Instruction: 10+ ways to color windows to the new year - I buy

First, decide which drawing you want: white on the background of pure glass, translucent or transparent in matte halo. Maybe you need a color picture? Or only lines, contours? Or want the pattern to cover the lace all the window? Any options are available - it depends on the method of drawing and type of stencil.

Types of stencils of Christmas topics for drawing on the photo window

Straight stencil (1) is a sheet (paper or films) with silhouette cut in it or a pattern that are filled with paint. Reverse stencil (2) - Figure cut from sheet. The image appears when you paint the space around it. In the contour stencil (3, 4), only the edge of the drawing is cut down and color: it turns out full air picture, similar to a sketch with a pencil (or marker). To cut such a stencil, use a stationery knife or scalpel - no scissors for this.

Stencil for New Year's drawings on the photo window

Keep stencil and paint uncomfortable, do not even try. The tight material should be fixed on the scotch window, it is better painted: it does not leave traces and is quickly removed. Light paper cutting can be glued to soap. Thin film will hold on the glass itself.

Paper decorations for New Year's design window Photo

In addition, when attaching stencils, you can appreciate the whole composition. And if necessary, fix it, without applying a drawing, - to rub and redo it is ready to be ready completely offended. So, watch photos of New Year's windows and choose the way of decoration that you are more suitable.

1. Sugar powder, flour and making

This is one of the easiest and delicious techniques of window glass. Small children can participate in the process - for them this occupation will become a real magic.

New Year drawing of sugar powder on window glass photo

With the help of a direct stencil, we apply an adhesive base for clean glass - honey or sugar syrup diluted in water. Then we spray sugar powder on it, we make it a soft sponge or sponge from the microfiber. We give the patterns to dry, then remove the stencil and look the surplus with a brush.

Figure Christmas tree with syrup and powdered sugar on the window to the new year photo

To create a transparent pattern against the background of a sweet "snow fog", we take a reverse stencil from a thin paper. We apply syrup on it so that a wide contour formed at the outer edge. Next, we drink a picture and space around it with a dry soft brush, barely touching the glass.

Transparent Snowflake in Hallo Sugar Puddle Photos

To create New Year's patterns on syrup, you can use the flour instead of sugar powder - the drawing is almost the same: maybe a little less air and more contrast.

Snow covered house New Year's drawing made of flour on a photo window

And if you take syrup and semolina, then large graininess and slightly yellowish color will remind the old photo from the family archive. To apply a cereal on syrup you need a thin layer, slightly damp with a sponge or rigid brush.

On a note: This interesting effect occurs only at the silhouette pattern - to work with reverse screen, the manka is not suitable.

2. Soap pictures

About this way all almost forgotten, and in vain! With its help, translucent velvety pictures are obtained, similar to the exhausted ice.

New Year's drawing of soap foam on the photo window

You can make them in the old manner: we rub a piece of soap on a shallow grater, add warm water and beat (better than a mixer) to obtain a thick stable foam. Find the sponge into it and on the stencil we apply a drawing. If they are formed, we drag them with a wet napkin.

Drawing soap-stencil on the photo photo

It is also easier to use a white liquid soap or a creamy soap base: you don't need to beat anything and breed - pour in the saucer and draw! Only one tip: the stencil is better cut out of thick paper or cardboard - the edge of the image will turn out to be clearer.

New Year's window decoration Drawing with a piece of soap photo

Or you can draw lace patterns with a thin womb on dry-tread glass. In any case, soap drawings are not only beautiful, but also well wash off from the windows, allowing you to save on the cleaning agent.

3. Toothpaste

Very popular reception. Whoever did not draw the paste on the mirror in the bathroom! But not everyone knows what kind of potential she is in itself, it is possible to make seven (!) Different types of images. Just never hurry to shoot stencil, working with toothpaste, - the picture should be completely dry.

New Year drawing toothpaste on window photo

To get a thick white drawing on the glass take a straight stencil, a piece of foam rubber (or sponge) and not colored pasta. Let's squeeze it on the saucer (a little, so as not to fall), we grab a slightly sponge and densely, we find the carved silhouette.

New Year's design window of toothpaste photo

Transparent pattern on a matte background we do the same. Just take back stencils and cover the "stamps" from the paste all the free space between them.

New Year's picture of dental paste on the photo window

No desire to make a matte all the window? Then depic snowflake, month with stars, christmas tree or any other object in the halo. At the same time, it is easy to achieve the effect of the radiance: on the edge of the cutting, apply a paste tightly, and the farther from the edge, the paste must be fat, the layer of thinner and stamps are less likely.

Drawing on the window of the tooth paste with the effect of frost

Effect of frostoosa can be achieved by spraying the glass with packed water. If you use a pulverizer, drops will be smaller, and if you splash with a toothbrush is larger.

Drawing details on the drawing of the toothpaste photo

On a note: Toothpaste can be made multicolored, mixing food dye or several drops of diluted watercolor. And the details of the nassed silhouette can be added by handling them in a wet image with a toothpick or a chopstick for manicure.

Contour drawing toothpaste on a stencil window photo

Make a contour pattern paste in a stencil is also easy - just fill the slotes with the same intake of stamping. Special charm give the gentle linear outlines of splashes applied over them.

There is another option - drawing contours without a stencil. In this way, you can easily and quickly turn the window overlooking the nearby house - in the window with a view of Paris.

Contour drawing on the window toothpaste from hand photo

But this reception is suitable for those who have a confident hand and there is no fear of "clean sheet". Ready? Then I fix the conical nozzle on the tube (such as on ointments and creams) and draw, squeezing the paste on the glass straight from the tube - just like Van Gogh!

New Year's drawing on the window tooth powder with a brush photo

By the way, we are always saying "pasta", but there is still a dental powder, which is perfectly replaced by a window painting. If it is breeding it with water to the state of thick sour cream, it will be possible to draw a rigid brush on the glass.

Transparent New Year's drawing on the window with an Effect Effect Photo

A dry dental powder applied to a wet glass with a soft tassel, looks like a real snow.

4. Artificial snow

Determines use different types of artificial snow, but we will need the one that is sold in the form of a spray.

Figure artificial snow on photo photo

Shake the spray and ... improvise! Easy frost, transparent snowflakes among dense blizzards, angels and princesses in clothes from white veil, snow-covered houses, deer, christmas trees - it can be anything.

Drawing with artificial snow in a balloon photo

On a note: Do not save and buy the cheapest spray - it may turn out to be poor quality, with a sharp smell.

5. Conventional paints and markers

Under the "ordinary" we mean gouache. Of course, any other water-soluble paints can also be used, even water-free for the interior. It's just a gouache more tightly on the glass, the picture is brighter and is also perfectly washed off.

Drawing gouache on the window Snowman photo

Watercolor - another thing. From her on the window for a long time after the new year, color shadows remain: it will be necessary not one wave so that they disappear.

Watercolor drawing on the window of snowflakes photo

And it is more difficult to draw watercolor - a very soft brush is needed, whose humidity has to constantly control. Otherwise, due to excess water, paint on smooth glass will "cringe", and the picture will not work.

New Year's drawing of a gouache on a window deer photo

On a note: To give a gosashevy gloss pattern, sequins and sequins can be applied to the wet paint. And in order to make a picture contrast, it is enough to circle it with a black contour - also a gouache or washed marker. The latter will help and in the event that you feel a durable artist: make stencils to the window, outline the silhouette with the marker, and then paint it.

New Year's drawing washed marker on the window

By the way, the washed markers themselves are a wonderful way of painting on glass. They can draw white and colored pictures instead of paints and tassels or make contour drawings on a stencil and from hand instead of toothpaste.

6. Children's stained glass paints

The main thing is not to confuse them with professional! Otherwise, the drawing will remain on the glass forever.

New Year's picture of children's stained in paints photo

Children's stained glass paints are not applied on the glass, but on a special film, which is then glued to the window. Making such stitches is very exciting.

Drawing by children's stained in paints

The selected pattern is put on the film, we supply it along the contour, then paint the internal parts. Paints do not regret so that there are no lumen on the film.

7. Paper jewelry

Another hello from childhood. True, it was earlier to improvise, and now there are ready-made patterns - there are a huge set on the Internet. Just print, cut and stick.

New Year's picture of paper on window glass photo

New Year's topics are offered snowmen, christmas balls, symbols of the year, grandfathers and snow maiden, angels and bells, christmas trees, deer, houses in snowy snowdrifts ... in general, what is not!

Paper New Year's window decoration photo

From this set you can easily make your own, unique composition. But you can not originate - traditional snowflakes from matte paper looks on the window wonderfully.

Snowflakes and paper shapes for window decoration do it yourself photo

On a note: Glass should be wiped dry, otherwise the glued paper will not hold. And do not use glue, better thick soap solution or sugar syrup, they wash off from windows faster!


This is a way to create amazing "ice" pictures, which during the day do not interfere with see what is happening outside the window, and in the evening beautifully shimmer, highlighted by street lights.

Snowflakes from plow glue for window photo

To make snowflakes need PVA glue in a soft plastic bottle with a dispenser, transparent files and drawings - stencils on paper A4 format.

Making snowflakes from pva for window decoration photo

For silhouette pictures, there is still a brush - it will help evenly distribute glue by stencil. Further, everything is elementary: List with a template insert into a file, put on a flat surface and apply glue on it, following the circuit of the picture.

New Year's stickers on the window from Pva do it yourself photo

When glue becomes completely transparent, it is dry. Then we separate our sticker from the file (it is removed very easily), we apply to the window and press a little. The glue patterns are embossed, elastic, held on the glass themselves, are easily removed and stuck back. In essence, they are reusable.

Hot glue snowflakes for window decoration photo

On a note: If you have a glue gun, snowflakes and silhouette drawings can be made of thermoclaim. By the way, it happens transparent, milky-matte, gold, silver, colored monophonic and colored with sparkles - all kinds of adhesive rods are easy to find, they are on sale.

Colored and shiny snowflakes from PVA for window to the new year photo

And in order to make a color or sparkling picture from PVA, in glue before drawing, you need to wash some water-soluble paint or, respectively, small sparkles. It is possible that and the other together. But do not overdo it, otherwise your sticker will lose elasticity and transparency.

9. Ready stickers

You can decorate the glass not only in stained glass pictures, paper figures and glue or patterns of toothpaste.

Christmas sticker for window decoration on film photo

If you do not have time, and the New Year's window as a result is more important for you than the process of its creation, you have ready-made self-adhesive stickers.

Ready New Year Sticker for Decoration Window Photo

Their variety will not let you get bored: white, colored, monophonic transparent, matte with glitters and mirrored, paper and vinyl.

Set of Christmas stickers for window photo

Just disconnect the sticker from the mounting substrate, we apply on the glass and smoothed. All - drawing ready!

10. Beer and Magnesia

Exotic, but very spectacular way to decorate windows to the holiday. He for those who, with the words "New Year", see the winter forest, snowy drifts and a house with windows in frost patterns.

