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The acquisition of a new smartphone is always the question of: how to use your old apparatus, which for one or another no longer suitable for permanent use. Do not rush to say goodbye with the server, even if some of its functions are not available (for example, a microphone broke or the screen was covered with cracks), because this smartphone can still come in handy and even bring the income!

So let's go!


Opens our list is very useful for drivers the opportunity to use the old smartphone as a navigator. The GPS function along with 4G is very quickly "planting" a phone battery, and to protect the new gadget from the rapid exhaustion of the battery potential, you can safely use the old smartphone as a navigator. It can not even take it from the car home after the end of the trip. The main thing is not to forget to take the cord for charging the phone in the car. In addition, now there are many applications that can make your trip even more comfortable: for example, applications based on HEAD UP DISPLAY (HUD) technology, which can output a map of the card or speed on the windshield of the car, or the Camera Detectors and DPS posts.

  • Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps for Android 11 Use of Smartphone Use: Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps
  • Sygic GPS navigation, cards for iOS Sygic GPS navigation, cards
  • Antiradar M. Radar Camera Detector and DPS Posts for Android Antiradar M. Radar Camera Detector and DPS Posts
  • Antiradar M. Radar detector for iOS11 options for using the smartphone: Antiraddar M. Radar detector
Source: novosti.best

The only minus of projecting applications is the quality of the projection image. But this problem is easily solved by purchasing and sticking a special film on the glass. There are also special holders for phones with folding glasses and independent HUD screens.


In second place, another way, useful for drivers, is to use an old phone as a video recorder.

The DVR on the road is the thing is irreplaceable, because even if you have many years of driving experience and drive you very carefully, you are not insured against "surprises", which can be presented to the road: here and irrepressible "coarsekers", and the gorgeous drivers, and the possible unexpected Funny episode. Also, the DVR will very much if some fraudster decides to rush to you on the hood for the purpose of extorting money under the guise of a shot down pedestrian. The DVR works on the principle of cyclic video recording: Old video fragments are automatically replaced with new ones. To implement this function in the smartphone there are special applications, for example:

  • "Black Box" Autoboy Dash Cam for Android "Black Box" Autoboy Dash Cam
  • CARCORDER LITE for iOS Carcorder Lite
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Here you need to pay attention to the "abilities" of the camera on your device to be sure that the quality of you will arrange the received video.

Assistant in Sport

People who do not represent their lives without sports, the old smartphone can be an excellent helper and even a coach. It can be taken with me on a jog or to workout in the hall so as not to discharge the new gadget. Yes, and if you drop, forget or even lose it, it will not be so insulting.

Those who are just begins to think about their health, applications - pedometers will be useful, which will calculate not only the number of steps, but the number of calories burned, and the application-pulsometers, allowing the phone with a flashlight and camera to find out the pulse frequency.

  • Pedometer: Free Step Counter and Calorie For Android Pedometer Free Steps Counter and Calorie
  • Stepz - Pedometer and Calorie Account for iOSStepz - Pedometer and Calorie Account
  • Heart Rhythm - Pulse meter for Android cardiac rhythm - Pulsometer
  • Instant Heart Rate: Pulse meter for iOSInstant Heart Rate Pulse meter
Source: novosti.best

Now, for whom workouts have already become an integral part of life, applying applications that have already contained training programs (and for the hall, for home).

Training programs:
  • Cardio, VIIT and aerobics for Android Cardio, VIIT and Aerobics
  • Cardio, VIIT and Aerobics for Ioskardio, VIIT and Aerobics for iOS
 Assistant in the kitchen

Those who love (and not very) cook, the old gadget can also be an excellent assistant in the kitchen and "take over" performing some functions, including:

  • timer. This thing in the kitchen is simply needed, especially if you often cook in the oven, and there is no timer on it, or if you have a habit of putting something on the stove, get out of the kitchen for some kind of doing and "safely" to forget about Preparing dish. On the smartphone there is an opportunity to launch several timers or alarm clocks at the same time, which is very convenient.
  • The magnitude converter and culinary book. A smartphone with a specially installed application will be able not only to translate the amount of products in spoons and glasses in grams and milliliters and back, but also help choose and prepare a dish based on the hand in hand, and will also open for you the world of delicious culinary recipes. And step-by-step instructions will facilitate the preparation of your own masterpiece. Also in the application you can make notes and enter your own recipes.
  • Best Cooking Converter for Android Best Cooking Converter
  • Kitchen Stories - Recipes for iOS Kitchen Stories - Recipes
 Culinary books:
  • Simple recipes for Android Simple recipes
  • 11 options for using smartphone prescription recipes for you! For iOS 11 use of smartphone: Simple recipes for you!

Game lovers can use an old phone as a gamepad to play the popular games of the 90s on a home computer or smart TV. For this, there are universal applications suitable for many games, for example:

  • BT Controller for Android BT Controller
  • BLE JoyStick for Iosble Joystick
 PC mouse and remote control

If you want to control the playback of music or video on a computer without being close to him, or you have a battery panel from the TV, use the old gadget as a remote control.

For example, the Application "Remote Mouse" will open your smartphone with the functions of a wireless mouse, keyboard, touchpad and other specialized control panels:

  • REMOTE MOUSE for Android Remote Mouse
  • REMOTE MOUSE for iOS Remote Mouse iOS

And the Universal Remote Control will allow you to use your phone as a remote control for your TV:

  • The console for any TV - the TV console for the Android remote for any TV - the remote control
  • Universal Remote: TV Remote for iOS Universal Remote Control TV
 Video surveillance system

Also an old smartphone can be used as a video surveillance system in the apartment.

Install the smartphone in the place you want to watch, download a special application, such as "Web of Cam" and, Voila, you can already view the video on the main phone or in a real-time PC browser.

  • Home Surveillance IP Camera for Android Home Surveillance IP Camera
  • Wi-Fi Camera (Web of Cam) for iOS Wi-Fi Camera (Web of Cam)

If there are small children in the family, you can not spend money on the purchase of radio / video signs, but use a unnecessary smartphone for this purpose.

Install the application and enable audio and video surveillance for your baby. You can hear the slightest noise, watch the child in real time and even calm it while being in another room.

  • 3G Radionard for Android Radiona 3G
  • 3G Radionard for iOS 11 Smartphone Use Options: 3G IOS Radia
 Travel around the planet

If you are already tired, and before the vacation is still very long, set the application to the phone, which will broadcast video from cameras in a variety of corners of our planet. Exhale and enjoy real-time wonderful kinds of nature and city landscapes of distant countries.

