisturized leather!

Polysorbat-80 can be added both in finished oils (under the condition of the naturalness of the composition), and in self-made mixtures for massage.

hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

The only rule is compliance with proportions : 85-90% -Maslya base, 10-15% - polysorbat-80. [+ essential oil optional]

For massage, any basic oil is suitable or a mixture thereof. For greater efficiency of the procedure, essential oils are added to the base mix: I do not see the need to list, because each has its own preferences in aromatherapy.

  • Polysorbat-80 in Hair Care

Probably, every girl at least once in his life made hair masks using oils. Someone, seeing the result, continued to do them, and someone had any desire for the reason that "butter is not washed out of the hair." I often meet reviews and comments for girls who write that the oil is impossible to wash off, because of which the hair looks dirty and untidy, and the head is felt fat.

Hair condition with regular oil leaving

Hair condition with regular oil leaving

Yes, and those girls who love and respect oil care, do not know about the hearse, that washing the oil - this is not the most pleasant part in hair care, sometimes this process is long and vigorous. In addition, there are such "heavy" oils that have an awesome effect on her hair, but are washed out very problematic (for example, Shea and cocoa oil). [That is why I have always used the oil in minimum quantities and necessarily in mixtures with light base oils. ]

Hair condition with regular oil leaving

Hair condition with regular oil leaving

So, for those who do not want to mess around With washing the head after applying oils, I can recommend Polysorbat-80!

The principle of its work is the same as in the hydrophilic oil: entering into the reaction with water, milk is formed, wash away that is simple!

Emulsion foam

Emulsion foam

Twin-80 is introduced into the finished mixture in proportion to 10-15% . As a rule, with the introduction of polysorbate-80 in the oil mask, shampoo and balm do not even need: when washing the hair, the oil turns into a tender-gentle milk, which sometimes cleans the hair and the skin of the head and easily is flushed.

Pav Polysorbat 80 (Twin 80) photo Hair condition with regular oil leaving

Hair condition with regular oil leaving

Emulsifier in oil masks for hair I usually add "to the eye", once more, sometime less. Already in the process of flushing, I feel if the polysorbate is enough, then I don't use shampoo, and if the oil film is felt, I do a "control" flushing of hair with shampoo. No matter how cool, but the emulsifier greatly simplifies washing out oils and saves time!

Read more about Oil hair care can be found here.

What if the polysorbat-80 does not work?

If after adding water does not "miracle", a couple more ml of polysorbate should be added. Again, I am not a chemist and do not know how it is all arranged there, but on my own experience I will say that, for example, some unrefined oils are worse than emulsified than refined, as well as a top oil with the addition of polysorbate-80, it turns into a foam Macadamia oil.

Polysorbat-80 - hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

Polysorbat-80 - hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

Therefore, a little more emulsifier can be added to the finished mixture, and then check for readiness.

■ ■

The first polysorbate bottle I bought exactly for the preparation of hydrophilic oil. Until the latter I could not believe that at home you can cook something similar that I bought and ordered for years in online stores! In fact, it turned out everything is simple, at home can indeed cook cosmetics that will not differ from purchased copies! I will say even more: I sometimes came across such creepy "hydrophings", which were impossible to use for a number of reasons (too liquid consistency, dry skin, poor cleansing), but also to throw out that it was a pity due to the cost for me ...

And in the case of self-made hydrophilic oil, all my instances are successful just because I personally choose the components (oils and ethers), in advance knowing how they will behave and affect my skin.

hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

hydrophilic oil with their own hands reviews

Of course, the use of polysorbate-80 is not for lazy (most will prefer to buy ready), but rather for people like me who love to experiment and indulge your skin with natural care, and to whom such care is suitable Cool

Anyway, Polysorbat-80 I recommend ! For me, this is not just some kind of incomprehensible chemical name, but an indispensable tool !!!

To this note I complete my review-sheet Big Smile.

If someone had any questions, I will answer them with pleasure Wink.

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