Frosty patterns on a window from beer and magnesia photo

Such patterns, very similar to natural, are obtained from a mixture of beer and magnesia. A solution is prepared easily: 50 g of powder is needed per 100 grams of light beer. It is possible to apply it in one or three layers in two ways: with a sprayer or sponge, brush, cotton swab - as you are more convenient.

New Year Frosty Patterns from Beer and Magnesia Photos

To the ice drawing, it turned out to be reliable, it is better to choose the "fine fog" mode on the sprayer. And using the second option, improvise - depicting curls, lines, feathers, snowflakes. When the liquid evaporates, a crystalline pattern is gradually manifested on the glass. You can speed up the process while drying the window with a hairdryer.

Frosty patterns on the window of the water of Magnesia and gelatin photo

On a note: The beer smell in the apartment for some time, of course, is, although it will quickly disperse. For those who do not tolerate it at all, we offer another solution option: 100 g of boiled water, a tablespoon of diluted gelatin and 50 g of magnesia.

Frosty patterns on the window of water solution and photographic fixing photo

To create ice patterns, you can also use a photo scan solution: per 100 g of water 40 g of the retainer. The process is similar. The only difference is that the dropped crystals are quickly whiten and become opaque. As a result, the window turns out silky on the touch pattern, similar to a dense frost.

Frosty drawings are well kept on the glass, do not appear from touch and easily washed off with water.

11. Tulle and vinyl films

Probably the most exquisite and, certainly, the most practical way.

Light-protective film for windows with winter drawing photo

You can not hurry to shoot this decoration after the holiday: the tulle or film pasted on the glass, not just create beauty, but also protect from the blinding sun - in winter, in the spring and, even more summer it is relevant. In addition, the "cool" topics are snowflakes, crystals, snow feathers, asterisks - in the hot season will have to be very useful.

Self-adhesive vinyl film for window window

To decorate this way the window is extremely simple. The edge of the film is separated from the base, pressed to the glass and smooth up the soft napkin. We begin on top, gradually exciting and sticking the rest of the canvas.

Tulle with snowflakes photo

For the stickers of Tulle, we need a hubble: we take two tablespoons of corn starch and cold water, mix and add a glass of hot water. We apply a piece of fabric to the glass, on top of the brush we apply the adhesive solution, paying special attention to the edges and corners.

pasted on the window tulle for beauty and sun protection photo

The applique dries quickly and rests on the glass until you decide to wash it off with warm water.

On a note: It is not necessary to use potato starch - the solution will be gray and give the appropriate tint to the yoy.

New Year's paper sticker on the photo window

You have not yet decided whether you should paint the windows to the new year? Believe it, worth it. Drawings on the glass is beautiful and fun. They create a warm family atmosphere in the house and generously give everyone a festive mood - both children and adults, and even random passers-by who threamed of your windows.

We are looking for a New Year's mood for yourself and loved ones: 9 outstanding ideas, how to decorate the apartment for the new year.

Each person with the onset of December of the month immediately recalls a fabulous celebration. On the eve of the New Year on old custom, people dress at home in traditional decorations that can be glued or drawn. Therefore, some people care about how to draw snowflakes on the window of the toothpaste? After all, it would seem that this is not a completely ordinary combination, because many are used to drawing exactly paints.

However, I would like to note that the toothpaste allows you to create real painted masterpieces on the windows. Such art has endless possibilities in decorating windows or glass. Of course, before creating some composition, some nuances should be taken into account.

For those people who have experience in this case, difficulties are undoubtedly less, but those who will first delve into this craft, have to listen to some advice. Snowflakes on the window of the toothpaste will allow you to create fabulous compositions in any style. Although everything will depend on individual imagination.

Some love to apply just snowflake elements, many paint plots from children's fairy tales. After all, such a holiday is endowed with the mystery and magic. Moreover, the painted compositions will fall to taste to anyone, even the very avid criticism and sloth.

Of course, in order for the house to look festively you can resort to another version of jewelry, such as garland, stickers, glowing lanterns and many other toys can help dress up home. But these decorations can not be compared with real painted snowflakes on the toothpaste window.

Moreover, performing such work can be called children who love to draw. The participation of children will allow to turn creativity into real pleasure especially for parents. The decorations on the windows can be applied in different ways.

Different ways of applying snowflakes

Draw on the window of the toothpaste is not at all difficult. To begin with, it is necessary to prepare a white paste without adding different impurities. The window must be washed in advance and dried. This option is very suitable for very little kids.

After that, a small amount of toothpaste is applied to the finger tip and a snowflake is drawn straight finger. For a child, the silhouette of the openwork element can first draw a marker of any color. Because for sure the child will not create symmetric snowflake rays, and it will be able to circulate with an empty finger.

If such a picture will perform an adult, then it should be noted that first the strip of the printed feature from the paste will be abundantly white, then the line will begin to be brightened due to the flow of toothpaste. But since such "paint" quickly dries can be reset directly in this strip, in order to create a snow-white kind of composition.

Thus, you can draw a dance of snowflakes suspended on garland. Or simply falling beauties chaotic "scatter" on the glass. Not rare Many people draw a sled with deer patterns, and the background of falling snowflakes will harmoniously decorate such a composition, with the finger they draw quite quickly.

However, any drawing can be decorate with snowy beauties. Such arts are clearly in taste to many, and attracting children will make the work process more interesting and more exciting. After all, it is so funny to draw your fingers so funny that the child will clearly be delighted.

Drawing method with brushes

This method is a bit more complicated than the previous one, because during the work there will be a watercolor brush. It is better to take several copies, that is, one thin, and the other thick. It will be more convenient to create an image of falling or dancing snowflakes.

In the dance it is necessary to take into account the ranks, that is, the silhouettes of beauty from snow should be of different quantities. For example, the first circle is applied with a thin brush, and the second tolstoy, then the dance will be symmetrical.

To work, the toothpaste is slightly bred and used instead of watercolor. The consistency should not be too thick, but also the liquid should not be done, because then the drawing will be draped with drops on the glass and the figure will not work.

Divorced toothpaste in the process of drawing can be filled. Such a means work hard, so you should add some water, returning the previous consistency. If you immediately draw on the glass, we fear due to the fact that it may not work, then you can first work on a sheet of paper.

Method for applying snowflakes on windows with brushes and watercolors

For this process, watercolor paints, toothpaste and tassels of the same dimensions, as in the previous method of applying snow beauties are required. After that, several small bowls are taken (you can take polyethylene covers for cans), in which the necessary content will be divorced.

To do this, a small amount of toothpaste is squeezed into every bowl and with the help of a thick brushes moistened in water and lubricated in the desired color of watercolor paint, a toothpaste is mixed. In this case, color and consistency become different and they easily draw patterns.

Such colors may be anyhow. It is not rare for applying art compositions at first everything is drawn with a large brush, and for drawing small parts use brush thinner. Also, with the help of the tool, a shine is applied, which is harvested in advance. This can be transfused white sparks snowflake or other pattern. Everything will depend on the fantasy of the "artist".

Method for applying using templates

For this work it is necessary to prepare the necessary stencils. For example, snowflakes and snowmen or fluffy fir branches with a christmas toy attached on it. Snowman can be arranged in the middle of the window, and the twigs are better in the corner. All this decorate the falling openwork snowflakes.

For work it is necessary to prepare a toothpaste without additives. A deep bowl for breeding means of application. A piece of foam rubber and fabric that absorbs moisture well. Toothbrush and selected stencils.

Then wet the glass with simple water with the help of foam rubber and stick stencils on it, as they must "sit" on the glass. After that, breed a toothpaste with water to the consistency of the stationery stroke. Wayed in this composition toothbrush, bring it up as close as possible to the attached stencil and spend on the brush with your finger.

At the same time, the droplets of the toothpaste spray the place where the template is located. So to do while he does not finish all. After the stencil is removed, it remains the drawing. Snow-white compositions can be complemented with colored inserts using application methods that are described above.

Not rare those who first apply such drawings, poorly sprinkle with a brush with toothpaste, so it turns out. It is not necessary to be afraid of this, use for rubbing the prepared pre-fabric, which will help remove all such troubles.

How to draw patterns and various compositions now knows each, so use these methods of application, I am glad to get yourself and others for your home. After all, it is the pre-New Year compositions that can immediately raise the mood, and this is so important today. Especially to apply different patterns it is so nice.

As souvenirs for all guests can be made

New Year's crafts do it yourself

. How to create such, tell us in our article.

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Phased Drawing Drawing Snowflake Pencil

May 14, 2019.

Averyanova Light

Hand draws snowflake

Probably there is no such person who has never been fascinating to the snow on the palm. Crystal stars, white flies, ice butterflies, frosty guns - as soon as they do not call the snowflakes Russian writers and poets. The beauty of these tiny crystals is worried not only by artists, but also scientists. They will tell you the secret, how to draw a snowflake on paper so that it turns out as a real.

Each ice fluff consists of six rays, on which the smallest crystals are located. They have forms of plates or stars of proper geometric shape. The secret of the beauty of snowflakes in almost the perfect correspondence of each lace to another. The first part of this structural feature was brought by German scientist Johann Kepler. Subsequently, the structure of ice and snow was studied by many ministers of science.

To draw a snowflake, it is enough to spend three straight lines intersecting at one point. But it is so that all the rays be the same length and formed the angles of one value, it is very difficult, especially preschoolers. Therefore, in practice, teachers often use templates and stencils, symmetric folding of paper, prints and other traditional and non-traditional techniques.

From this article you will learn

How to draw a snowflake with a pencil with a triangle

Start learning to draw snowflake in the presence of skills with the younger group of kindergarten. Offer children to use any materials at will - pencils, colored crayons, markers. In order for the elements to be correct hexagonal shape, the adult must be prepared in advance from the cardboard two identical equilateral triangles.

Before starting work on a sheet of paper, you need to spend a vertical line equal to two triangle lengths. One of the triangles is located downstairs, the other above so that their parties are located on both sides of the central axis, and the centers come into contact in the middle.

Step 1

Conduct two rays.


Step 2.

Then shifting the triangles on the other side and repeat.


Step 3.

It turns out an asterisk based on the same rays.


Step 4.

Draw on the top plot three lines on each side. As they remove from the center of their length should decrease.


Step 5.

Repeat so for each ray. For convenience, a sheet of paper can be rotated.


Council. It is possible that not every child under the power drawing on the template. The occupation can be simplified by printing the correct intersection of three lines. The preschooler can add it if desired.

How to draw gouache


Drawings gouache especially expressly look at a color background. Children of the senior and middle group do not always have techniques for working with a brush, so you can take a cotton wand for convenience.

Step 1

The basis of snowflakes, hexagon, is depicted: first, two points are put in a gouache, one under the other with a small interval. Then you need to draw two more points on both sides.

put a point

Step 2.

Crystalline grow gradually. In order for the rays to increase, another one is put next to each point. Directions must correspond to the growth of lines.

put the points further

Step 3.