  • Earth online: world webcams Pro for Android Earth online webcam world Pro
  • Times Square Live for iOS Times Square Live
 Landline phone

Another suitable role for an old smartphone is the role of a stationary (home) phone. And let him be a weak battery, and it is very slow, you can always use it, for example, to search for your new gadget (which somehow managed to get lost on the expanses of your housing). Also, such an "additional" phone will be useful if you need to meet a courier or an employee of some service during your absence: leaving him the number of your old phone, you may not worry because you need to call the member at this time. Family, because he will be able to answer the challenge and meet the visitor.

Mobile Mining

Mobile Mining

And completes our list of ways to use the old phone very favorable option, namely mobile mining, through which, even on the smartphone, you can earn cryptocurrency. Phone requirements for this are absolutely unpretentious: Android older than version 4.4, 1GHz processor, 1.5 GB RAM. Download the application for the extraction of your chosen tokens (you can simultaneously have several types of tokens), launch the mining process and watch how your phone earns you cryptoengi while you are doing your affairs.

Users of modern mobile devices used to updating their gadgets about once every 2-3 years, purchasing more fashionable and functional smartphones.

Usually, in such a time, the device does not have time to finally fail, which allows you to apply it to solve many tasks. In this article we will tell you what you can turn the old unnecessary phone.

10 smart ways to use old smartphone

Car gadget

Today, for many drivers, the smartphone has become an indispensable assistant on the road that performs the functions of the navigator, the audio player and even the DVR. However, it makes no sense to spend the charge of the main device for these tasks when there is already an outdated, but quite workable mobile gadget. By purchasing a car charger, a reliable holder and removable large-volume memory carrier, you can get a completely solid on-board computer.

10 smart ways to use old smartphone

Television and radio

The old smartphone is quite capable of becoming an excellent replacement for a music system or radio if you place it in a suitable place for this and connect powerful columns. Thanks to special programs and streaming services, it is quite easy to secure leisure in the kitchen or in the garage, while doing other things in parallel. It is only necessary to take care of constant access to a power source and the Internet that can distribute from a new gadget.

Consult for Smart TV

At the owners of televisions that support Smart TV technology, there is an extremely useful opportunity to allow the usual smartphone to quality consult . Most popular manufacturers have their own applications, downloading which, it is very easy to configure their mobile device to manage all available TV features. Turning the old gadget to the console, the user will never encounter his loss thanks to the standard call feature.

10 smart ways to use old smartphone

Wi-Fi repeater

Many people face such a problem as a high level of signal for a wireless network in separate areas of the apartment. Taking advantage of the old telephone that supports Wi-Fi, you can make a kind of repeater from it, which will be able to significantly expand the area of ​​access to the home Internet. To implement such an idea, you need to get root-rights on your mobile device and install a special program, for example, Fqrouter2.


You can take care of the safety of your home and without installing special tracking systems, ensuring continuous monitoring of what is happening at home in the lack of host. Thanks to the integrated chamber, the smartphone is able to provide video surveillance and transmission to another device in real time. To do this, you need to connect the device to Wi-Fi, not forgetting about the power source, since otherwise the battery reserve is very fast.

10 smart ways to use old smartphone

Home Alarm

Another way to protect your own house from the actions of thieves and attackers may well be to install the phone as alarm. Securing its old gadget on the inside of the entrance door and downloading the Doorsec Quick Door Security in its memory, you can go on your affairs. In the event of penetration into the apartment, the built-in accelerometer will record the movement of foreign objects, will include Siren and reports hacking the owner of the housing on SMS.

Game controller

The phone is able to provide not only switching channels to Smart TV, but also to control the gameplay in various computer games. By downloading a special program, such as Unified Remote, you can adjust control over the keyboard and the mouse using the touch screen of the mobile device. Thus, it will be a pretty good joystick, devoid of wires and able to adapt to any game.

10 smart ways to use old smartphone

Digital photo frame

If the smartphone has a fairly large screen, which allows you to comfortably view your favorite photos, you can turn it into the original home design element. Applications such as DayFrame allow you to redo the unnecessary device into an interactive photo frame. After the photo and video are downloaded in memory, you can enjoy the album for a long time with automatic overflowing.


Mobile phone having OTG support and not fully confused the capacity of its battery, it is capable of becoming excellent Deliban . Such a gadget is ideal for travel, hiking, as well as other types of recreation, where the user has no access to the outlet. The main thing is not to forget from time to time to charge homemade deliberate battery, maintaining an energy reserve at the proper level.

10 smart ways to use old smartphone

Device for recreation

For all lovers of extreme recreation, regularly falling into conditions where a regular smartphone may not survive, drowned in the river or falling from the cliff, the use of an old device is a forced measure of necessity.

Going to a dangerous journey, it is always better to take a spare device with you, which is not so sorry to kill as the main smartphone. In case of acute necessity, you can call it, just inserting the desired SIM card if another gadget suddenly discharged.

10 smart ways to use old smartphone

we Once again They told about the most popular ways to use old mobile devices that are still able to perform tasks assigned to them. If none of the above ideas seemed interesting, the device can always be sold, pass on the spare parts or sacrifice to charitable organizations.

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What can be made from an old smartphone




You can make a media player


Use as 3G / 4G modem


Making IP Camera


Can be used in the car


Other options

The eyelids of the smartphone is the novelties in the model rules of the leading manufacturers of mobile devices come out annually, and very often recently the recent Gadget Fashion Pych goes to the bottom of the table, not having time to develop even its relatively modest resource.

Over time, each user accumulates several smartphones with a month-to-one-year difference. And the question arises: what can be done with old smartphones? Options "Give-sell-throw", understandable, we do not consider.

Mobile devices have long been reorposed to full-fledged minicomputers with all the attributes inherent in them: a high-resolution display, a powerful processor, a large internal memory and a convenient operating system.

Possessing such material, do not even need a particularly rich fantasy, to find him a lot of useful applications in everyday life.

From the old smartphone, you can easily make a media player

What can be made from an old smartphone

Perhaps the most obvious application of the device published in the circulation. Many in the kitchen has a separate TV, but to install there is also a separate desktop computer - it is already too much.

But after all, from the old smartphone make its analogue easier. Especially if you also have old active speakers somewhere on thenezoles. But even if they are not - nothing will prevent new ones.

It remains only to choose a suitable place for the audio system, so that the wires do not interfere with anyone - and you are ready for an audio center with a touchpad as a control panel.

And you can go even further and turn the device into an audio and video server for the home network. Usually, NAS network drives are used for this, which one time was also fashionable to do from outdated systemic desktop computers.

But believe me: your smartphone or tablet can cope with this task no worse - only you need to apply your hands. In addition, he has important advantages - noiselessness and low power consumption.

A free KODI application can be used as a basic for the media library.

By installing the application, you need to enable the access to the library and the ability to remotely control the HTTP protocol, so that other devices can work with the device multimedia libraries.