Between the resulting prints, add more. Then you need to continue each segment, for which on each side, leave three more print chopsticks.

The magnitude of the mug depends on the pressure of the pressure.


Step 4.

Continue intermediate rays between the main two touches of the cotton wand.


At the end of each ray, put a large point.


Phased image of a brush

For children of the senior group, the process is slightly complicated.

Brush and paint

Step 1

First, the center of the sheet takes a straight line. Then it is divided by a point into two equal parts. On both sides, the end of the brush is scheduled lateral rays. If the direction is selected incorrectly, they are easier to erase than long strips.


Step 2.

Sideots are connected to the middle. The snowflake must be symmetrical on both sides.


Step 3.

In the center of each received angle, you need to draw a point in the end of the brush.


Step 4.

From the resulting point to lower two lines to the main rays. There should be six identical diabiks emanating from the center.


Step 5.

At the tips of the resulting snowflakes draw two thin strips on each side.


Step 6.

Add image to the same elements on your own.


Interesting fact. Scientists who studied snow crystals came to the conclusion that two identical snowflakes in nature is not found.

How to draw a snowflake using a template

In the preparatory group and in elementary school, children learn symmetrical cutting out of paper.

If you combine appliques and drawing techniques, you can easily and quickly get a complex image.

Step 1

By this time, the child already knows how to draw snowflakes of three lines.


Step 2.

The pattern is obtained from a folded twice. The easiest way is to draw and cut an element consisting of triangles. The finished pattern is superimposed on the shown the diagram and will be burned by an erasing pencil.


Step 3.

Repeat so six times for each ray. In the resulting crystals, you can draw additional details.


Step 4.

Elements can be any, simple and complex. If time allows you to draw two or three snowflakes.



How to make a postcard with snowball. Step-by-step master class

This unconventional image method can be applied in the first second grade. The purpose of the lesson is to connect drawing and appliqué techniques.

Step 1

Accommodation in the center of the sheet of a small circle. For convenience, you can take a template or use the circulation. The circle should be divided into six equal parts.


Step 2.

For the next stage, you need to cook two templates, one more, another smaller. Locate the larger diameter pattern at the top of the circle and circle along the contour.

Combine template

Step 3.

Add another five patterned items.

Combede the rest

Step 4.

Between them, lay the details of a smaller size.

Step 4.

Step 5.

In the circle draw the hero of any magic winter fairy tale, such as the snowball from the "fairy patrol".


Step 6.

Coloring the image to taste.


Step 7.

To enhance the decorative effect, dangle the elements along the contour.


Council. You can not circle elements, but cut them from different shades of colored paper, pre-laying it three times.

How to create a snowflake with stencil

To create proper hexagonal snowflakes, stencils made of paper, folded step by step first twice and then tripled.

These techniques of symmetric cutting schoolchildren are already mastered in the first grade.

By stencil

Step 1

The resulting pattern must be put in the center of the cardboard or paper sheet. For a print, you need two shades of gouache with cold tones, foam rubber or cotton. Paint should be thick.


Step 2.

We must wait until the gouache dry, and make the next print. The second template is a little shifted so that its rays fit between already printed.

The second impression

Such beautiful snowflakes can be issued a postcard, wall newspaper in class, room windows.


It is recommended to use musical accompanies, the creation of a student and teacher, mutual integration of lessons. Communicable photos and video materials on visual arts, presentations, reproductions on the topic as visual benefits. With young children, it is better to act in stages, explaining in detail each action. Then the occupation will bring the joy of creativity to all participants in the process.

Drawing video tutorials

Video 1.

Video 2.

Video 3.

Snowflakes templates for drawing


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Good day! In winter, we used to see snow drifts. But they consist of a huge number of small details - snowflakes. These are thin and very beautiful ice floes. They are similar among themselves and at the same time absolutely different. There is no equal among them.

As a child, we admired them and each winter cut them out of paper or painted. Wonderful time. And I wanted to share with you various ideas of their image. You can try and draw a whole masterpiece with beautiful curved lines. You can work out with children and create snowflakes in various techniques that develop small motility.

Therefore, below the selection of master classes and ideas. You can independently repeat the options you like. Or just inspired by the picture and based on it to create your own unique drawing. Such whom there is no longer anywhere. And give it native and close as a poster or postcard.

Let me remind you that we are not at all artists, but together already disassembled how to draw a new year. Watched a lot of snow maiden images ideas. And also disassembled snowman drawing techniques. If something missed, I invite you to reading. Together we will all work out.

How beautiful to draw a snowflake with a pencil on paper

Let's remember how our heroine looks like. This is a very beautiful openwork ice. And it is absolutely smooth and symmetrical. Therefore, we often meet master classes, where it is depicted using a circulation or ruler. And we also consider such ideas below.

But I want to start with an unusual option. Here we completely give up fantasy and draw a non-standard snowflake by hand. Let's start.

Master class number 1. We need to take a piece of paper and a simple pencil.

Step 1. Let's start with the basics. Our ice cream will have 4 rays. Therefore, we find a dye on a piece. We celebrate its point and spend two subtle perpendicular lines through it.

Then choose the one that is located horizontally. And from the central point, we draw hemispheres to the edges of the ray. The farther from the center, the less we do the hemisphere.

Step 2. Next, draw the remaining line. And she will go to the Vitivaya Spiral. We also lead it from the center to the edges. At the tips draw about the same droplets.

Step 3. So that our picture looks good: in the voids diagonally from the rays add more hemispheres. The closer to the center, the topics they become wider. From afar, such a pattern resembles a Christmas tree.

Step 4. It remains to add thin points above the droplets. And post unnecessary lines. Beautiful picture is ready. It can be made color or leave as it is.

Master class number 2. We will build the next idea using a ruler. If the transporter is at hand, then great, then you can correctly measure all the corners. I will build approximate lines.

We need:

  • line
  • eraser,
  • pencil,
  • paper.

Step 1. In the center of the sheet, we draw a small circle. I spend 6 lines of 5 cm.

Step 2. Then, on each line, we mark 0.5 cm from the circle and 1 cm between the lines. Making serifs.

Alternately connect them. It turns out a star in the center of the drawing. The edges of the rays also graduate with circles.

Step 2. At a distance of 0.5 cm from the ends of the rays, we draw a tick. The loan each her tip is fluffing, bandageing three invasses.

We carry out similar ticks along the entire surface of the rays. The closer they go to the center, the topics become more.

Step 3. Next, we will find empty places and add diamonds in them. It turns out openwork and elegant ice. You can do it from hand, it will be more spectacular.

Master class number 3. We are moving from simple ideas to complex. Below is also the author's idea using the line. But the photo is all very detailed, so it will not be possible to repeat it.

Step 1. In the center of the sheet we find the center. And through it we draw two perpendicular lines. Horizontal make a length of 8 cm, vertical - 10 cm.

We celebrate on each side of 1 cm from the center and connect the sex. It turns out the square.

Step 2. Further, the sides of the square divide in half and spend two more lines through these points, 2 cm long connect their vertices and get the square again.

Step 3. Next, on the main rays, we note from the center of 2.5 cm and connect the points so that the rhombus turns out again.

We still have not filled with the tips of the rays. From the upper edge of each of them, we mark 1 cm. On the sides of 0.5 cm. We connect the points and get a beautiful rhomatic part.

We repeat the values ​​for all four sides. Next, we will prolong the diagonal lines by 2 cm.

And we decorate them with the same "checkmarks" or "Christmas tree". To somehow it is clearer. At the top, we paint the droplet.

We wear unnecessary lines and paint the picture as desired.

Master class number 4. Next we need a circulation or a circle pattern. Its diameter can be absolutely different. But do not make it very small, because it will not be convenient to draw details.

First find the center of the circle and spend two perpendicular lines through it. Then you need to spend two more perpendicular to divide the circle on 8 parts.

At the end of each line, you need to draw two ticks and connect the lower points with a concave line. It turns out very beautiful icecline.

Master class number 5. Next, a more complicated option with a triple line of a circle. Here we are all circle divide on 6 equal parts through a central point. Next, the drawing and construction of openwork edges begins.

This idea is complex. But it is quite possible to repeat if step bypass follow the instructions. It is necessary to erase the auxiliary thin lines and paint the desired color, if desired.

Next, consider lungs and simple ideas that it is easy to repeat along with children.

Simple ideas how to draw a snowfish watercolor with a child

The kids still do not notice all the nuances and features of the surrounding world. And snowflakes for them are precursors of the fun New Year holiday. And where the joy and fun, there are fairy tales. Therefore, I propose to draw not a simple iceclock, but "live" with eyes and mouth.

The guys will surely like this idea.

Master class number 1. This option can be used to decorate the assembly hall or the New Year's wall newspaper.

We need:

  • paper,
  • Watercolor or gouache,
  • brush,
  • water.

Step 1. In the center of the album leaflet draw a circle from the hand with paints of blue or blue. We try to make it wider, because this is the future face.

Then he spend rays from it in different directions. We managed to have a sort of blue cattle.

Step 2. At the races need to do two pairs of dashes in different directions. It will be better if the child tries to draw them different in size. The edges less and thinner. Then the drawing will turn out more openwork.

Step 3. Give similarities with a real snowflake and the tips are best put on the point. And on each side of the circle, add three blue needles. Yet the ice is sharp.

Leave the workpiece to dry completely. If you wish, you can add points, needles or curls where it wants. After all, the same drawings should not be exactly.

Step 4. Dark blue paint depict eyes and spout. Draw brings. And the red we denote the mouth.

After a complete drying, we score on the brush bleel and put the glare from the edges of the eyes and the mouth.

It turned out beautiful and kind picture. Of course, kids will not be able to drain the circle and the same needles. But this is the whole charm. The main thing is that they will try and they will definitely like the process itself.

Master class number 2. Further option for older children. When you need to quickly and schematically portray the snowflake. Draw to start directly with paints without a preliminary sketch with a pencil. The line also will not use, we do from hand.

Step 1. Determine the center of the sheet to the eye. Through it will spend 4 lines. So we will have 8 rays.

Step 2. Departing from the center and depict the square. Then, along the surface of all rays, we distribute the needle.

Step 3. Between them and in voids there is a point. It turns out simple and interesting work. It seems to be especially and did not try, but also a certain charm with the picture exactly turned out.

Master class number 3. We all liked to draw on a contrast background. Therefore, I propose to take a matte cardboard of dark color. And on it to portray our heroine white Bellyl.

Do not take a coated cardboard, he has a smooth surface. Therefore, all the colors and gouache will be tamed with it.

Step 1. We choose a whites on the brush and draw 6 of about the same petals. Do not connect them.

Step 2. Between them put a long line ticking. There were six leaflets, it was 6 ticks.

Step 3. Inside the large lines, Talking the same smaller.

And then another row even less. It turned out like a Christmas tree. At the edges we will put the point.

Step 4. Leave the drawing to dry, so as not to lubricate the gouache. And then across the edges, we paint simple and ordinary snowflakes. They can also be pictured by regular points. It turns out very symbolic.