Then you need to add your files to the application library to be sorted by folders.

Music content can be sorted using ID3 tags if you are filled with you, and information will be mainly available for films.

After that, from any device, the media library will be available through the DLNA client.

Old smartphone can be used as 3G / 4G modem

Here they do not even need any special tricks, since manufacturers have long provided such an opportunity for their devices.

From the old smartphone, you can thus make a kind of hotspout, which can distribute the Internet in places where there is no Wi-Fi coating, on other devices: laptops, netbooks or tablets.

Thus, it is possible to provide access to favorite entertainment at the cottage, in the park or hike.

We make from the old smartphone IP Camera

Almost any smartphone model released over the past few years is equipped with a camera. And this opportunity can also be used if you think about what else can be done with an unnecessary old smartphone at home.

About what IP camera needs, you better know yourself: this device has a lot of applications: from monitoring the behavior of domestic pets before monitoring children.

But in any case, a flexible tripod is useful to you for its manufacture of an old smartphone, specially intended for fixing the device in a given position.

Applications will require the IP-Webcam program, which has a lot of useful features. Among them - the recognition of motion in front of the lens, entering into a video of service information, autorun when you turn on the device and much more.

The application has a free light version, the capabilities of which is enough for most users.

To start using the program, it is enough to install it on your gadget and click the Run button.

After that, at the bottom of the smartphone display, its IP address will be displayed, which can be used to connect from any device operating on the local network. Thus, you can remotely view the video.

If necessary, the video can be conducted in the internal memory of the smartphone itself, after which the video will be available through the download browser.

In the settings, you can enter video recording mode by fragments, when each new one of the recorded fragments in the event of a deficiency of the internal memory will replace the oldest one.

This will allow you to maintain a continuous record if necessary, without fear that the place in the memory will end.

The disadvantage of the program is the absence of a sound recording.

As you know, the terminal is often required for IP cameras so that you can follow them in real time.

In this capacity, the same old smartphone is perfect for which the Tinycam Monitor application is installed, which allows you to simultaneously monitor several cameras, both made of old gadgets and purchased in the store.

Unfortunately, the free version of the application has too many restrictions so that it can be fully used.

Old smartphone can be used in the car

You can make some useful things for use by motorists that served your old smartphone.

The GPS module has become an integral part of almost any gadget a few years ago, and since then many models have managed to be able to endure safely. So users have enough devices capable of becoming a car GPS navigator.

Of course, you can not be fined and buy a specialized device for this purpose. It will have a number of benefits, such as a wide screen, pre-installed applications, and a more user-friendly interface.

But he has one significant disadvantage: you need to pay money for it. And the old smartphone is already there. And in the worst case, it will be necessary to have a suitable fastening for him.

Another application for the old smartphone is a video recorder. To do this, it will have to fix it on the windshield of the car and set one of the corresponding applications.

In the event of an accident, this will help to prove your truth when proceedings with employees of the road inspection.

Both variants of using the smartphone do not interfere also to use the gadget as an audio player if you connect it to the automotive speaker system.

Other options for using old smartphones

The application of obsolete gadgets is not limited to the above.

You can call many more options for what can be made from the old smartphone if it has imagination and desire.

Perhaps some of them will be controversial from someone's point of view, but someone will seem quite appropriate.

  1. Home phone . The backup option in the case of any problems with the main apparatus. After all, the smartphone can be forgotten, to lose, he can go to repair or turn out to be discharged at the most inopportune moment. If you need to do an urgent call - it will help the backup gadget, which has a permanent "registration" somewhere on the bedside table for such a case. As an option - a kitchen dialer, where you do not want to use a new iPhone or Samsung, because its stylish body will inevitably fall into everything in everything that is possible. And the old trash with the scratched display is not sorry and blurred. But the calls can be taken even during the preparation of lunch, without departing from the stove. Nothing fouls, does not run away and will not deliver unnecessary trouble.
  2. Signaling . No one argues that professional alarm in the house or apartment is needed. But, again, - notable. And the smartphone installed near the front door, running the Doorsec Quick Door Security application, is able to respond to movement, turn on the loud sound and send to the selected alarm SMS number. To disable the "Storam", you need to call from your number and enter the PIN code.
  3. Radionan . For parents, it is very important to find out in time that the baby woke up and takes attention. For smartphones, many applications have been created, such as Baby Monitor, allowing to see and hear whether a child sleeps or woke up, and when the bed is sounding a signal with SMS when sounding in the crib. This allows families to significantly ease life in the most difficult stage of growing children when they require maximum attention from parents, and around the clock.
  4. Alarm clock . Perhaps someone will seem to use the smartphone, even if it is old, in such quality wasteful? But after all, to keep it in a drawer of the table - much more wasteful. And numerous applications that can be downloaded on the Internet will actually allow you to make an alarm clock from the gadget literally for every taste. At the same time, you can also configure a convenient display of time on the screen, turning it, thus in full-fledged electronic clock.
  5. Mini PC . There are many recipes for connecting the smartphone to the large screen and a full keyboard, turning it, so in a desktop computer. Of course, you will not be able to play most of the modern games on such a device, but they are not alone, a person is alive, isn't it? There are many tasks for which it starts a separate PC - waste, and the main one can be busy with brother / sister / parents / children and so on. The Erzats PC made from the old smartphone will allow you to type texts, view sites, communicate in social networks and engage in other familiar affairs. It will be useful, and in the case when the main PC for some reason failed, until it is repaired.
  6. "Smart" TV . If the Smart-TV function in your TV is missing, it can be successfully replaced with a smartphone. Unfortunately, not everyone, but only one that supports HDMI output to an external device. But if such an opportunity is present - now you can view your gadgets or YouTube movies available in the memory of your gadget on a wide screen. The idea of ​​"make friends" the old smartphone with the old TV and send the resulting complex to the kitchen after buying a new plasma panel after buying a new plasma panel is very tempting.

As you can see, for the old smartphone there is a lot of the most unexpected applications.

And if you bought a new gadget, the old one does not necessarily be sold for a snot, dispose of, trying to disassemble for precious metals or even just throw away.

A little imagination, a little patience and some curiosity in combination with the Internet will allow you to turn an unnecessary device to you in a useful thing.

It is possible that by using the old smartphone as a substitute for some devices with which you have never had ever before, you will wish for some time to acquire already specialized models, appreciating the convenience of opening opportunities.

Due to the constant decline in the cost of cell phones and the regular appearance of new models, almost everyone can find several unused cell phones of different degrees of outdars. If the phone is although it is outdated, but quite well, then you can make any remote alert system, for example GSM signaling [1-4] or GSM microphone [5-6]. Another thing if the device got you in an incomplete configuration or in the form of debris.