It turned out a very nice picture. Agree to draw it at all difficult. And if the checkboxes are replaced by straight lines, you will create your own individual iceclock.

Draw a snowflake for the new year on the Gouache window (+ patterns for cutting)

Smoothly came to the decoration of windows with drawings. Most often, the outturnants or stencils are glued. Below will attach some of them, which seemed to me the simplest.

And for convenience, let's look at the whole process of decorating the glasses from creating a stencil before drawing.

Step 1. So, you first need to cut the snowflake. Therefore, we take a square sheet of paper and fold it three times diagonally.

It turned out such a triangular and very dense billet.

Step 2. Do you draw the lines so that they find on bends.

It remains to cut the circuit on the lines and deploy a finished stencil. I got such. He can be very different with you.

Step 3. Next apply the workpiece to the glass. So that she keeps it you can wet water to stick to the tooth paste.

Then, with the help of a wet sponge and gouach, miss empty places. We leave until complete drying.

We remove the stencil and see that a clear pattern remained on the glass. The larger and thicker caused paints, the more clear it turns out the drawing.

A child repeated for me. And there was a lot of water on the sponge, so the paint a little glass. There is nothing terrible in this, because the gouache is easily wiped with a damp cloth.

Such drawings can be made not only by a gouache, but also diluted to the state of the cassel with a dental powder or paste.

You can also use a sponge. And you can spray the coloring element with a dry toothbrush, as shown in the picture.

The following idea shows that the pattern was wet and glued to the glass. And on top of it with the help of a sponge caused a toothpaste.

You can also take not one little stencil, but a large with several snowflakes. So that it does not disappear from the glass, its edges are glued with a painting ribbon. It does not leave traces on the glass and easily removed.

Translate drawing through a template can also be using artificial snow in aerosols. Only after that you need to ventilate the room.

Below is a small selection of simple, but beautiful patterns and dolenics.

Any of them you can save on your computer and print.

Or transfer to paper by attaching to the monitor screen.

If ideas are more openwork. Then the races need to be better attached to the glass so that they are better printed.

Some of the templates can be glued to the window as an independent decor.

Or redraw their lines with a brush and white guashi.

Ideas are a lot, you can search them on your own online. If suddenly those that showed, I will have little.

I also like stencils with our usual patterns. For example, hearts.

Or on the basis of Christmas trees and sprockets.

But with butterflies.

And bells.

Such a spruce branch with snowflakes will accurately decorate your window. It can become a detail of the New Year's composition.

Even the ice cream with the same snowmen.

Independent separate glands with eyes.

These are ideas for small children. They will definitely want to make a similar window.

By the way, all stencils you can use and as a coloring or base for crafts. These are universal images.

Master class on the image of snowflakes for children from 3 years

I also want to share easy ideas for kids. They are aimed at the development of fantasy and shallow motility. Take for up, kids like it.

Master class number 1. The meaning of this option is that the child is painted the picture and it manifests the drawing. The baby seems to be magic. We rejoice with him.

We need:

  • wax or candle
  • paper,
  • watercolor,
  • brush,
  • paint.

Step 1. On a white sheet wax draw sketchy snowflakes in different ends. They can be seen if you look at the leaf at an angle for sunlight. But the kid will not notice them.

Step 2. Let him in the handle brush with paints and say that you need to paint the entire surface.

Water with watercolor rolls off wax and we have a pattern.

How do you like the idea. I think that many remembered childhood and this is awesome.

Master class number 2. Next, we use our fingers. And it is them to create the next snowflake.

We need:

  • paper,
  • gouache,
  • Our fingers.

Step 1. Form the guise of the index finger and put the prints in a circle. It turns out almost flower.

Step 2. Then in the desired order, add long and short prints. Try not to make them far from the center so that the composition does not break. The farther from the center, the smaller the imprints can be.

Step 3. And then you can add different items to the brush, which will give our drawing similarity to the iceclock. These are different needles, zigzags and points.

It turns out an interesting joint pastime. True, then you need to quickly and thoroughly wash your fingers with soap. Otherwise, the baby makes such snowflakes in all objects of furniture and wallpaper around themselves. Here you need to show distillation.

How easy and beautifully draw new year iceclock with cotton wand

The next idea is also carried out with children. We remember different unusual drawing techniques. So we expand the horizons of the baby and wake him fantasy. Therefore, I propose to use cotton wand for creativity. It is convenient to keep them in your hand and draw it quite carefully.

We need:

  • paper,
  • cotton wand,
  • Gouache or watercolor.

Step 1. First I propose to check the gouache. She should not be dried. Otherwise, children will not be convenient to recruit it. Therefore, choose fresh paints. Or replace them on the watercolor, only in advance of it in advance.

We recruit the paint on one side and put the imprint in about the center of the sheet. You can press to twist the wand so that the imprint is wider.

Then keep it vertically and put another 8 prints around the central one. They can be done less. Here and the center of our snowflake is ready.

Step 2. Next, you can offer kids to put prints on your own. Or try to build rays from them. We first took the paint of another color and created two more rings of prints around the center. And already made vertical rays from them. To do this, simply added one trace at equal intervals.

Step 3. Then we extend our rays to get like a blue sun.

Step 4. Further the child can spend the line. Which will symbolize the needles of our ice. For example, as shown in the photo.

After drying, it is possible to make a drawing with markers, adding the missing huts to it. Everything is already individually. My child like this technique.

By the way, it is possible to draw not one, but by two or three chopsticks immediately, then the picture will turn out more voluminous. And, if one edge of the cotton wand flashed, then you can use the second.

Simple drawing snowflakes in cells for beginners

You may want to draw a picture using cells. This is fine, because the cells are very suitable for us. Thanks to them, it turns out an absolutely symmetrical picture. Let's consider several detailed ideas.

Master class number 1. Take a tetrad leaf into a cage. It is desirable that the paper is white, then the drawing will look brighter and more festive.

Step 1. Begin to create from the edge of the sheet. With a simple pencil, we supply the boundaries of three cells located to each other at right angles. It turned out almost cross.

Step 2. Continue to form this ray. And we continue two unfinished lines. We will extend them vertically on 3 cells. Then symmetrically raise the upper cell on one cell, and the lower end is also one. So gradually form the remaining three beams.

The center turned out the square. If everyone did right according to the scheme, then you will have one central cell. Combede and her.

Step 3. Add details. From the central square, we supply 4 cells diagonally.

It will turn out 4 such rays.

Step 4. And add the openwork. The very first diagonal cell of each beam is connected with adjacent. So we as if tied her to the snowfish.

We begin to circle a pattern with a felt-tip pen or handle. You need to do carefully to not get confused. After all, color lines will no longer erase. Total, our ice cloth took 13 cells vertically and as much horizontally.

Master class number 2. The following idea is also more convenient to draw with a ruler. The picture will turn out more accurate without unnecessary lines.

Step 1. Invo 9 diagonal cells from top to bottom.

Step 2. The fifth cell turns out the central and spending another diagonal through it from left to right.

Step 3. Now from the central cell at the bottom we mark the fourth cell and supply its contours. From it to the center we supply two neighboring cells. So we will connect them with rays.

We repeat these bundles for all three remaining parties.

Step 4. It remains to circle and paint the line. When the ice floes with color, it becomes clearly seen that it may not be enough for the openwork.

In this case, I propose the tops of the rays to make more voluminous. We find the second cell on top of each beam and on the sides of stitching one more cell.

This beauty should turn out in the end.

Master class number 3. The next idea turned out to take a picture not from the very beginning. For this, I apologize - fascinated by the process.

Step 1. Choose a cell from which to start drawing. And we supply the adjacent cells diagonally up and down. Apart from the initial one, it turns out five cells. Mirrorally repeat the same reception, starting from the upper cell, then repeat from the bottom and so until the rhombus is obtained.

Inside the square was formed with the sides of 5 cells. We supply its external and inside.

Step 2. Next, we find the second cells of the rays and from their corners there are still two diagonal cells.

That's what happens in the end.

We supply the resulting drawing and stitching cells inside to the picture turns out more contrast.

Below ideas of images of different beautiful ice floes using symmetry. There is a start, you also need to mirror the lines in an empty place. In order not to get back and save the proportions, added cells with dashed lines.

It is better to start from the first option and go down the lines below. After all, the complexity is shown on increasing: from simple to complex.

Pictures of snowflakes for sripet and coloring

The whole chapter dedicate to inspiration. For your convenience, a lot of ideas of snowflakes for sripet are picked up. They can be saved to your computer desktop and print.

Look what boils may be: more angular or rounded. How rays may end: needles or circles. How many can be depicted with rays, etc. Such observations will allow you to develop the wonder and at any time draw openwork and beautiful picture.

Some pictures resemble a web.

And some have ornaments similar to leaves and flowers.

Rhombic and droplets are also included in the general pattern.

Simple but interesting options.

But the scheme for crochet. But for us, this is an excellent idea for drawing, see each dash. It's comfortable.

The whole snowflake can consist of needles, and be like a Christmas tree. Or all rays can end with circles. Show your fantasy.

Interesting options are more complicated. Here you already need to carefully work the line and have a good eye.

More different variations.

Honestly, I like all the pictures. I do not even know what kind of snowflake I liked more. All stunning.

The next selection is presented for those who need a silhouette for coloring or creativity.

These ideas can be printed and issued to children. Let them create a color handicraft from PVA and sequin glue.

For the smallest, take the ice options with eyes. They were presented a little higher.

Ideas drawing snowflakes on nails

Also on the eyes of the master class in video format. And it also describes in detail each step of drawing a snowflake. True, the author creates the beauty of the gel varnish on the nails. But we can move away from it and repeat her steps and on paper. See what beautiful pictures in the end are obtained. Let's expand their borders and repeat this instruction.

Repeat these steps offering a thin brush and a gouache on paper. So that ready-to-carotine is the same openwork and individual.

Thank you for your attention. There are already many articles on this site with preparing for New Year holidays. We did both garlands and postcards. And many more. And use the search bar on the site and add articles to bookmarks to quickly find them.

I will continue interesting collections with copyright photos and master classes. I really want to give you more high-quality and modern ideas. Write in the comments if you manage to repeat the ideas, your feedback is very important to me.

I wish all the best and brightened to you and your families.

How to draw a snowflake with a pencil or felt-tip

How to draw a snowflake with a pencil or felt-tip
Frame: Lethalchris Drawing / YouTube

What you need

  • Black paper drawing;
  • simple pencil;
  • white pencil;
  • line;
  • White gel pen.

How to draw

So that the snowflake is perfect, in the process of drawing, you need to strictly observe the proportion and symmetry. Tags convenient to make a simple pencil.

To begin with, tighten a white pencil on the line a vertical line of 8 cm long and on top of it two lines of the same length crosswise, they all must intersect exactly in the middle at an angle of 60 °.

How to draw snowflake: Spend three lines
Frame: Lethalchris Drawing / YouTube

Make each of the six received rays of a 2-minute label from the center of the snowflakes. Connect the points pairwise so that the correct hexagon is released.