Disassembling cell phones

It seems that from such a device can no longer be extracting anything useful, but it is not. Naturally, it is not completely rational to remove the SMD to reuse. But any cell phone has a vibromotor.


Cell phone has a vibromotor

You can use the vibromotor in different ways, in the simplest case, it can be the main part of the simplest vibration [7]. The basis of such a robot, serves a fee from a foil glassstolite, measuring about 40 x 10 mm.

Foil Filler Plata and Boxes

The board is done by two holes one to install the battery, more for eccentric vibromotor. In fact, the board is two feed conductor from the power supply to the conclusions of the vibromotor.

From the bottom side to the "body" robot stick "legs" from any elastic material, for example, from the foamed polymer (polyurethane foam, microporous rubber, etc.).

The vibromotor is fixed with epoxy plasticine.

Contacts for the power element are made of brass foil.

Thus, we obtain the simplest construction, which, thanks to the unequal height of your supports, the irregularities and the slope of the surface will be discharged by intricate trajectories. However, the vibrationobote can be complicated, for example, to make the line [8].

LCD screen

In addition to the vibromotor, you can use a liquid crystal screen. Space the technical documentation for this particular screen can be difficult. But by virtue of the characteristics of the physics of work, any liquid crystal screen has a film polar light [9 C. 11-26].

The polarization of light is a phenomenon that proofs that electromagnetic (and as a special case of light) waves are transverse, i.e., the vector characterizing the electrical and magnetic component of the electromagnetic wave is always directed perpendicular to the direction of the wave propagation. An example of mechanical transverse waves can serve as a wave on the surface of water, where the liquid fluid varies up, while the wave spreads horizontally. Without going into the physics of wave phenomena, simply note that in addition to transverse waves, there are longitudinal, examples that sound waves can serve. In longitudinal waves, the particles fluctuate along the direction of the wave propagation. However, one can read about all this in a good physics textbook [10], well, or at least here [11].


Now it is important for us that the coating of the liquid crystal screen can polarize the light, i.e. Of all sorts of electromagnetic oscillations, choose only the waves oriented by a certain way. Thus, the polarizer immediately weaken the natural light twice.

polarize light



After passing the polarizer in the light beam, only waves remained, fluctuating in a certain plane. Now, if you put another polarizing film on the path of the light beam (the analyzer is called it), then, changing the mutual orientation of the polarizer and the analyzer, you can smoothly change the brightness of the light beam. In the last photo, the light source is completely not repaid, which indicates the incomplete polarization of light. The laser beam is initially completely polarized, so that the analyzer is not needed to change its brightness. As for the practical application of this phenomenon, they are quite diverse. For example, the reflected light is almost always partially polarized, so that glasses with polarizers or polarization filter on the camera lens greatly reduce the glare.


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Material is prepared specifically for the radio site. If you have add-ons - write at the conference. Denev

Forum on GSM.

A smart cell phone or smartphone combines much broader functions than you guess. This microcomputer can be used as a measuring center, it is capable of replacing about 10 measuring instruments and more. Here is just a small list of homemakes, thanks to which it is possible to apply the smartphone completely in another area with a benefit of a homemade master.

How to turn smartphone in oscilloscope


To control and visualize low-frequency signals, the oscilloscope is performed from a smartphone. The phone itself does not need to redo and open, it is enough to collect an external mark. Read more here -


How to make a latent wiring detector from a smartphone

Детектор скрытой проводки из смартфона

You can find wiring in the wall without expensive equipment. It is enough to install the appropriate on the phone, more here -


We make a tester from the phone

Тестер из смартфона

For circuit circuit calls, you can use a smartphone with a homemade console as a tester -


Universal control panel for any device from a smartphone

Универсальный ИК пульт из смартфона

With the help of the phone, you can control absolutely any device, it is enough to make a simple IR transmitter and install the application -


How to make an antenna for smartphone in a couple of minutes

Антенна для смартфона за 3 минуты

Improve cellular reception can be easier -


Night vision device from mobile phone with their own hands

Night vision device from mobile phone with their own hands

If you have a unnecessary smartphone, it can be easily transformed into a real night vision device, which is able to work in 100% dark -


How to turn your smartphone into a metal detector in 1 minute

How to turn your smartphone into a metal detector in 1 minute

Search in the wall of reinforcement, search for metal items - all this can be done with your phone -


How to endow any phone with a wireless charging function

How to endow any phone with a wireless charging function

Does your phone do not have a wired charging function? You can add it to a simple refinement -


How to make an adapter for connecting flash drives and other devices to smartphone

Как сделать переходник для подключения флешки к смартфону

To exchange files through a USB flash drive, or connect the keyboard, mouse and camera, you can using a homemade adapter -


On the market of mobile phones, new items appear no less than once in the season. Someone prefers to walk with reliable, albeit the old smartphone, and someone seeks to change the outdated model to the newest to use new features. Do not rush to sell or throw out the phone, because it is still useful, albeit in another quality. We will discuss what it is possible to make from the outdated or faulty model of the mobile phone with their own hands.

Video surveillance camera from outdated smartphone

An outdated smartphone can help in ensuring security in the house. If you have to be missing for a long time or leave a child one in the room, you can use it as a video surveillance camera or video signs.

To connect a video surveillance, just download one of the applications for Android. The gadget should have a camera and Internet access. Applications for Android:

  • "ALFRED". The free version allows you to conduct streaming broadcast. There is no continuous conservation, fragments are recorded, where there is a movement. For an additional fee, the quality of the video is improved, and the storage location increases.
  • "TrackView". The application reports not only about movement, but also about suspicious sounds in the room. Free, but for money you can disable advertising.
  • "ATHOME". One part of the application is installed on the phone, and the second is to another gadget, where the video will be broadcast. For a fee, you can connect multiple IP streams that will be displayed on one screen.

Smart digital photo frame

If a smartphone has a large screen diagonal, then it is used as a photo frame. So that he keeps in a vertical position, buy a variety of stands and attachments.

In the photo gallery and video often there is a slideshow function. To demonstrate the connection to the Internet does not need.

The DAYFRAME application loads the photos from Instagram, Facebook, Google+. When buying a full paid version, it is possible to download individual playlists, set the timer to turn on the photo scrolling.

Mini-TV or Media Player

Many have accustomed to home affairs under the tv background noise or to the music. In order not to tie yourself to one room, where there is a TV, it is enough to convert an old phone to the media player.

Most often, you do not need to install complex applications for connecting television and settings. One option is to put a program for IP television, connecting it at the Internet provider. Another way to watch TV shows is on TV channels.

For listening to music and watching video clips there are many applications, sites, social networks. The most popular portal is YouTube.

Virtual window in the real world - far and close

In the age of digital technologies, it is not necessarily to drive around the world to see the streets of Prague, Paris Palaces, Venice Channels. If you want to diversify the view outside the window and inspire exotic landscapes, you can use the old phone as a virtual window into distant countries. The application "Webcam" from "Earthcam" comes to the rescue. It broadcasts streams from external observation web chambers installed on the streets of the city, so that real-time can be observed for people in other countries in real time.

This application is used for practical purposes. With the help of video surveillance cameras, they check what the weather on the street or where traffic jams were formed to properly dress or make an optimal route.

Children's toy

As if the parents either crushed that modern children spend a lot of time with gadgets, an outdated smartphone could be a useful toy. If the phone or tablet is outdated and does not perform the necessary for adult tasks, it is quite suitable for a child.

You can install educational games for the phone: puzzles, crosswords, quiz. Older children love to watch educational videos, such as scientific experiments.

Many applications require Internet access. To protect the child from unwanted content, it is worth using the Application for Android "Zoodles Kid Mode" with the "Child Lock" function, which limits access to unsuitable resources.

Pocket library

Despite the continuing popularity of paper books, more and more readers go to electronic readers. Electronic books have their advantages:

  • It is more convenient to carry them in a bag than a multi-page volume;
  • The volume allows you to download several hundred or thousands of books;
  • Books electronically cheaper printed.

Optionally buy special reader readers, it is enough to install the "Litres" or "FBReader" application on the smartphone. There is a question why it is for this to use the old phone for this, because you can download the program to the operating gadget. Third-party applications occupy a place on a memory card, spent charge, so use two devices is much more convenient.

Music Center for Automatic

Smartphone often use instead of car radio. If it is greatly improved, then you will get a good music center. For this, it is enough just to connect the gadget through the cigarette lighter to the power supply. High-quality audio tracks will provide good columns that are connected via Bluetooth or standard plug. You can download music to the phone and form a playlist, you can listen to tracks from the Internet or install an application for radio broadcasts.

Interactive alarm clock with weather forecast

Watch-alarms gradually inferior to smartphones with such a function. Now every phone has a built-in application that shows time. You can make an alarm clock that will call on pre-scheduled days with different melodies. If the standard built-in alarm clock has been bored, there are various applications, for example, "Timely Alarm Clock".

The Beautiful Widgets application combines the function of hours, alarm clock and weather forecast. When unlocking the screen, it will not only delight with pleasant pictures, but also tells the temperature and humidity outside the window.

Desktop Calendar and Planner

The use of paper notebooks and gliders has its own convenience. Many people do not want to give up paper helpers, but if you keep them on the desktop it is quite convenient, it is not always possible to constantly wear with you.

Each phone has a installed program with calendar and notepad. If you wish, you can use them, but there are many third-party applications that will significantly simplify planning. The most popular - "Google Sealendar". It has a function of creating an event, assigning them for a certain time. Data is synchronized with e-mail, the scheduler calendar can be opened on another gadget that has access to the Internet.

What else can a unnecessary smartphone be?

Above lists not all ways to apply an old unnecessary phone. It can be applied as:

  • Portable external battery. This feature can perform a mobile phone that supports OTG. It is enough to keep track of the level of charge of its battery and take with you on trips, hiking, wearing just in case in the bag.
  • Wi-Fi repeater. Not all routers are capable of handing out a high-quality signal over long distances. If the range of action is declared quite wide, the signal may be lost due to thick walls in the apartment. When connecting a special program, for example, "fqrouter2", the phone will be able to distribute a signal in remote areas of the house.
  • Tool for scientific research. An unnecessary smartphone is able to serve as science. California University in Berkeley implements a number of projects for which data collection is needed: analysis of the likelihood of natural disasters, the development of new drugs. By installing the application on their official website, the owner of the gadget thereby opens access to information. It is necessary that the phone is to have access to the Internet, and the battery has always been charged. However, this method of using the phone is suitable only to the most devoted supporters of science, because electricity bills will increase significantly.
  • Salvation in an emergency. On the hotline of the rescue service there is an opportunity to call even without money on the balance sheet and without a SIM card. If the main phone suddenly turns out to be discharged, an old mobile phone will come to the rescue.

Do not forget that the unnecessary phone can be sold. There are various bulletin boards on the Internet, for example, Avito. Some household and computer stores take old gadgets in exchange for new with a surcharge, it is also possible to pass the phone to the commission shop. Before selling, you must reset the settings to factory, clean the phone's memory and take out the memory card so that your personal information does not get into the hands of third parties.

In the educational age of technology, we often change gadgets - laptops, computers, televisions, tablets and phones are used until a more advanced model comes out, and the previous ones are simply observed. Surely, many at home will be found not one mobile phone who used earlier, and now stopped - whether it was broken, was replaced by a new version, it does not matter. The fact remains a fact - the phone lies without a case. I feel sorry for throwing out, but what to do with it is also incomprehensible. In this case, you should seek advice to the article and learn how to adapt the old phone without leaving it dust on the shelf.

Electronic lock

Perhaps this is one of the most difficult options for how to adapt the old phone. Cut it in stages:

  1. phone to disassemble;
  2. remove the electronic circuit, solder a pair of wires to it;
  3. Collect again, release wires out;
  4. Insert the battery in place, close the lid. Wires are still outside;
  5. cut the wooden base;
  6. to the basis to screw the scores with screws;
  7. braces to fix the scoreline in a limited position;
  8. The basis with the help of the mounting tape is attached telephone, battery, DC motor and transistor;
  9. The wires are connected to each other, the transistor must be connected to the phone, engine and battery sequentially;
  10. The connected wires are soldered, fixed with rubber ribbon;
  11. The scoring and the engine are connected by the rope.

Electronic lock

Now, when a call, the lock will be opened with the help of the engine current driven.

Night vision chamber

In order to turn the old phone into a device that can see in the dark, you must fully disassemble it and get to the camera. From her it is necessary to extract the infrared lens, which will not be useful in the future. You can do this using a conventional needle. The phone together with the camera is going back.

So that the camera can capture the image in the dark, the infrared light is needed. The easiest way is the following:

  • buy a pair of infrared diodes and resistor;
  • Connect them successively;
  • Serve me from 9-12V.

Night vision chamber

After these manipulations, you can conduct a video in the absence of light using the phone.


From plywood or thin wood and bars, a housing is collected for the future device, size suitable for the phone. Next, you need to make a trigger that will work when opening the door, clamping the speed dial key.

Important! The phone used to create a remote alarm must be a button - this is the main condition.