How to draw a snowflake: in the center Draw a hexagon
Frame: Lethalchris Drawing / YouTube

Similarly, draw a small hexagon, retreating on each ray of 0.5 cm from the center. From the middle of each of the sides of the small hexagon, spend the cuts to the corners of a large hexagon so that the star is.

How to draw a snowflake: Draw a small hexagon
Frame: Lethalchris Drawing / YouTube

Add one more, medium hexagon, retreating on each ray 1 cm from the center of the snowflakes. Spend three more lines through the center, this time 5 cm long each: they must lie exactly between the previous rays.

The thickness of the lines can be varied, some angles round up, then the form will get more interesting. For example, try smooth down the transitions from the side of a large hexagon to the rays of snowflakes, as shown in the picture.

How to draw a snowflake: add one more hexagon
Frame: Lethalchris Drawing / YouTube

Make on the long rays of the mark at a distance of 4 cm from the center and spend the lines from them to the points of intersection of short rays with the sides of a large hexagon. You will have another star.

How to draw a snowflake: Draw a star
Frame: Lethalchris Drawing / YouTube

Outside the star apply labels on short rays at an equal distance from each other. From the closest to the figure, you spend two short segments parallel to its parties. Repeat on each ray.

How to draw snowflake: decorate the star
Frame: Lethalchris Drawing / YouTube

Draw from the next tag, the segments are slightly shorter, from the third there is still shorter, so that in every corner of the stars in the end it turned out the "Christmas tree".

How to draw snowflake: Dorisite "Christmas tree"
Frame: Lethalchris Drawing / YouTube

Decorate every long beam: At the tip itself, put short strokes, close to them. Draw a hexagonal thickening and felt, and in the figure, add a bomurang corner, similar to the boomerang, with a side of about 1 cm.

Decorate the ends of rays
Frame: Lethalchris Drawing / YouTube

Under each "boomerang", mark a very small corner, and to meet it to draw the lines, divergent at the same angle from each top of a big star.

How to draw a snowflake: add oncoming lines
Frame: Lethalchris Drawing / YouTube

Return to the center of the snowflake: from the middle of each side of the middle hexagon, spend the segments to the corners of the big one. These lines can be rejected a little.

Decorate the center
Frame: Lethalchris Drawing / YouTube

Circlave the main gel handle the main contours of the snowflake, and leave the miner in the pencil.

If you have any questions, check with this video:

What else there are options

Here it is shown how to portray the snowflake from the cartoon "Cold Heart":

This cheerful snowflake is drawn by markers:

And even small children are causing such a picture:

How to draw a snowflake with paints

How to draw a snowflake with paints
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

What you need

  • Paper;
  • simple pencil;
  • eraser;
  • watercolor paints;
  • brushes;
  • coin or other round template with a diameter of about 3 cm;
  • Spring lid or other round pattern with a diameter of about 6 cm;
  • Line.

How to draw

Circle a coin with a simple pencil.

How to draw snowflake: circle a coin
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

Circuit the lid with a simple pencil, the centers of both circles must match.

How to draw snowflake: circle the lid
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

Spend the vertical segment via the center through the center of both circles, put on the intersection of the lines of the point. Note at an equal distance from them four more points on each of the circles, denoting the corners of the future hexagons.

How to draw a snowflake: take a point
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

Connect the points from the previous step into hexagons and erase the auxiliary lines.

Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

Type the blue paint on the brush of the middle size and circle the inner, low hexagon. Draw in its middle a circle and segments, connect its contour with the corners of the figure.

How to draw a snowflake: start drawing in the middle of the middle
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

Each line will extend to the corner of a large hexagon, and then direct a parallel neighboring segment so that the lines intersect the crosswise, as shown in the figure.

Each segment will extend to the corner of a large hexagon
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

In the same way draw the whole figure. You will get something like a flower.

How to draw a snowflake: draw the whole figure
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

According to the contour of a large hexagon, you will show the paint spirals that are cooled from each angle to the center of the surrounding sides.

How to draw snowflake: Picture paint spirals
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

Spend long rays from the corners of the hexagon.

Spend from the corners of the hexagon rays
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

Decorate the ray of the tip in the form of a droplet. Put three labels at an equal distance from each other and draw the line diverges from them: the closer to the center of the figure, the shorter. Repeat for each beam.

How to draw a snowflake: decorate rays
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

Under the lines from the previous step, draw curls similar to the spirals that you painted along the contour of the hexagon.

How to draw snowflake: draw curls
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

Check the drawing, add decorative elements: points at the end of each line, circles inside the hexagon and everything you can tell you creative fantasy.

Add decorative elements
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

Here you will find a detailed guide to drawing this snowflakes:

What else there are options

On a black background, blue-white snowflake with acrylic paints:

Here is a couple of the most simple snowflakes:

And this acrylic pattern resembles a fabulous star:

How to draw a snowflake with glue or masking liquid

How to draw a snowflake with glue or masking liquid
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

In this instruction, we will not talk about the geometry of snowflakes, but about the original technique, thanks to which the "negative" is obtained: we also paint the background, and the snowflake itself remains white.

What you need

  • Paper for watercolor;
  • paints;
  • blue pencil;
  • Wide brush;
  • Capacity for mixing paints;
  • Ring-shaped form (for example, Scotch coil) or two round forms of different sizes;
  • scissors;
  • glass with water;
  • Rubber glue brand A or masking watercolor liquid;
  • Tassel for applying glue (as needed).

How to draw

First you need to outline the contours of the picture. Blue pencil circle the shape inside and outside to get two circles.

Circle form
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

Throw three lines through the center of circles so that they intersect at an angle of 60 °.

Spend three lines
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

Beach or masking liquid Start drawing a snowflake from the center, based on pencil markup. You can create any patterns, the main thing - symmetrically repeat them on each of the six axes.

Start drawing with glue snowflake
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

In this technique, there will be an effectively a variety of separately arranged small elements.

Dorisinate Snezhinka
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

When you draw a snowflake, let it dry well, otherwise all the work will be done in vain. Mix the paints for the background: we recommend making it blue, but you can pick up the colors at your discretion.

Mix the paints for the background
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

Cover the sheet of paint over glue. Well dry.

Cover the sheet of paint
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

Carefully remove the glue with paper. You will get a white pattern on a colored background.

Discover paper glue
Frame: Createful Art / YouTube

Look for details in video:

What else there are options

Here the technique is similar, but salt crystals are added to snow textures:

Also glue can be drawing simply as paints:

How to draw a snowflake toothpaste

How to draw a snowflake toothpaste
Frame: "Creative Studio Tair" / YouTube

This technique is used to draw not on paper, but on a window or mirror. First we will make a template, and then we will apply a snow pattern along its contour.

What you need

  • Toothpaste;
  • paper;
  • scissors;
  • Two water tanks;
  • Toothbrush;
  • hairdryer.

How to draw

Cut an arbitrary snowflake from a sheet of paper.

How to draw snowflake: cut the snowflake
Frame: "Creative Studio Tair" / YouTube

Singing a white toothpaste into the container, dilute with water to the consistency of the liquid sour cream.

How to draw snowflake: spread toothpaste
Frame: "Creative Studio Tair" / YouTube

Thoroughly moisten with clean water. You can add a little soap so that the paper is better adhered to the glass.

Water snowflake
Frame: "Creative Studio Tair" / YouTube

Attach the wet snowflake to the window or the mirror you want to decorate, press and smooth.

How to draw a snowflake: stick to glass
Frame: "Creative Studio Tair" / YouTube

Pulse a toothbrush into a mixture of water with water, swipe on the bristle from top to bottom so that the splashes flew on the glass. Experiment with the distance from the brush to the window and with the power of clicking. From this depends the magnitude of the drops and the density with which they fall on the surface.

How to draw snowflake: spray paste on glass
Frame: "Creative Studio Tair" / YouTube

Unnecessary and too large drops can be removed with a wet napkin, and you can walk on them with rumming movements, imitating the frost on the window.

Rock too much
Frame: "Creative Studio Tair" / YouTube

Dry splashes and paper hairdryer and drop snowflakes. The window will remain transparent prints on the "snowy" background.

How to draw a snowflake: dry hairdryer
Frame: "Creative Studio Tair" / YouTube

Before proceeding, check with step-by-step video:

What else there are options

Here, using the same technique, on the window create a whole winter landscape:

And in this video, the toothpaste plays the role of paint for working on stencils:

For the new year, it is customary to decorate the Christmas tree, give gifts, make a desire for the battle of the chimes. On the eve of the holiday, parents try to decorate together with children: hang garlands, set the New Year figures and compositions. Often on the windows you can see the bizarre patterns, drawings and New Year snowflakes, which are made from various materials. In this article we will tell how to make Christmas snowflakes on the windows. Materials are different, design ideas too - choose the most suitable option.

Snowflakes on paper windows

Classic are considered snowflakes made from ordinary paper. There are several ways to make a piece of paper beautifully to make a new year decoration. Here is a pair of main:

  1. We take a sheet of paper A4, wrap the corner that goes along the edge of the leaflet. The remaining part must be cut off. We deploy the curved part, wrap the sheet in half, then again, too half. Then you need to fold the sheet in the center so that the form of the triangle is. The right edge throw on the left so that a long tip turned out below. Cut the tip with scissors.
  2. Reapse as a sheet of A4. Left bottom corner bend up. What remains excess, cut off so that the form of a triangle is. The lower part of the resulting triangle again fend to the top. The left part of the sheet should also be adjusted. You have to get "horns" from below, which you need to cut.

When the form for future snowflakes will be ready, apply a simple pencil pattern.

So that the snowflake is neat and beautiful, use to create patterns with ready-made templates.

After the patterns of patterns are applied on the workpiece, sharp scissors need to carefully cut all applied parts.

What should pay attention to the start of work:

  1. Before start cutting the snowflakes, you need to select paper for templates. It is best for a dense office paper A4. In this case, it turns out dense decorations that will be beautifully hanging on the windows. If you want to stick the snowflakes on the glass, use a thinner base. It is easier to cut openwork snowflakes and glue on the windows.
  2. Of course, kids will want to participate in the creation of a New Year's decor to the New Year. Kids who still do not know how to use scissors, you can charge the templates. For older children, offer safe scissors with rounded edges so that they do not cut in the process of work.
  3. To simplify the task, use ready-made templates. They need to be printed, stick on a dense cardboard, cut, and then with the help of a simple pencil move the pattern on paper.
  4. It is not necessary to cut snowflakes only from white paper. Beautifully look at color combinations, as well as a decor made of double-sided colored paper.
  5. Volumetric snowflakes made of paper, you can decorate not only the windows, but also the Christmas tree. The kids will gladly wipe the Christmas tree toys from paper with their own hands using adults.

Window snowflakes from napkins

Many parents remember how beautiful snowflakes were cut out of the napkins as a child and glued on the windows. Create a magic atmosphere in the house or at the cottage along with children with simple napkins that can be bought at any store.

New Year's decor made of napkins is done just like paper. First you need to fold a template for future snowflakes:

  1. We take a napkin, fold in half along the fold line to get a triangle form.
  2. The triangle we fold again in half, then the edges connect along the fold line.
  3. The right side of the triangle put on the left, the lower "horns" cut off.
  4. Then use patterns so that patterns appear on the snowfish.

Popular ways to attach the decor on the windows:

  1. Water or milk. Pulse completely snowflake into the liquid, get and attach to the glass. You need to be very careful because the thin wet napkin is easy.
  2. Soap solution. Divide a little economic soap in water. A piece of sponge gently apply a soap solution on a paper pattern, attach to the glass. Liquid residues remove with flannel fabric or foam rubber. The soap solution reliably attaches not only the paper decor, but also snowflakes associated from threads.

Both ways of fastening the New Year's snowflakes are good because after holidays the decor is easily removed, and the glass is washed easier and quickly.

How and what to draw a snowflake on the window?

On the glass pattern of snowflakes can draw not only frost. Fancy Winter Pictures can be applied on glass with a toothpaste.

What materials will be needed for work:

  • Snowflakes cut from paper or napkins;
  • white toothpaste;
  • water;
  • Unnecessary toothbrush.

We proceed to creating magic on the windows:

  1. First you need to make a stencil for snowflakes.
  2. Finished snowflakes attach on glass with water or soap solution.
  3. Pour a little water into the cup, spread toothpaste.
  4. Lower the toothbrush into the solution with pasta, slightly smooth.
  5. Direct the brush with paste on the snowflake, spend the brush with your finger.
  6. When splashes from the paste beautifully cover the snowflake, carefully remove a paper pattern from the glass.

What to pay attention to when creating a winter fairy tale on the windows:

  1. So that the pattern turns out to be air, cut the openwork snowflakes.
  2. Pre-close the paper by the pieces of the window that will not be painted. Do not forget that splashes of pasta can get to the neighboring surfaces - walls, windowsill.
  3. After holidays, the pattern is easily washed off with a sponge dipped in a warm soap solution.

You can combine patterns, for example, to apply snowflakes from above, and at the bottom of the window "draw" Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, a snowman or fairy-tale characters.

Lamb or sugar powder

Attach the stencil on the window with a sugar powder. We apply sugar powder or a piece of foam rubber or sponge. When the drawing dries, remove the stencil, and the remnants of the mankey or powder are brushed with a dry tassel or flannel cloth.

Figures with soapy solution

The method of applying a New Year's drawing, which used to be very popular. Why not use the wonderful opportunity to create velvety, gentle pictures with the help of ordinary soap. Sutitate on a shallow grater a piece of household soap, take care with a small amount of warm water before the formation of thick foam. Fait a piece of sponge into a soap solution and apply on the stencil, pre-attached to the glass. Lects are removed with a damp cloth or a napkin. We remove the stencil and get a quaint pattern on the windows.

To create a soap pattern, it is better to use grinding stencils so that the drawing gets smooth edges.

Artificial snow

This is the easiest way to create a New Year's pattern on the windows for which you will need a special spray in the canister. Shake the canister and apply any drawings: snowflakes, winter hut, from the pipe of which goes smoking, Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, a snowman under a Christmas tree, fairy-tale bells, multicolored garlands.

Markers or gouache

Instead of Guahas, you can use water-soluble paint, but the gouache is applied with a dense layer, so the drawing will be more bright and spectacular. It is worth noting that the watercolor from the glass is washed away badly, so after the New Year will have to work, laundering the windows from it.

To create a truly fabulous winter picture, sequins or sequins can be applied to the wet paint. For contrast, you can circle a drawing with a black gouache with a thin bruster.

If you do not look good enough, use ready-made stencils. Attach a ready-made pattern to the glass, circle the outline and small details with a marker, and then sketch a gouache.

Stained glass paints

Use children's stained glass paints that will easily wash off after the New Year holidays. The main thing is not to confuse and do not take professional stained paints. Remove them from glass will not work. For this reason, the paint is applied first on a special film, which is then attached to the glass. The kids will probably like to participate in the process of decorating windows.


If there is no time or inspiration to draw new year pictures on glass, you can use ready-made thematic stickers. A variety of self-adhesive stickers will help create any drawing on the window. Choose stickers, which will like: monophonic, multicolored, flickering, shiny, vinyl, mirrored.

Surround snowflakes made of magazine sheets

Bright, unusual decorations can be made of paper or unnecessary magazines. What will be required for work:

  • journal pages;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • hole puncher;
  • Porolon (can be replaced by a piece of foam).

Getting to work:

  1. We fold the snowflake pattern from the coffee sheet.
  2. Cut out any like pattern.
  3. To create the decoration, you will need two snowflakes. One must be aligned, to leave the second.
  4. Cut from the foam rubber or foam plastic a small circle, inside with a hole with a hole.
  5. We take a smooth snowflake pattern, glit a circle with a hole inside the center.
  6. A small part of the foam rubber, which remained after using holes, glit to the uneven snowflake.
  7. We glue both snowflakes so that the convex circle fell into the center of the second mug.
  8. If you connect several bulk snowflakes, it turns out the original garland, which can be decorate.

Felt snowflakes

Soft fabric is often used to create different crafts. The craftsmen usually sew from felt toys, and before the new year it can get an unusual felt snowflake.

Materials required for work:

  • Felt white, blue, blue;
  • snowflake pattern;
  • glue pistol;
  • Jewelry: rhinestones, beads;
  • scissors;
  • marker;
  • needle, threads;
  • Pins.

The template of the future snowflakes is attached to the fabric pins. In terms of edges, it is necessary to circle a marker, then cut out with sharp scissors. Crafts can be single-layer or multi-layered. If you want to make a bulk decor, between two templates you need to put a piece of foam rubber or any other package. It will remain to decorate the array of beads, rhinestones, embroidery, and you can hang a toy on the window or Christmas tree.

Snowflakes from felt can be like:

Auxiliary schemes, stencils and patterns

To create a colorful New Year decor, not necessarily be able to draw. You can simply print your favorite pattern on the printer and cut.

Thanks to the schemes, it will be clear how to make one or another craft.

Creating snowflakes for windows on video

How to cut a snowflake of paper:

Pictures on the windows of toothpaste:

Creating the most beautiful snowflakes on the windows:

Magic snowflakes will decorate the windows before the New Year and help create a unique, fabulous atmosphere. The easiest decor is made of napkins or paper. You can also apply a picture on the glass or decorate windows with snowflakes from beads, fabric, thread. If there are kids in the house, definitely connect them to work, because the kids like this with your own hands to create a New Year's fairy tale in the house!


A pair of recipes in the winter window decor do it yourself.

Может, кто и не знает, но самый простой способ разрисовать окна, помимо витражных красок и мелков для окон, является роспись зубной пастой. Здесь все более, чем просто: нужно взять белую зубную пасту, слегка развести ее водой до краскообразного состояния и можно рисовать. Если в эту смесь добавить пару капель жидкости для мытья посуды, то потом засохшая паста отмоется от окон еще легче. Зубную пасту также можно сделать и разноцветной, добавив в нее краску (пищевой краситель, акварель, гуашь и пр.). Что касается нанесения, то можно просто рисовать кисточкой или губкой.

Frosty patterns on windows with their own hands, photo № 1

Совет: пока паста не подсохла, зубочисткой можно прорисовать детали елочек, шариков, мордочки животным и так далее.

Если с рисованием не очень получается, то можно купить или вырезать распечатанные трафареты и приклеив их на окна, закрасить губкой, смоченной в зубной пасте.

Frosty patterns on windows with their own hands, photo № 2

Frosty patterns on windows with their own hands, photo № 3

А еще простой способ быстро задекорировать окна зубной пастой: наклеить на окна вырезанные из бумаги или купленные снежинки и побрызгать на все окно зубной щеткой, смоченной в пасте. После высыхания краски снять снежинки. Совет: для этого способа паста должна быть более жидкой; первые брызги лучше стряхнуть в емкость с пастой, так как на окне они будут выглядеть, как потеки. Если вы используете бумажные снежинки, то для лучшего прилипания к окну намочите их в воде и аккуратно приложите к стеклу.

Frosty patterns on windows with their own hands, photo № 4

Этот способ подходит также для росписи стекол и зеркал. Поверхности потом отлично отмываются и даже сияют чистотой.

А теперь второй способ, более экзотический, но очень эффектный. Этим способом можно добиться «ледяных», «морозных» узоров на окнах. Понадобится для этого английская соль, в нашей стране известная, как магнезия (сульфат магния). В ампулах ее применяют у беременных и гипертоников, а в сыпучем виде применяется в гастроэнтерологии, как средство от запора. Также она применяется для производства косметических средств. Таким образом, магнезию можно купить в аптеках и интернет-магазинах товаров для косметики ручной работы. Стоит около 60 рублей за пакетик 25 гр. Нужна магнезия именно в порошке.

Frosty patterns on windows with their own hands, photo № 5

Итак, пропорции смеси таковы: 50 гр магнезии растворить в 100 гр светлого пива (пиво здесь служит стабилизатором кристаллов магнезии, после высыхания узоры на окнах устойчивые к прикосновениям и не осыпаются). Для лучшего растворения соли в пиве, смесь нужно поставить в микроволновку на 5-10 секунд или больше до полного растворения. Полученный раствор наносим губкой на окно или зеркало, имитируя завитки и замысловатые узоры. Смесь можно наносить в несколько слоев. По мере высыхания наблюдаем образование кристаллов, это удивительное зрелище. В конечном итоге на окне получается шелковистый на ощупь узор, похожий на изморозь. И, как это ни странно, в комнате потом не пахнет пивом. И после высыхания узоры легко смываются водой.

Frosty patterns on windows with their own hands, photo № 6

С окнами все! Но про магнезию продолжим. Оставшийся раствор можно нанести на лист бумаги темного цвета, очень эффектно узор смотрится на черной бумаге. Ее потом можно использовать для открыток, упаковки и так далее.

Frosty patterns on windows with their own hands, photo № 7

Еще можно вылить оставшийся раствор в прозрачную крышечку (от сметаны, например). В зависимости от количества вылитого раствора получится или легкий морозный узор.

Frosty patterns on windows with their own hands, photo № 8

Или более серьезные кристаллы. Такие крышечки можно использовать как украшения для дома или улицы, или как кулон ледяной принцессы :)

Frosty patterns on windows with their own hands, photo № 9

On this photo, a solution is poured into the lid, slightly tinted watercolor.

Another Magnesia can be dissolved in 1: 1 boiling water, pour into containers and tinkering each watercolor or food dyes. The dried paintings drawn by such colors consist of the smallest crystals. For a more pronounced effect, it is necessary to draw on rough paper (watercolor or paper for drawing). But it must be remembered that these crystals are not so persistent as beer, therefore, for better safety, it is better to fix the dried pattern with a lacquer in an aerosol or simply use the beer solution.