We make a trigger. Drills a hole in the bolt and collect the design of a metal plate with a round hole for the bolt, where you insert it, then putting it in the spring and nut. We take an office scraper, pliers straighten the edges and engage from above, where the bolt head is located. The mechanism is attached to the phone in the mount, and after all this design - to the doors. Your number is raised to the fast set, and when you open the doors to your mobile will receive a call from the alarm.



Collected from the phone microscope is very simple. It is enough to find a suitable round lense - for example, get from the usual laser pointer. Round lens is put on camera camera. You can fix it with a gum for money by wrapping the gum around Gadget And climbing the lens. Now, opening a camera on the phone, you can consider items with a great magnification.


Underwater video camera

To shoot under water using the phone you need to ensure its protection against moisture. To do this, it is worth buying a special transparent snatching Zip-package or Gripper , trim it up to the clasp, put in the mobile phone and close it. For reliability, you can skill the top of the package of scotch. And - ready! Your own underwater chamber, boldly immerse in the reservoirs ... or aquariums.

Underwater video camera

3D hologram

To implement this idea, we will need the basis in the form of a truncated pyramid of plastic. Make this can be done with the old packaging from under the CD disk, for example, or print on a 3D printer.

Important! The item must necessarily be transparent, otherwise it will not be seen by the image.

You need to install a special application that can be found in the AppStore or PlayMarket. From above to the designated place on the screen, our detail is put on the screen, the application starts, and the hologram appears!

3D hologram

GPS navigator

Easy to turn your old phone in navigator . Just delete all unnecessary applications, extract SIM card and set offline navigation. Nowadays, you can find many programs that allow you to use the navigation without connecting to the Internet. You can, however, use and online programs, but an additional charge will be charged for them.

GPS navigator

Tip! So that the improvised navigator sat quickly, you can connect it to the portable charger.

Surveillance Camera

Using programs from the application store, you can create a whole video surveillance system. On the smartphone that will be used instead of the camera downloads Annex-imitation Video surveillance cameras, which is suitable for your phone. To further follow the camera from another device, you need to download another application to your current mobile phone. Convenient and not occupying a lot of space - IVIDEON. Now you can install a homemade camera anywhere in the world and watch it from anywhere.

Surveillance Camera

TV set

In order to connect to the signal, the phone needs an antenna. You can buy it at any shop of home equipment, connect with a hole for headphones. Next, a special application for searching for a signal and channels from the phone is downloaded, and it remains as small - to configure the signal and enjoy watching.

TV set

Mini fan

A small fan can be installed in the charger connector, which will work from the phone battery and spinning while it is charged. It is assembled according to the scheme from the girlfriend, which requires high time of time, or bought in online stores.

Mini fan


To create a flashlight, we will need:

  • old battery;
  • soldering iron;
  • diodes;
  • Termoklay ;
  • Some time and patience.


In fact, everything is easy. You need to connect diodes with a battery and some button so that when you click on the button, our "flashlight" glowed.

Clock with temperature sensor

The implementation of this idea is much more complicated by many of the previous ones, requires possession of programming and welding skills and will help you intend to brighten your free time.

To assemble clocks with a temperature sensor and humidity, you will need to purchase the following details:

  • pay Arduino 3.3B;
  • temperature sensor;
  • Watch of real time.

The process itself requires accuracy. To begin with, you should remove the display from the phone - the other parts will not be needed, and then solder the board. The clock with your own board and temperature sensor and humidity are connected. Nearby you can position the transistor to change the backlight on the screen.

So that everything worked, you must create a program correctly. When she is ready - you can run the clock. You can independently change font designs and numbers - it all depends on how you write the program. The clock is retracted back to the housing, and then draw up your taste.

Clock with temperature sensor


Used old mobile phone with SIM card . It is disassembled, and to the power supply, the wires are soldered, the relays are connected. Under each battery, the connectivity methods should be selected on your own. Further, when the system is assembled, the principle of operation is very simple: you call the phone and drop, after which the ignition is triggered. This is a convenient remote control method.


Important! Do not forget to protect SIM card From third-party calls so that the car does not start randomly. The power chains of the windings of electromagnetic relays should be connected to the battery through fusible inserts to avoid fire when closing.

MP3 player

Make the player very simple from the old phone - just pull out SIM card And work a little with applications. Requires to delete everything too much and download Player program - Similar stand on the players. The charge will be enough for a long time due to the fact that only this application will work on the mobile phone. You can also dig deeper and reflash Your gadget on the player manner.

MP3-плеер из телефона

Game console

To play for something on the phone, a lot of semekalka is not required - just download and rejoice. But how to be avid gamers who want to play games from other platforms on their Gadgets ? Emulators solve the problem. Download emulator any platform - be it the same old Dandy or Sega straight from childhood, and then download games through the sites that do it, or through the applications themselves - it is also not particularly difficult. If you really want approximation to consoles, you can buy a game controller for the phone, which is connected Through the connector For charger.

Игровая консоль из телефона

Other options

If you are not impressed by the above ideas to implement the old phone, we offer the following:

  • portable battery charger;
  • radio (need two phones and extensive experience in welding);
  • "Tablet for drawing Stylus ;
  • toy for a child;
  • Disco backlight (on the 3D-hologram principle).

And much more that you can imagine. Do not hurry to throw out the old technique and write it off with accounts - it can still be useful and serve the faithful service.

Most of us change their gadgets every two or three years. Smartphones - more often, tablets - a little less often. At the same time with old devices, we do differently: we sell, give, sometimes even throw away. But usually the old gadget is dust somewhere on the shelf. But it can be performed for new useful tasks. Application will be available even for not fully serviceable devices - with a broken screen that refused the communication module or the "dead" battery.

As our recent survey shows, 39% of 4pda readers have served their devices simply lie.

We will tell you how with the help of accessories and applications you can breathe new life into the gadget.

Multimedia: Radio and TV in the kitchen

One of the most simple ways to benefit from the old device is to use it as a "stationary" music center or radio. All that is needed is a software audio player.

Suitable as a regular player to play music from the internal memory of the smartphone and the services of the Internet radio, for example, Yandex.radio. If the volume of the built-in speakers is not enough, you can also connect a wired or wireless acoustics. Its choice for mobile devices is now very wide, ranging from miniature inexpensive columns and ending with very powerful systems. For home everyday use, as a cross between them, we chose Divoom Voombox. This gadget has an impressive capacity of 30 watt power for a portable device and, in addition, is protected from water and dust, which allows the use of a column in the kitchen or bathroom without fear of its performance. A built-in battery for 6000 mAh will play music for several hours, including in nature, away from civilization.

Что делать со старым смартфоном или планшетом?

The tablet can be the perfect option for the background viewing of television programs in the kitchen. We just need to install the application for receiving television programs. The main federal channels are free available in the IPTV application. It is supported by the playlists widely distributed on the Internet, which will allow you to view, for example, regional television channels.