Frosty patterns on windows with their own hands, photo № 10

Frosty patterns on windows with their own hands, photo № 11

With the coming! :)

Hello dear friends and readers of the blog Alexei Shevchenko "Healthy Lifestyle". The tradition of making paper snowflakes on the eve of the new year appeared a long time ago. Once it was the only way to get Christmas decorations. But now, when shop windows are bursting from sparkling multicolored lights of balls, icicles, figures and tinsel, the cutting of snowflakes has not lost popularity. They are fun to do, they help family and friends get together and talk together, and, in the end, they look awesome.

Beautiful homemade snowflakes

Snowflakes on paper windows to the new 2021

Snowflakes are especially made in two and three additions. Paper layers in this case are quite a bit, and it cuts without effort.

Snowflakes on paper windows

Paper snowflakes can be used to make cards, garlands, or you can stick to the windows. The following means are suitable for this purpose:

  • water;
  • milk;
  • soap solution;
  • paste;
  • adhesive pencil;
  • transparent scotch;
  • Toothpaste.

Water and milk act equally. We pour fluid into a bowl, wetting the paper snowflake in it and press the wet side to the glass. If the liquids turned out to be too much, and it flows with drops, then wipe the surplus with a cloth or sponge.

Milk fastens a snowflake more reliably than water.

Fastening technology with a soap solution is completely similar. For him, you can take a conventional soap chips or liquid soap. The composition of the solution is as follows: 2 parts of soap and 1 part of the water.

When attaching to the tooth paste, we apply a thin layer on the snowflake and press it to the glass. If the excess paste goes to the contour of the snowflake, they can either erase with a cloth, or, on the contrary, to casually smear on the glass - it will be imitation of the land.

Clauster creparate paper snowflakes are more reliable. To prepare it, take flour, poured hot milk and stir into a homogeneous mass. The consistency should be like a thick sour cream.

Cleaster need to be used immediately after cooking.

The adhesive pencil is probably the easiest and most convenient way. One side of the snowflake slightly lubricate the glue and apply to the glass. True, if the snowflake is made of very thin paper (for example, from a napkin or from cigarette), then lubricate it with adhesive pencil, without damaging the paper, it is unlikely to succeed.

Finally, scotch. We press the snowflake to the glass, cut a suitable piece of scotch and glue the snowflake.

By the way, on this technology, you can cut snowflakes not only from paper, but also from cellophane, polyethylene film, foil.

For successful cutting, the following techniques helps:

  • First, cut out small elements, and then large;
  • Cell-cutting windows in complex patterns cut into the latter.

Snowflakes of large size cut easier. Therefore, if the pattern is very intricate, then it is better to take a bigger sheet.

Bulk paper snowflakes

A classic snowflake, without which in Soviet times did not affect any school New Year's matinee, is very simple, but it looks wonderful. Snowflakes will become an excellent addition to the symbol of the year - the white metal bull. About how to make funny and enough ordinary bulls tells the article "DIY for the New Year Bull 2021".

bulk paper snowflakes

Production Procedure:

Step 1. The square sheet of paper is diagonally, and then the resulting triangle fold in half.

Step 2. We make three cuts, walking parallel to the big side. There should be the same distance between the cuts. Deploy the square.

Step 3. We glue (or fasten the stapler) the tips of the most inner strips. We skip the next strip, and you glued down after it.

Step 4. The remaining bands fasten the same, but on the other hand.

Step 5. We make another 5 exactly the same billets from the other five square sheets.

Step 6. We fasten the blanks with each other, we glue the loop from the threads so that the snowflake can be hung on the Christmas tree or use as an interior decoration.

Snowflakes from Foamyran

Foamiran is similar to very dense paper, so it can be used almost for the same patterns that are given for paper snowflakes.

Especially beautiful snowflakes are obtained if you take a foamyran with sparkles.

Snowflakes from Foamyran

Production procedure

Step 1. Cut from Foamiran 10 strips of a small width. Strips must be all the same.

Step 2. Lay out strips in a checker order to get a wicker design. Either you can simply twist the strips, as if we are wearing a basket.

Production of snowflakes from Foamiran

Step 3. The ends of those strips that are adjacent to each other in one corner are sewn, or glued, or fasten the stapler. At the same time, a free "cross" should remain in the center.

Foamiran Snowflake

Step 4. We make another such braided workpiece.

Step 5. We fasten two blanks with each other so that it turns out a large bulk snowflake.

To create a fabulous composition, it is possible to make not only snowflakes and bull, but also a constant character of New Year's fairy tales - a hare. Various ideas of homemade bunny can be found here.

Tight snowflakes from Foamyran are suitable not only for the decoration of the Christmas tree and the interior, but also for conducting funny contests. The rules of the game "Do not drop snowflake" are described in the article "In a healthy body a healthy mind - Winter games."

Templates for cutting paper snowflakes

If you fold a sheet of paper into a different number of layers, you can cut snowflakes with different amounts of rays.

Templates for cutting paper snowflakes

The most common folding method looks like this.

Step 1. We take a square sheet and fold it diagonally to get a triangle.

Step 2. We reduce the opposite finishes of the triangle together to get a smaller triangle.

Step 3. Once again, we turn the triangle in the same way.

Step 4. On the resulting triangle draw a handle or pencil workpiece.

Step 5. Cut the workpiece with sharp scissors. Deploy the finished snowflake.

If you do not turn out the workpiece, it can be printed, cut, then apply a template for a rolled paper triangle and break it with a handle or pencil.

Snowflakes on windows with toothpaste

Method of window decoration using toothpaste is very simple. Pasta is used as ordinary paint. You can draw, having dipped a finger in the paste, brush, or a cotton wand. They wash off all these arts from the glass as easily as applied.

Snowflakes on windows with toothpaste

Despite the fact that the technique itself is simple, draw something beautiful is difficult. The situation is similar to the situation with the pencil: we take a pencil and draw. What can be difficult here?

Stencils will help to improve the result. The implementation scheme is as follows.

Step 1. Cut from paper a snowflake using any like the scheme.

Step 2. We wat the snowflake with water and gently glue it on the glass.

Step 3. In the palette or in a small cup (or in an empty plastic cup from under yogurt), we squeeze a small amount of any toothpaste. We divorce it with water to such a consistency to make it convenient to dial on the brush.

If the paste is desired, you can cut watercolor or gouache.

Snowflakes with toothpaste

Step 4. We recruit the resulting paint on the old toothbrush, or on a comfortable brush.

Step 5. We shake the brush or brush over the snowflake stencil so that the glass is covered with a thick layer of droplets.

You can also hold on the brush with your finger so that splashes flew from it.

Step 6. We remove the stencil from the glass and get a beautiful "negative" snowflakes.

Practical advice: In order not to spat paint other surfaces, they must be closed with newspapers, film or painting tape.

Draw snowflakes on gouache windows

Drawing on gouache windows is little different from the usual. But to create a beautiful drawing requires more skill, as the paint spreads greatly on the glass. To reduce this effect, gouache and the surface itself must be prepared. This is done in two ways.

The first way. First, the glass is thoroughly wash and give it to dry completely.

For drawing take fresh liquid gouache, which is added a little soap solution. Water is taken in the minimum quantities.

The second way. Washing, dry glass wipes with lemon juice. Liquid gouache is mixed with PVA glue and begin to draw.

Draw snowflakes on gouache windows

Drawing a gouache provides the artist with complete freedom - the picture can be of any complexity and any size.

Those who do not have a large amount of time or do not have solid drawing skills can use stencils. With their help, you can turn the window in a luxurious winter stained glass in just a couple of minutes. The picture technology is simplest: we apply a stencil to the glass, we score the paint on the brush and paint the glass.

Stencil can be purchased ready, or make it yourself. For this snowflakes of suitable size, print on thick paper and a sharp knife (or scalpel) cut out the contours so that the end-to-end hole in the shape of a snowflake.

Instead of gouache, you can take stained glass paint for glass. They are two species: water based on a synthetic basis. Water suitable for our purposes is better, as they are easily washed away and do not publish chemical smell. True, the stained glass equipment is so beautiful that, most likely, you will not want to wash off the snowflakes even after the holiday.

But when buying stained in paints, you need to carefully study the label. It should be information that tells that the paints are suitable for work on glass.

Drawing brushes with stained-in paints are suitable, if only they were good and did not leave the paint of hairs.

For stained glass equipment, color paints will also need outlifier. They create an excellent effect of the present stained glass and give the drawing additional strength. Outliners are black, gold, silver and other colors.

Snowflakes stained in paints

Before starting drawing, the surface of the glass must be deguted. Then first draw out the outlining contours, and then fill the windows selected color.

After a holiday, stained glass paint can be removed from the windows. If it was on a synthetic basis, it is necessary to wash off the White spirit or acetone. If on a water basis, then a soap solution will be enough to clean the window.

To the paint removed faster, the stained glass window can be pre-wired ice cubes.

You can also scrape a stained glass with a plastic knife for plasticine (it cannot scratch the glass, but rather sharp enough to scrape the paint), and then rinse the paint residues in any way.

Snowflakes from foamflast

Polyfoam - material rather fragile and capricious. It cuts easily, but with careless movements, it can be repaid, and the sculpture will be spoiled. Therefore, it is necessary to work with it very carefully.

Snowflakes from foamflast

For the manufacture of snowflakes from polyfoam, the following materials and tools are needed:

  • Thin foam sheets;
  • scissors;
  • Knife (better construction, but if the foam is very thin, then the stationery is suitable);
  • snowflake pattern;
  • ballpoint pen or marker;
  • Glue, sequins, large salt - at will.

Production procedure.

Step 1. If the surface of the foam is litter, then the first thing is to cut all irregularities from it to get a flat sheet.

We apply a snowflake pattern to the foam and supply it with a handle or felt-tip pen.

Stencil snowflakes

Step 2. Cut the snowflake on the contour with a knife. You need to cut slowly, without making sharp movements. Small details process especially accurately.

Step 3. When the snowflake is cut, remove a thin chamfer along the contour to give the surface more expressiveness (if it seems too complicated, then you can leave everything as it is).

Step 4. If we want to give the surface a diverse texture, then we smear the flat side of the snowflake with glue and sprinkle with sequins, a large salt, beads.

Snowflakes on artificial snow windows

Artificial snow is different:

  • In the canopy - it is sprayed as ordinary paint; With it, you can draw on the windows "Frosty patterns" and snowflakes;
  • The canvas - this kind of snow is well suited for imitation of snowy snowdrifts; Cut from it, snowflakes can also be, but for this you have to make quite great efforts;
  • Powder snow - imitates loose snow.

Snowflakes drawn by snow from the can, reproduce the effect of the Inea, and look very beautiful.

Snowflakes on artificial snow windows

It is very convenient to paint the canister, and the pattern of drawing practically coincides with the drawing of the toothpaste. To do this, you will need:

  • Snow spray can
  • Stencils or snowflake patterns (any).

Sequence of action during drawing with a stencil.