Alexander Sofronov.

Already downloaded: 19036 users

Multimedia: audio and video server for home network

Another option to use an old gadget is the transformation into a media server that distributes music to any devices in the home network: from tablets to televisions. The media server from the smartphone is completely silent and energy efficient, and in the case of proper configuration, it will show no worse than most consoles and expensive NAS. You will need only one application - Kodi. It is free, has a user-friendly interface and an open source.

Kodi setting is simple and takes no more pair of minutes. First of all, after installing and running the program, open the "Settings" from the System section on the main screen, and then go to the "Services" section - "UPNP / DLNA" and activate the "Enable access to the Mediator" item. Then, in the "Web Server" section, activate the "Allow remote control over HTTP" item. This will allow other devices to access the multimedia libraries of the smartphone.

Что делать со старым смартфоном или планшетом?

After that, only add your files to the Kodi library. To do this, select one of the categories in the main menu ("Photo", "Video" or "Music") and click "Files", and then "Add ...". Pressing the "Overview" button will open a list of available sources. We are interested in files on the domestic drive, so you need to select the "Root FS" item, find the desired folder and click OK. In the "Files" section, the content will be sorted by folders (i.e. look like in any file manager).

Что делать со старым смартфоном или планшетом?



Kodi Foundation

Already downloaded: 29445 users

If we are talking about music, and you are in order ID3 tags, it will be possible to view your collection with sorting according to performers, albums and genres. In the case of video, majority information will be downloaded from online sources.

On this all setting is complete: Now you can open any DLNA client on any device, whether it is a computer, tablet or smart TV, and play music and video stored in the smartphone. Your old-new media server can be scored somewhere on the closet and control them remotely.

In the future, you may need to change the settings, for example, to establish one of the numerous plug-ins, expanding the capabilities of the media server or add new resources. This can be done remotely. On any device in the home network, it is enough to enter the local IP address of the media server in the address bar of the browser and specify its port through the colon (by default - 8080).

It is even easier to manage the KODI application from another Android device. Any smartphone in the remote control for the media server will turn the KORE application.



Kodi Foundation

Already downloaded: 237 users

And everything would be fine with the media server function, but the movies may take quite a lot of space in the memory of the smartphone, and the memory cards of 200 GB and more not only too expensive, but also are also supported by all devices. Therefore, the correct solution will be the connection to the smartphone of the external drive - flash drives or 2.5-inch HDD or SSD. To do this, you will need a USB OTG cable, but not simple, but with the ability to simultaneously connect drives and power supply. True, ready-made solutions, like this, work far from all models of smartphones and tablets. Learn about the compatibility of cables with devices and read how to make such a cable yourself, you can on the thematic branch of the forum.

Video surveillance: IP camera or radion

From the old smartphone, a free IP camera can be obtained for remote observation of the apartment and video recording. To do this, it is enough to install the IP Webcam application, the minimum setting of which is to install the program and press the Run button.

After that, you can open a browser on any device located in a wireless LAN, enter the smartphone IP address (it is specified at the bottom of the screen after pressing the "Start" button) and the port (by default - 8080), and access the remote video viewing. Here you can configure the video quality, an increase and many other parameters. To write video to the internal memory of the smartphone, it is enough to press the corresponding button. There are support for the looped recording with cutting fragments with a duration of 5 minutes to 2 hours, when new files will replace the oldest in the event of a lack of space. You can download the video from the smartphone right through the browser command in the "Video Archive" tab.

Что делать со старым смартфоном или планшетом?

IP Webcam features are extremely wide: the program is able to recognize movement in front of the camera, has a autorun function when you turn on the smartphone, allows you to impose service information on recordings and offers a number of other functions. Among other things, your smartphone with IP Webcam can be used as a webcam, for which it is enough to install the driver by clicking on the link in the application web interface. However, in webcam mode, the application does not know how to broadcast the sound, which narrows the possibility of such use of the smartphone.

Что делать со старым смартфоном или планшетом? Что делать со старым смартфоном или планшетом?

Access to viewing video from the camera via the Internet is carried out in two ways. The first is the use of a static IP address and ports on the router. Most users, however, the IP address is dynamic, i.e. Periodically changing. In this case, to have permanent access to the camera, you can use the DYNDNS paid service. It assigns devices in your network domain name, which remains always unchanged.

The IP Webcam application has a free light version, the only limit of which is a small banner "recorded using IP Webcam" in the corner of all recorded videos.


IP Webcam

Pavel Khlebovich.

Already downloaded: 1772 users

More from an old smartphone using applications you can make a radionunk - a transmitter that informs that the child woke up. One of the best programs of this kind is Baby Monitor. In case of noise detection in the area of ​​the baby bed, the application will send you SMS or call the specified number. Optionally, Baby Monitor sends a picture. Setting in this application is only one, but very useful: With the slider you can set the microphone sensitivity.


Baby Monitor


Already downloaded: 126 users

No matter how you use the gadget - as a remote surveillance camera or Radionani - you will need to install a smartphone in the correct position. To do this, you can use a flexible fastening, for example, that.

Что делать со старым смартфоном или планшетом?

Security: Terminal for IP cameras

Many have seen monitors of industrial video surveillance systems, where pictures obtained from a dozen cameras are displayed on the screens pair. For home use, such a number of cameras is redundant, but if you still have several pieces, your smartphone or tablet will be completely cope with the task of constant remote observation. You can use a pair with a smartphone any IP camera supporting ONVIF protocol, for example, an inexpensive WANSCAM HW0021 with support for memory cards, Wi-Fi and infrared illumination.

Что делать со старым смартфоном или планшетом?

The "native" application has few setup capabilities, so that for remote access to the camera it is better to use the universal Tinycam Monitor application. It can display video from multiple cameras at the same time, and also remotely manage them (turns, zoom, backlight). Of course, maintaining records for different carriers are supported. Tinycam has a free version, but it has a number of restrictions on the number of cameras, the duration of sound broadcasting and some other functions.


Tinycam Monitor Pro.

Tiny Solutions Llc.

Already downloaded: 3278 users

Security: Alarm for the entrance door

A rather non-standard way to use an old smartphone is to make alarm with it. If you fix it on the door and install the Doorsec Quick Door Security application, the gadget will respond to any movement (for this uses an accelerometer) loud lilac and send SMS to a specific phone number.

When you first start the application, you must enter the trusted phone number and click the ARM button. After that, you will have 20 seconds to close the door or lock the smartphone elsewhere and remember the four-digit PIN. You can remove a smartphone with security by either a call with a trusted phone number, or by entering PIN on the gadget itself.


Doorsec Quick Door Security

G.H IT Services

Already downloaded: 326 users


Do not hurry to throw away the old gadget, even if it has a darned body, a cracked screen or it has other defects. In the skillful hands, the mobile device can gain the second life and continue to perform new tasks, remaining useful for a long time. We listed the most interesting ways to use old devices, but by using a little fantasy, you can come up with other useful scenarios. For example, turn your smartphone into a mobile router and distribute the Internet to all your devices in the country. If you know what an old smartphone or tablet can be useful to be useful, be sure to share your experience in the comments.

Text author: Vladimir Terekhov

A source: 4pda.ru.

1. Personal coach

Old gadget can be your sports assistant. It is convenient to go to a jog with it or go to the hall so as not to discharge the main smartphone. Drop, take it with wet hands or just forget not so scary. And you will not be distracted by endless messages.

Even the simplest smartphone with the help of a special program is able to calculate how many steps you pass the day.

Measure the pulse will help another application. The flashlight and camera allow you to determine the amount of heart abbreviations on the change in the capillar pattern in the pillows of the fingers.

And here you can download training programs:

2. Kitchen helper

The kitchen is not the safest place for a new gadget. But without a smartphone here as without hands. That's what functions can take on an old man:

  • Timer. So that the pasta was welded, and not fused. It is convenient that several timers or alarm clocks can be installed on the smartphone if you cook a lot of dishes at the same time or one, but complex.
  • Book of recipes. Not in the grandmother's notebook to look for them. And so that the smartphone in the kitchen lives longer, after starting the video discharge, put the gadget in a transparent package or use the stand. Also using the phone you can pick up recipes for those products that you have.
  • Converter. The gadget can be used to transfer different measurement units, the number of products in spoons and glasses. Printed signs are constantly lost, and here and the picture will be at hand, and the calculator. Here are some useful applications:
  • Player. Cooking for music, podcast or watching a new episode of your favorite series is easier and more pleasant.
  • Game console. While the food is preparing, you can distract from the "hungry" thoughts and go through a couple of levels in a simple casual. And there and the timer will work.
  • Window in the world of travel. The Earthcam application broadcasts video from webcams in the most beautiful corners of the world. It inspires.

3. Gamepad

Old smartphone is easy to turn into gamepad to play oldcual games on a computer or smart TV. For example, on the AIRCONSOLE website and with the eponymed application on the smartphone:

There are also universal programs that are suitable for many popular games:

4. Remote Control

Applications like Unified Remote allow you to control video or music playback on the computer without getting up from the sofa.

These are free versions. They include basic control functions (start, pause, volume and other), easy to enter the keyboard, turn off the computer and remote screen viewing. In paid more features, in particular there are setting up management of certain programs.

5. Navigator

GPS and 4G quickly spend the battery charge. To care the new gadget, use the old as a navigator. The main thing is to choose a reliable holder and buy a separate charger for the machine.

You can also download the application like Sygic, which can output the projection of the map, for example, on the windshield of the car. This technology is called HUD (Head-Up Display).

There are other HUD support applications. So, Strelka shows your current speed and warns about excess, radar, road chambers.

But the image quality can disappoint you. Day will be seen very bad. At night - it is better, but the picture will double due to what is reflected from the outer and inner surfaces of the windshield.

The solution is a special film that glues on the glass. On Aliexpress it costs about 100 rubles. To the screen projected the image on the film and did not jump on the dashboard, you will need an anti-slip rug. It will cost another hundred. There are also special holders for smartphones with folding glasses, which work on the same principle, and individual HUD screens.

6. DVR

The road is full of surprises. An accident may also be on the video from the registrar, and an unexpectedly funny plot. And this is a great remedy for scammers who rush to the hood and extort money under the guise of shot down pedestrians.

The registrar records video cyclically: new fragments replace the oldest on the highlighted area of ​​memory. By default, there is no such function in the smartphone. For example, third-party applications, such as Dailyroads for Android or Camonroad for iOS.

And Roadly will not only allow the smartphone to work in the registrar mode, but also tell about the radar. And signs on the road recognizes to warn you on time.

The only minus is the video quality. It is unlikely that the old device will be able to remove something in Full HD without noticeable noise and enclosures, especially in the evening.

7. Flashlight and not only

Put the smartphone in your pocket, if you can return home late. First, so safer. The flashlight can be covered in the dark. And if you turn on the stroboscope mode in the application, you can blind the attacker and attract attention. There, by the way, there is a compass.

Nobody is insured against trouble on dark streets. If you have threats try to take away the phone, much easier will part with the cheap old apparatus than with the fresh flagship.

8. Video intercom

The essence is simple: Secure your smartphone on the door or on the entrance wall, connect to the home Wi-Fi and the outlet. If you have Android, install the video intercom application. When someone comes to the door, you will receive an alert on the main smartphone.

Versions for IOS, unfortunately, no. But regardless of the operating system, you can install Skype or another video link so that the guest can talk to you.

9. Video surveillance system or video

Why spend money on the IP camera, if there is an old smartphone? Load a special application to receive alerts on your main gadget and be aware of what is happening. For example, Salient Eye makes the photo when motion is detected, automatically loads them into the network, and also sends notifications to SMS or email.

Another application, Alfred, also allows you to send images from the camera of one smartphone to the other screen, remotely activate the flashlight, switch between the frontal and the main chambers.

And if the gadget with the application is a motion detector to close in the refrigerator, you can find accurately who in your family goes to the "Night Door".

10. Part of the system of complex mathematical calculations

The old Android smartphone can bring the future to take part in the most important research projects. To do this, install the boinc application and select the studies that you want to help. The program will use the power of your gadget for complex calculations.

11. Audio and video server

To distribute music to smart TVs, tablets and other devices in the home network, there is a KODI application. With it, you will raise the home media server, and then you can download your collection of your favorite tracks to the memory card and do not look for them every time on the Internet. It will be enough to run on a TV or tablet some DLNA client (for example, a VLC player) and enjoy the sound. Also for Kodi there are additions that support various channels, radio stations and YouTube.

An application for iOS can be downloaded from the official website. Developers offer versions for 32- and 64-bit ARM (iPhone 5S and older). True, the solution is suitable only for devices after jailbreak.

Alternatively, you can use the FIDATA application.

12. Home phone

Even if your old smartphone has a battery quickly, the screen partially splits and half of the functions do not work, it is still useful. For example, to call a new gadget, which is exactly at home, but you do not remember exactly where.

And in general, do not want to distract messages in the neighbor chat? Join him from the old phone! Check once a day - save a bunch of time.

Need to meet a communal service, courier or builders? Give the number of the old phone so that any family member can answer the call.

We are confident, this is not a complete list of useful applications of an old smartphone. Any ideas? Share in the comments!

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