Step 1. Attach stencils to clean glass.

Step 2. Shake the spray with snow and spray snow, holding a cylinder vertically at a distance of 10-20 centimeters from the surface of the glass.

Snowflake samples

When drawing with the template (in this case, the "negative" images of snowflakes are obtained on the glass) to act as follows.

Step 1. Attach the snowflake pattern on the glass.

Step 2. We shake the canister and spray the snow, holding a canter vertically at a distance of 10-20 centimeters from glass.

Step 3. Remove with glass pattern.

The snowy composition is well held on the glass, does not appear and does not fade. When it needs to be removed, the glass is enough to penetrate the usual water with a small addition of soap.

Snowflakes on PVC windows

Lightweight, openwork plastic snowflakes can be easily done independently.

One of the easiest, and therefore popular ways are figures made of conventional PVA and multicolored glue glue. For such crafts, you will need:

  • PVA glue;
  • minor sparkles;
  • drawn or printed snowflakes;
  • a piece of glass or transparent plastic or simply multifora (file);
  • Tassel.
Snowflakes from PVA

Step 1. We put a snowflake pattern on the table, on top of it laying glass or file.

Step 2. Take a tube with glue, and cautiously pressing, outlines with a snowflake glue. The glue is applied to the glass or plastic base.

Step 3. When the snowflake is outlined, sprinkled with sequins and leave until complete drying of the glue.

Step 4. Remove ready-made snowflakes from the base.

If we want to attach adhesive snowflakes on the windows, then they need to be slightly moiste with water and press the window.

Draw snowflakes PVA

Using printed patterns, you can cut the snowflakes from thin sheets of PVC plastic. This will require good lobsik ownership. But those who have enough skill, can make a wonderful decoration.

For drinking it is better to take patterns that are not overwhelmed with too small details. It is easier to cut, and the product itself will be stronger.

Snowflakes sawing patterns

Another remarkable version of PVC snowflakes is snowflakes-stickers of self-adhesive film. It can be an Oracal color film or other. Production technology is as follows: First, on the reverse (paper) side of the film, we draw a snowflake (from hand or with a template), and then cut the pattern to a very sharp knife.

Manually work with a self-adhesive film quite tedious. But if you have a cutting plotter, the cutting process of hundreds of the most intricate snowflakes will take no more than a minute.

Snowflake stickers from oracale

If there is no plotter in the presence, then you can contact some advertising agency that provides the service of cutting film. In this case, it is not necessary to cut anything at all, it is enough just to show the sketches of the snowflakes liked, call the amount, size and color. A few minutes later you will be given the finished pack.

Snowflakes on windows for printing

A variety of snowflakes, which can be printed using a regular printer, is truly infinite.

Snowflakes on windows for printing

Dear readers, I hope, among all this diversity of snowflakes you met the most likely, and you can decorate your New Year holiday. And now I, as always, I invite you to share opinions in the comments and links to the article on social networks.

The article is told how, using artificial snow, decorate the windows and decorate the house to create a festive mood.

In the new year, the feelings of fairy tales want even adults. On the New Year's Eve under the battle of the chimes from the TVs, we make desires and hope that the next year will bring more joy and fewer problems than the outgoing year. For children, this is the brightest, most kind, most magical fairy tale. And the more festive attributes, the brighter the expectation of the holiday.

How to decorate windows with artificial snow: ideas of drawing windows for the new year, photo

Window decoration is one of the most effective solutions for creating a festive mood. On the window you can recreate any fairy plot. To do this, use salt, foam, cotton wool, white fur, confetti, paint. One of the best solutions is artificial snow.

English town in the past century

How to "draw" with artificial snow:

  1. Choose a stencil with a favorite plot and print it.
  2. Arm yourself with sharp scissors and cut all the black places on the stencil. You can cut together with children safe scissors. The picture will be less neat and thin than with independent work, but children will get great pleasure from the process.
  3. Moisten one side of the stencil and press it with a wet side to the glass.
  4. Apply artificial snow on stencil. Callery hold at a distance of 10-20 cm from the window. It is necessary to spray it with short presses.
  5. Wait 30 minutes until the paint is driving. Stencil can be removed and admired by the image.
  6. After graduating from holidays, wash the patterns with ordinary water.
Simple patterns
With such patterns, children can cope on their own

Instead of artificial snow, you can use toothpaste. The drawing is not so realistic, but the "paint" is always at hand, and it is cheaper.

To make snow from the toothpaste, you need to dissolve the toothpaste with water and beat the solution to the state of the foam. After the formation of the foam, you can begin to create, splashing the solution from the tips of the bristle toothbrush on the prepared stencil. But the snow from the cylinders is more convenient to use and it shines effectively.

Spraying on a window of a solution of toothpaste
Spraying on a window of a solution of toothpaste

Artificial snow can be used not only for drawings on the windows, although this is the most common way to create a New Year's mood. With the use of artificial snow, you can create many unique compositions from a wide variety of materials of artificial and natural origin.

There is dry snow, from which you can create drifts, sculpt snowballs, snowmen, etc. For sale such snow in the form of powder. To get snow, you just need to add water. The volume will increase by 30-40 times.

If not brilliant fluffy white snow is needed, it is necessary to prefer snow from the viscose. And if you need more brilliance, then it is better to prefer snow from synthetic materials. You can also choose the shade of snow, which in the best way will emphasize the beauty of the composition.

How to decorate windows with artificial snow: stencils, patterns, photos

Wonderful patterns on the windows can be created, armed with just a can with artificial snow and fantasy.

Spruce branches
Spruce branches

But, if there are no artistic skills or time, use the stencils. With their help, you can create amazing images that will help children and adults to feel the festive mood to fully.

  • Stencil must be printed, cut out with scissors and a stationery knife.
  • Then moisten it with water and glue the glass. Remove extra floors of water.
  • And proceed to spraying artificial snow from the canister of a more dense layer at the borders of the stencil and easier layer away from the stencil.

In addition, such pictures will contribute to the development of imagination in a child. With the help of different stencils, you can create entire stories.

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Santa Claus and gifts
Santa Claus and gifts
Snowflake and bell
Snowflake and bell
Bells and gifts and gifts
Bells and gifts and gifts
New Year's composition
New Year's composition
Santa Claus
Santa Claus

Stencil can be made independently, for example, cutting out the snowflake.

How to draw drawings on the windows to the new year and decorate the windows with paper, read this article: How to decorate the windows to the new 2018: ideas, drawings, photos.


How to decorate the Christmas tree with artificial snow: ideas, photos

From the Christmas tree, decorated with snow, blows frost, forest, mystery and magic. To decorate the Christmas tree, artificial snow can be bought, and you can do yourself.

Purchased "snow" is easier to use. In addition, you can choose a color. And "snow" made of food, you can decorate the room even with young children.

Here are a few recipes for artificial snow.

  • Take into equal parts of white paint, glue, semolina. All thoroughly mix and apply on branches, toys, decor elements.
  • Take 1 part of the massage oil and 4 pieces of flour. Mix thoroughly so that the consistency was homogeneous, for example, a whisk. Snow will be soft and fragrant. You can cut something.
  • Good snow is obtained by connecting corn starch with vegetable oil in combination 3: 1. The mixture is also necessary to be mixed thoroughly.

Interesting. Take an artificial fir branch, turn it into a wreath and apply artificial snow. Such a composition of an additional decor must be at a minimum - a bowl, several cones and small balls at the bottom of the wreath.

Christmas tree decoration with artificial snow
Christmas tree decoration with artificial snow

Artificial snow can be the main element of a fir decoration. The laconic image can be created if you use toys in one color scheme in small quantities.

The main element of decor - artificial snow
The main element of decor - artificial snow

The luxurious image is created if you use toys and lights of one or two inappropriate colors, provided a generous decoration of branches with artificial snow.

Stylish solution
Stylish solution

Important. If you want, the artificial snow does not face from the surface, then before applying it, treat the surface with glue. It is better to use glue-aerosol.

How to make decor cones with artificial snow: ideas, photos

From cones, decorated with artificial snow, you can make many amazing crafts, ranging from an interesting pendant to the Christmas tree to the Christmas tree.

In addition to the artificial snow of industrial production on the cones, it looks very good "snow" from salt. To do this, the glue layer is first applied to the bump, and then salt. It is advisable to fasten the "snow" with a lacquer for hair.

Suschi pendant
Suschi pendant
Original compositions
Original compositions

From the cones can quickly and just make a Christmas tree. Cut the cardboard on the diameter of the base of the future Christmas tree. Lay out the cones on the cardboard connecting the glue. And so a number of nearby, gradually narrowing the diameter of the circle.

Stages of the manufacturer of the Christmas tree
Stages of the manufacturer of the Christmas tree
Christmas trees from cones
After the tree of cones is ready, it is decorated with artificial snow and other decor. For a more aesthetic type, the Christmas tree can be fixed on a vase

How to make decor branches with artificial snow: ideas, photos

The branches decorated with snow are an elegant decor element. Such twigs will excellently look both in the classic living room and in the kitchen in Scandinavian style or High-tech.

"Snow" for twigs can be used different.

  • Artificial snow or industrial production. They are of different colors and shades, which allows you to create amazing compositions. If the snow is in the aerosol, then simply spray it on the branches. If the snow has a raped consistency, then treat the branches with glue and dry them into artificial snow.
Original winter decor
Original winter decor
  • Salt of large grinding. By 1.5-2 liters of water, take 1 kg of salt. Pour into a large saucepan of water. After the water boils, pour salt. After completely dissolving the salt, lower the branches and leave them until the water cools. Ray to withstand 4-5 hours. After that, pull them out and leave to complete drying. It is advisable to hang.
Inay from salt
Inay from salt
  • "Snow" from foam also looks very impressive. Felt the foam on separate balls into wide, but not deep dishes. Apply glue on the branches, and then cut them into the foam. Harmoniously on such branches will look small bumps.
  • Conventional white paint, silver. Just paint branches and frost ready. It is better to use an aerosol, work will take less time, and the result will be more believable.
On the branches of the usual white paint
On the branches of the usual white paint

Make snow-covered branches with artificial snow with their own hands very simple and quickly, and the result exceeds expectations.

How to buy artificial snow to decorate windows, christmas trees in Aliexpress online store?

Artificial snow, christmas trees and other decorations before holidays are sold in almost every store. You can buy them, of course. But if you order all attributes on Aliexpress , It will be possible to save a considerable amount to please yourself or close to additional gifts. And make a purchase very simple.

  1. Sign up if not yet registered.
  2. Go to the account.
  3. Choose products : Review the catalog here и here .
  4. Select the desired product, click on it. On the product page that opens, select the color, size, other parameters. Click " Buy now "To buy or" Add to Cart "If you want to choose something else.
  5. After selecting all goods, click " Buy now ", and then " Confirm and pay »
  6. Pay for payment card or other way.
  7. You must receive a confirmation code on a mobile phone.

It remains only to wait for the purchase and make a holiday awesome.

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